Can soft close hinges lift a lid?

Soft close hinges prevent door slamming

1. Answer for “Can soft close hinges lift a lid?”.
2. Principle of Lid support and soft close hinges.
3. How 96% of customers can benefit from Apexstone gas springs?
4. Categories and common use of lid support and slow close hinges.
4.1. Lid support
4.2. Slow close hinges

1. Answer for “Can soft close hinges lift a lid?”.

At the beginning of this post, I will answer the question for the title. The soft close hinges can make the lid really slow close but not lift a lid. But do you know the reason? Let’s go ahead.

Numerous customers inquire about the availability of lid supports equipped with soft-closing features. They hope that a pair of gas struts can support a heavy lid while keeping them open until gently closed the lid. Yes, this proposal is great. The issue of straining to support the lid and the risk of sudden closure, potentially injuring little fingers, is effectively addressed. Unfortunately, such a product is not yet available. You might wonder why such an excellent product doesn’t exist. To explain this, first, we need to understand how soft close hinges work and how lid support shock hold a lid.

Toy Box Soft Close Hinges

2. Principle of Lid support and soft close hinges.

Indeed, the two product types operate on distinct mechanisms. The soft-closing mechanism functions by generating a counteracting force through the internal movement of the piston upon lid closure, effectively averting sudden slamming. The lid support utilizes internal piston pressure to generate an outward force, effectively supporting and maintaining the lid in an open position.

By understanding how they work, as you may have discovered, their working principle is totally different, even paradoxical. That’s the reason why soft close hinges cannot support a lid.

3. How 96% of customers can benefit from Apexstone gas springs?

As shown in ther customer review, 96% of customer benefit from Apexstone gas springs, both in good quality and affordable price. We aim to assist all customers in finding the ideal gas spring types. To achieve this, we offer guidance to help you make informed selections

First, it is recommended to know your using purpose before purchasing, to lift a lid, or preventing door slamming.

Second, figure out the gas struts’ specifications you need to match your project, including force, stroke, and extended length.
For lid support, various forces have different using applications. Generally speaking, a force lower than 300N can meet our daily needs. In most cases, a lift strut lower than 100N can meet household needs, while a force between 100N to 300N can suit manufacturing specific items, such as massage chairs, baby incubators, and car trunks. You can refer to this guide to learn how to know what gas struts do I need.

4. Categories and common use of lid support and slow close hinges.

As we know that slow close gas struts can not be used as lift support shock, we will separate the our hot sale lid support struts into three categories and list their common uses.

4.1. Lid support

1. Force from 45N to 100N

Apexstone hot sale products with low pressure, such as 45N, 80N, and 100N gas springs, we can use them in the kitchen cabinet, RV cabinet, or any overhead cabinet at home. Those lids are of 2 characteristics: small in size and lightweight. So those lid support of low force can well lift the light lid.
Typically, using a pair of gas springs is advisable for extending product lifespan and ensuring even load distribution, though not mandatory. For instance, while a pair of 80N lift supports is suitable for a lid weighing 80N, if you find them excessively strong for your cabinet lid, experimenting with a single gas strut may achieve your desired performance.

2. Force from 100N to 300N

15 inch pistons with a force of 100N to 300N are useful in our daily life, they can lift a heavier lid like a trunk, egress Well cover, window, hospital bed, or any other heavy lid less than 300N.

3. Force higher than 300N or more

Gas struts with high pressure can be used as hood lifts, tailgate assist shocks, and trunk support shocks. Apexstone supports gas struts customization for any specification, if you have needs of lifting heavy project, we are happy to do business with you

4.2. Slow close hinges

Most families who have babies will need a pair of slow-closing hinges for the toy box. Slow closing, as the name suggests, is designed to slow down the movement of the lid, preventing lid from closing suddenly and popping or even pinching a child’s delicate fingers. More than 60% of the people who buy this product are used it for toy boxes or toy chests, and more than 97% of the customers give a 5-star positive review. They say it is really slow close when installed correctly, which can protect our kids’ fingers from being hurt and our ears from loud thumping sounds. Besides, some people apply them to the toolbox and they work great.

By now, we have learned about the working principle and tips for choosing a suitable gas spring. Please remember that slow close and lid stay cannot be combined. In this case, you must be clear about your purpose of use and choose a more suitable gas spring to become your right-hand man, rather than just a commodity.

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