The ultimate guide to extending the lifespan of gas springs

Some customers tell us that their Apexstone gas struts are as good as they purchased two years ago, which means that a pair of gas springs that costs less than 20 dollars can be used for several years, and only a few dollars a year on average. In an era of such high inflation, choosing Apexstone gas springs is equal to saving money.

The lifespan of the gas springs is generally 1-3 years, but not all customers can use them within the expected life range. In the case of extreme improper operation, the service life of the gas struts is less than one month. This article will show detailed ways to protect your gas struts and maximize gas springs’ service time.

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First, the proper installation method directly affects the service life of the gas struts. We usually install a pair of lift support or soft close gas springs to balance the force on both sides of the cabinet door or the toy box. Besides, we need to ensure that the end fittings are in line so that side load forces are not applied due to misalignment. Many customers ignore this problem, which directly leads to the distortion of the support rod when closing the cabinet door.

Second, the frequency of use will affects the life of the gas springs. The nitrogen gas filled in the struts is enough to support the Rod to compress and extend 4,000 times. Assuming that the gas strut is opened and closed 10 times a day, the gas struts can be used for about 200 days. Then, 5 times a day, the lifespan should be 400 days, so on. But for the daily use of high box cabinets, the frequency of use is relatively low, and the service life may even be as long as 3-5 years.

Third, the environment is also a key factor, including temperature, humidity, and other physical and chemical factors. On the one hand, the suitable temperature for ordinary support rods is -20°C to 50°C. Exceeding this temperature will affect the use effect of the gas struts. For example, if the temperature is too high, the internal pressure will rise as well, which may cause gas leakage. On the other hand, it is suggested to store in a dry environment without corrosive substances like acid, salt, and other things that will exacerbate the corrosion of gas struts.

Maximize Stroke Utilization
Maximize Stroke Utilization

Fourth, stroke Utilization. Choosing the gas spring with a more significant stroke than the current required is recommended to avoid the short stroke squeezing the gas struts and causing damage to the struts themselves. Before purchasing, you should confirm the required stroke first to use the itinerary during use better.

Last, take care of the lift support or the soft close gas springs during daily use. When opening or closing the door, try to extend and compress it on its own without any external force. It’s HIGH PRESSURE inside, DO NOT open it, DO NOT approach the high temperature, DO NOT scratch, dent, chip, bend, or paint the Rod, and DO NOT puncture or incinerate it. When cleaning cabinets or washing your car regularly, you can wipe the gas struts with a clean rag. If the gas springs are installed outdoors, they need to be wiped more frequently.

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