How To Find Lift Supports By Size

Gas Struts function: Struts lift, holding, slow closing

Are you looking for lift support struts or replacements for the old lift support hardware? No matter finding lift supports by size or by application size. At Apexstone Gas Springs Shop, you can easily find exactly what you need. We provide you with all types of gas shocks, slow closing hinges, and mounting hardware, even customization for any specification and material is also available here. This article will include three vital information you need, how to find lift supports by size or by project size, what types of gas struts we sell and why should you choose Apexstone. Besides, we will include a quick way to assist you figure out the correct gas strut size. Want to experience it? Then read further.

2 Ways To Find Ideal Gas Struts

Finding suitable gas struts is not a complex job. We helped many customers match the right replacement for their application, like 7.68-inch 80N struts for SentrySafe gas struts replacement, 10-inch 100N lift support for rod lockers struts replacement, etc.

Matching lift supports by project size

When you finish the projects and feel like finding lift support struts to match them, we have a simple way to do this — Using our free calculator tool, you should enter 2 simple details of your project, and then, it will show you the answer automatically and immediately.

Matching lift support by strut size

If you know the necessary measurements, filtering gas struts by size can be easier. However, if you are uncertain about any selection, you will get an answer from the article on how to know what gas struts you need. you can contact us at any time you need, our one-to-one customer support will answer you at their soonest time, helping you find the most suitable gas struts.

How to know which gas struts do I need

What types of gas struts do we sell?

Apexstone provides gas strut force from 30N to 1000N. This means that there is a large selection of lifting supports. Before placing an order, you need to consider the material, the stroke, extended length, rod diameter, and end fittings. I will introduce them separately to you.


The general material includes Iron and steel, which can satisfy most of your indoor use needs. If you need to apply the lift struts to outdoor and wet environments, you should consider using stainless material, as it would not rust with time by.


The force means the pressure your project will need. Normally, we can accept customization from 30N to 1000N.

Stroke and extended length

Stoke means the distance your lid moves. Extended length is the center-to-center distance of the gas strut when fully extended. Stroke and extended length can also be customized, you can determine it according to your exact need. We have no restrictions on it, so, if you have any needs about


This is usually decided by how much force you will need, the larger force you need, the larger thread should be applied.

Why Choose Apexstone

High-quality gas struts

With more than ten years of gas springs sales experience, Apexstone has tested and changed material more than 5 times, no matter using outdoor or indoor projects, rest assured your choice is of good quality.

One-to-one customer service

Customer is the basis of the brand, and we value each customer, we try to deliver the best experience to each of our customers. So, for any questions and needs, you can directly email us at any time when you are convenient, and we will get back to you message in 24 hours.

1 year satisfaction promise

Each order comes with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues with your products, please feel free to contact us anytime, and our engineers will do their best to assist you.

Match your lift support by size today

Click the calculator and match your lift support by size today, and enjoy the convenience brought by gas struts. Still have no idea? Contact our engineers at [email protected] now.

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Gas Struts function: Struts lift, holding, slow closing

How To Find Lift Supports By Size

Are you looking for lift support struts or replacements for the old lift support hardware? No matter finding lift supports by size or by application

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