2023 Best gas strut replacement for gun safe SentrySafe

2023 Best gas struts replacement for gun safe and sentrysafe

A SentrySafe gas strut is a great option for renewing your gun safe. In this post, we will introduce some questions you may care about below:

1. What are the benefits of using the SentrySafe gas strut?

2. How to choose the best gas strut replacement for gun safes?

3. How to replace gas struts?

4. Conclusion

1. What are the benefits of using the SentrySafe gas strut?

The gas strut for the SentrySafe gun safe is a popular topic for so long time because the gas strut is one of the most important parts of SentrySafe. A piece of the gas strut can hold up the SentrySafe lid immediately, which brings us big convenience for us to retrieve anything we want In case of emergency.
Gas struts are similar to human beings, both of them have a lifespan. Normally, gas struts need to be replaced at least every three years. If we don’t replace it in time, our gun safe can not pop up to fully open, and we can not retrieve the pistol in time. Besides, this would allow moisture inside the box which could cause rust damage over time. So, if you find yourself needing to replace yours soon then check out this article first!

Gun safe gas struts replacement
gas strut for the SentrySafe gun safe

2. How to choose the best gas strut replacement for gun safes?

A gas strut act as a tool to support a lid, which is vital for our life. Apexstone started to sell 7-inch gas struts for cabinets from the year 2013, many customers use it as a gas strut replacement for SentrySafe, they really work great as many customers reviewed, however, the extended length is about 1 inch shorter than the original. Although this creates many conveniences for most of us, Apexstone wants the best one. We pays attention to the 1” length and continue to work hard to optimize it. At the end of the year 2022, Apexstone release a new replacement for gun safe, in half a year, we sold about 5000 products. Until now, we receive 99% positive reviews. Customers review the new 7.68” gas struts as the best gas strut replacement for gun safes SentrySafe, helping them fully open the safe.

Gun safe owners often ask us where they can buy Apexstone new gas struts replacement for their Sentry Safe. We have two options to get them. Online or local store.

Apexstone sells gas struts online only. You can buy a new strut from the gas strut website. Order from apexstone.co, which is an online merchant specializing in gas struts products. They offer several different models of gas struts for different projects, including Soft Close hinges for toy boxes and various Lid Supports with different specifications.

7″ gas struts

You can also find similar products at other online merchants, but it’s important to note that these stores may not be as reliable when compared with Apexstone. That’s because most Apexstone customers have benefited from their products and recommend them. Besides, purchasing from local stores may cost more. For most SentrySafe, you will need only one gas strut for your gun safe, most stores sell a pair or 2 pairs in a pack. We Apexstone allow a set of 1, now place an order and you can enjoy free shipping.

3. How to replace gas struts?

Actually, it is very simple to install, you can do it on your own. So, how to replace the SentrySafe gas strut? In the replacement guide we have posted before, the procedure is really simple. I divided the installation steps into three steps.

Step 1: Remove the old strut by turning it in place to remove it from the lid connector and unscrewing the bottom case screw with a standard Philips #2.
Step 2: Remove the rod connector. I used a wrench to grip the rod to keep it from turning and unscrewed the end piece. Take out one of these new Apexstone 80N/18lb 7.68-inch gas struts and remove both end connectors.
Step 3: Put the spring and rod connectors on the new strut and hand-tighten the black end to the lid connector on the Sentry Safe. Swing down the rod and slide the screw through the rod connector and tighten it back in place to finish the installation.

4. Conclusion

Gas struts can be used as gun safe gas struts replacement can bring us big convenience. If your gun safe is not properly supported by these struts, it will bring up inconvenience. Apexstone 7.68” gas struts are the best choice for replacing gun safes SentrySafe gas struts, help you fully open the safe. Besides, using the best gas strut replacement for gun safes is easy to install and can save you money in the long run.

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