How to adjust soft close hinges for toy box?

With soft closing hinges, not worry about injury from box lid

Question: I installed a pair of soft close hinges for the toy box, but the lid doesn’t close slowly. How can I adjust the mounting point and make real soft closing for my son’s toy box?

Reason of Not Soft Closing

Answer: Soft closing features are essential for the toy box. We offer some guides about how to install soft close hinges for a toy box in the previous article. However, mistakes may occur during the first installation attempt, so we are going to tell you about how to make easy adjustments to realize a slower close.

Ensure 3 key aspects before making any adjustments

Before making the adjustment, we should make sure of three things listed below:

  1. Make sure we choose the right soft closing hinges for the toy box.
  2. Make sure that the toy box specifications are matched with the hinges.
  3. Make sure the hinges can be easily removed and used for a second time.

Detailed Guid of Adjusting Mounting Points

After checking the three things, we can start to adjust the mounting point of the soft close hinges for chest. We need to prepare a screwdriver, a pencil, a measuring tape, and Apexstone mounting guide for later use.
First, we need to remove the original hinges since the installation is incorrect. In this step, we can use a screwdriver to finish it. Just turn the screw counterclockwise to remove the screw and hinges.
Second, find the correct mounting points and use a pencil to mark them. However, where is the correct place to mark them? Let’s do it step by step according to the mounting guide.
Open the toy box lid to the regular open angle first. We suggest opening the lid to 90 degrees. Then, we need to find two installation points. We can put the two ends of the Apexstone soft close damper next to the upper cover and the side of the box respectively. After completing this step, we can initially get two installation points, and then we need to move them to an ideal place. Move the bottom mounting point 9.1 inches from the top edge. The distance from the bottom mounting point to the inside should be 2.8 inches or less. The heavier and larger the cover, the closer to the inside the lower mounting point should be.

Why do we see it as an easy adjustment? You will find that 90% of our adjustments have been completed. The upper mounting point has also been determined after determining the bottom mounting point. Now measure it with the measuring tape. The distance from the upper mounting point to the box hinges (The junction of the lid and the box) should be about 5.5 inches.

Last, fix the bracket to the marking point and connect the soft close hinge with the stud. Please remember that putting the rod up will help extend the hinges’ lifespan.


In summary, if your toy chest is still encountering slam shut issues after installing the real soft close hinge, the culprit is likely an installation error in 99% of cases. By carefully following the adjustment steps, you can easily adjust the mounting points, and it should only take approximately five minutes to attain the desired outcome. Feel free to give it a try. Additionally, you can refer to our easy installation guide for soft close gas springs, acknowledged by thousands, for further assistance. We are confident that it will enhance your understanding of the correct installation method.

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