How to fix soft close hinges for toy box when they don’t work?

How to fix soft close hinges for toy box when they don't work?

1. The meaning of Soft closing for toy box

2. Reasons and solutions for not working

2.1 buying the wrong product for soft closing

2.2 buying the right soft closing hinges but still cannot realize soft closing features.

2.3 Reducing pressure

3. How to avoid slam shut?

1. The Meaning of Soft Closing for Toy Box

Soft closing makes great sense for us, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of children. We don’t want any kids’ fingers caught by lids. We don’t want to hear their piercing cry from them, we don’t want children to play in an unsafe environment. We Apexstone want more certainty about safe and more Roaring With Laughter. That’s why we have focused on soft close chest hinges for six years. We will continue to go on and provide customers with high-quality products and affordable prices, ensuring that our customers can enjoy both safety and joyful moments filled with laughter.

To let readers better understand soft closing, we will summarize its principle in an easy-to-understand sentence: By slowing down the closing speed of the cabinet door, creating more attention time so that we can move our fingers out of the cabinet in time, which helps us prevent injury. With soft closing, we can offer a safe playing environment for children. With the soft close damper, we can eliminate the scary sound of banging.

2. Reasons and Solutions for Not Soft Closing

Many people feel puzzled when their soft closing feature doesn’t work anymore. Please don’t worry, we will introduce the reasons and solutions to solve it.

Firstly, the common mistake is selecting the wrong product to achieve soft closing. Many soft close lids hinges for the chest don’t have soft close functions. They are a kind of conventional gas springs, also known as lid support or lid stay. Notably, their damping performance improves when installed with the rod down. However, it’s crucial to clarify that these devices are not dampers themselves. They can hold your heavy lids and keep them open until you close them manually, but it is essential to note that you’ll need to hold on to the lid when you close it to prevent it from slamming shut. To avoid this inconvenience, reordering real soft close toy box hinges is recommended.

2022 2023 new sturdy damper or soft close gas springs for toy box toy chest
Soft close hinges for toy box

Secondly, even after purchasing the correct soft closing hinges, achieving the intended soft closing features may still pose a challenge. Two potential reasons account for this scenario.
On the one hand, buying the wrong specification for your toy box is the main reason for not soft closing. For example, A pair of Apexstone soft close lid hinges is designed to soft close a box lid of fewer than 33 LBS. If you have a box lid weight exceeds this weight limit, we suggest that you can add one more pair of hinges to complete the smooth closing process. In some cases, if your project lid is lighter than 11 pounds, you can try to install a single toy box soft close hinge first.

On the other hand, the wrong installation method will cause bad soft closing performance. So, we should check whether we install the soft close hinges correctly. But how to check? Apexstone equips each package with a detailed mounting guide, you also can refer to this easy guide online to quickly install your slow close gas struts. Besides, our customers shoot some videos about how to install gas struts. Video will be more intuitive for most people, we hope they can help you to learn more about the correct installation for dampers.

Last but not least, with time going by, the internal pressure will weaken increasingly. Therefore, the soft closing feature will disappear after long-term use. In this case, consider purchasing new soft close hinge replacements to ensure optimal performance and restore the desired soft closing functionality.

3. How To Avoid Slamming Shut?

We will make the conclusion below for your convenience to avoid slam shut.

Now, we come to the end of the article “How to fix soft close hinges for toy box when they don’t work?” We hope this guide will be helpful to you.
We Apexstone are working hard to offer customers a high-quality product, good service, and affordable price. You can find gas springs replacements here or learn more articles about gas springs here. Have a good time.

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