Fixing Partially Opened Biometric Gun Safe in 1 Minute


Here’s a real-life tale that could unfold in your life one day if you’re not careful, potentially placing you and your loved ones in a perilous situation.

One day, a stranger entered our home, I rushed to retrieve my gun from the biometric gun safe but the gas struts had completely lost their functionality. Even though the gun safe box was unlocked, I had to use my fingernail to lift its door. Given the urgency of the situation, I had no choice but to flip the safe box upside down to access my pistol. By the time the intruder noticed my flashlight and hallway lights were on, they fled. That’s when I realized the crucial need to fix the partially opened gun safe. 

This situation was terrifying for several reasons, my primary concern was that I couldn’t ensure my family’s protection quickly enough. So, don’t wait until the safe lid does not pop up at all, fix your “SAFE” immediately.

In the previous article, we introduce How to Quickly Fix a Weakened SentrySafe Strut: Step-by-Step Guide, you must have learned how to repair a bad strut on a gun safe. Today, we will focus on explaining why gun safes often experience the “partially open” situation to help you find the right solution to deal with it.

How to Quickly Fix a Weakened gun safe box shock or SentrySafe Strut Step-by-Step Guide

I. Introduction

Why Gun Case Don’t Fully Open?

The First Reason: Gas struts lose pressure

The primary cause of this problem often lies in the inadequate strength of the original gas struts. Gas struts typically have a limited lifespan, typically ranging from 1 to 3 years. If you’ve been using the original piston for an extended period, in nearly 99% of cases, it indicates that the strut’s pressure has diminished and requires prompt replacement.

The Second Reason: Incorrectly Sized Gas Shocks

The second issue arises when purchasing gas shocks of the incorrect size. Whether you own a Sentrysafe QAP1BE, QAP2BE, or any other brand and model of the best small gun safe, the original shock’s extended length is approximately 7.5 inches. In most scenarios, it’s essential to select a lift strut that measures at least 7.5 inches or longer to ensure the safe’s lid fully opens. In practical terms, many satisfied customers have attested to the effectiveness of the 7.68” Apexstone 80n/18lb gas strut for popping open Sentry Safe models. Hence, when making a purchase, selecting the correct size becomes crucial for optimal performance.

The Third Reason: Malfunctioning Springs

Another common issue occurs when the small springs in the safe malfunction. Springs and gas struts share similarities as they both have a limited lifespan and need regular replacement. Typically, they don’t need to be used in conjunction, as seen in projects like RV cabinets, where a pair of shocks suffice to lift cabinet doors. However, in the case of a gun safe, we’ve incorporated a small spring with the lift support to facilitate quicker lid opening for rapid firearm access during emergencies. When this spring loses its elasticity, it can impact the speed at which the lid opens.

Gun safe accessories, Replacing Malfunctioning Springs for gun safe

No matter what’s causing your safe door to not fully open, it’s a safety concern. In the next section, we’ll present solutions that can fix this problem in just one minute, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

II. The Quick Fix for Half-Opened SentrySafe Gun Safes

When your biometric gun safe door won’t fully open for various reasons, it’s essential to apply specific solutions tailored to each issue.

1. Addressing the weak or failed original lift piston—Finding a perfect replacement

A customer shared their experience with four of his safes. Within two years, all four original struts had failed. Before replacing them with new struts, the previous ones made it necessary for the customer to use their nails to catch the lid after it had been unlocked with their fingerprint. They recently replaced all four struts with 7.68″ replacement gas struts, omitting the need for additional accessories and the piston head that came with them. The entire replacement process for all four gun safes took just about 5 minutes.

The piston head on the ends of the new strut can be unscrewed from both ends, which include the piston and the cylinder end. Make sure to do this for both the original and the new strut. You can either discard or save the new piston heads for future use.

Next, as you unscrew the original strut from the lower piston head that is bolted to the safe’s body, simply screw the new strut into the already mounted old piston head. Repeat this process for the one that is still attached to the lid. By the way, Be sure to transfer the spring from the old strut to the new one. That’s it! It should take no more than 1 minute for a gun safe.

2. Rectifying the Issue of Incorrectly Sized Gas Struts

apexstone 80n/18lb gas strut, comparision of gun safe sentrysafe gas struts, Sentry Pistol Safe gas strut replacement

Before the introduction of the 7.68-inch and 7.5-inch replacement gas struts, many customers used a 7-inch mini cabinet gas strut to replace aging struts. However, this strut is about half an inch shorter than the standard Sentry Safe gas piston, causing the door to open at a lower angle than intended. While this may not concern some users, as it doesn’t significantly reduce the safe’s opening, those aiming for the door to reach its 100% fully open position should opt for gas struts longer than 7.5 inches.

3. Dealing with malfunctioning springs

Buying springs from a local store may be more cost-effective than purchasing them online. I recommend going directly to a nearby hardware store, where a box of springs typically costs around $5. All you need to do is unscrew the socket from one end of the metal rod to remove the worn-out spring and install the new one you bought. It can be done in about half a minute.

relacing malfunction spring for gun safe

III. Alternative Solutions for Gun Owners

The SentrySafe and similar safes have a crucial feature – portability. When it comes to home gun safes, a wooden flag concealment is an excellent choice to store our guns. It’s easy to make, offers strong concealment, and provides convenient access to firearms. If you’re interested in the fabrication process, you can learn from this article “How To DIY Wooden American Flag Concealed Gun Cabinet?“.

Diy gun safe accessories, Wooden American Flag Concealed Gun Cabinet, DIY gun safe shelves

IV. Conclusion

Gas struts don’t last forever. If the gas strut or spring on your Sentry Pistol Safe is getting a little “tired”, it is time to replace them. Choose the 7.68″ 80N/18lb QAP1BE Gas Strut, which is perfect and makes your safe lid open quickly and fully, you will definitely feel safer. Besides, fixing the issue will only take you only minutes.

Don’t hesitate to invest in the safety and convenience of the Sentry Safe Replacement Parts. Share this article with fellow gun safe box owners, helping them discover the ease and reliability it brings to their firearms storage. Your decision to upgrade will be a choice you won’t regret. Get yours today!

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