Damper or Gas Strut: Which One Do You Need?

Damper Or Gas Strut: Which One Do You Need?

Do you know the difference between a gas Spring and a damper? Do you know whether you should go for a damper or a gas strut for your toy box and cabinets? Let me break it down for you:

What are dampers used for?

If you’re concerned about the toy box lid accidentally slamming shut and potentially injuring your child’s fingers, then a damper is the right choice. It acts like an invisible hand, and eases the lid’s descent, ensuring a gentle, controlled closure.

What are gas struts used for?

On the flip side, if you’ve been relying on your head to hold up an overhead cabinet door or other cover so you can free your hands to access the storage inside, a gas strut is the solution you need. It takes on the door’s weight, effortlessly keeping it open until you’re ready to close it.

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Here’s another scenario: if your queen bed is heavy and you struggle to lift it alone when accessing the storage underneath, consider using a heavy-duty gas strut. It will effortlessly lift the weighty mattress, making it easy to access the storage by yourself.

In the above explanation, we used some common scenarios to illustrate the suitability of different products for various scenarios. I believe this explanation helps you determine the best option for your specific needs!

What is a damper?

To clarify further, the most common type of gas damper is the compression damper, often referred to as a soft close gas spring or a soft close hinge, typically used to control the closing speed and movement of a lid cover or other objects, providing effective cushioning. However, it’s important to note that a damper does not offer support or lifting functions, but you can open the door with minimal resistance. In addition, we offer an extended damper, which works in the opposite direction to the compression damper. Its primary role is to slowly open the door under the effect of damping.

What is a gas spring?

Gas struts are known by various names, including gas springs, gas shocks, lift supports, gas lifts, and more. While the terminology can differ across projects, they all describe the same item. Gas struts also provide some damping, but are not gas dampers. To achieve a specific damping effect, gas struts should be installed with the rod pointing downward. Their primary purpose is to lift and support the door cover, allowing us to use our hands for different tasks instead of simply holding the door in place.

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