How to Get the Most Out of Remaining Gas Strut?

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Gas struts, often overlooked, play a crucial role in various industries and everyday life. From supporting overhead kitchen cabinets to car trunks and toy boxes, gas shocks bring us convenience by efficiently lifting and supporting heavy lids. However, there’s more to lift support gas struts than meets the eye. This article aims to explain the versatile uses of these devices, why they are so popular, and provide guidance on their maintenance, helping you maximize the benefits of these mechanical wonders for an enhanced quality of life.

I. The Application of Gas Struts in Various Industries

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In the Transportation Industry

Gas springs with substantial force find common use in the production of automobiles, trains, and airplanes. Car owners benefit from gas struts that effortlessly lift the heavy trunk lids. The same principle applies to garage storage boxes and aircraft lockers, where gas pistons take the load off users, providing continuous support, and allowing for easy closing. No more hassle of holding the panel by hand each time you open these boxes.

In the Medical Industry

In the medical industry, gas struts are often used in various instruments due to their high flexibility. According to statistics, the frequency of using gas struts in the medical industry is very large. Gas springs are needed in many medical devices like Infant incubators, High Tech Nursing beds, Hospital Beds, and Residential Beds. Although the lift gas shock only acts as a component, it has to be said that it is a good choice for both doctors and patients. Brings great convenience to them.

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In the Electrical Industries

Gas struts are not limited to industrial settings but have also found their way into our homes. Freezers and printers, which are part of our daily lives, benefit from the assistance of gas struts. No more awkwardly trying to lift a printer cover with one hand while you copy or print documents.

In the Furniture industry

Gas struts are ubiquitous in the furniture industry, making tasks easier in both offices and homes. Office cabinets, drafting tables, designer doors, windows, Murphy beds, chairs for beauty parlors, drop-leaf tables, and passenger seats all benefit from the assistance of gas lift struts.

Based on the information provided earlier, you now have a clear understanding of how to effectively utilize your remaining gas struts. You might also discover the benefits of acquiring additional gas struts to enhance your overall quality of life. Feel free to visit Apexstone Gas Springs online shop to place an order, and keep in mind that the more you buy, the more you save. If you purchase four or more, you’ll enjoy a generous 30% discount, bringing the average unit cost down to approximately $6.

II. Why Are Gas Struts Widely Used?

The popularity of gas springs can be attributed to several key features, including easy installation, high safety standards, compact size, lightweight design, and affordability. Even first-timers find installation a breeze. Gas struts require minimal maintenance to perform at their best, which means more convenience for users.

To extend the lifespan of gas struts, consider these tips:

1. Regularly clean the gas struts lightly.

2. Keep the gas struts at an appropriate temperature and humidity level.

How to inatsll gas strut? Apexstone gas strut installation. Holds cabinet door up, works smoothly

In general, a well-maintained gas strut can serve you for over a year, with some users reporting usage of 2-3 years from a single gas strut that costs less than $10. Satisfied customers and lasting quality are what make gas struts a preferred choice.

In most cases, the lifespan, whether it’s one year or two to three years, can be influenced by factors within our control, such as the installation and operation processes. As dedicated manufacturers, we take great pride in the high quality of every product we offer. Alongside providing cost-effective solutions, our goal is to ensure your satisfaction throughout the installation and operation process. Therefore, we are eager to share valuable insights on how to optimize the performance and longevity of your gas struts. Let’s continue our exploration together.

III. How to Maintain Gas Springs

We have the following recommendations to assist you in properly using the gas struts and prolonging their lifespan during the installation and daily operation processes.

1. Select the Appropriate Size of Gas Shocks

When choosing gas struts, it’s essential to know the necessary force, rod length, and stroke. You can gather this information through two methods: first, by sharing the weight and dimensions of the door panel, and second, by providing the part number of the original gas struts. If you can’t find the part number, this article will teach you how to measure gas struts. Furthermore, when dealing with objects subjected to higher gravitational forces, it’s crucial to opt for thicker rods and larger cylinder diameters for effective movement control.

2. Ensure the Metal Rod Faces Downward during Installation

Installing shocks with the metal rod down enhances the lubrication of the rod seal, reducing friction for smoother door panel lifting. It also provides damping when closing the door, preventing loud slamming and contributing to a longer lifespan.

3. Maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity

For optimal performance, install the gas piston in a dry environment, as humidity can cause rust on its metal surface. It works best within a temperature range of -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F). Extreme temperatures, whether too low or too high, may affect its functionality.

4. Avoid submerging in solvents

Having lubricating oil on the rod is essential for improving the lift support gas spring’s performance. Submerging it in a solution reduces the adherence of the lubricating oil. As the lubricating oil gradually decreases, it can affect the operational process, leading to a shorter lifespan for the gas struts.

5. Install the lift support hinges in pairs.

When we install a single gas spring on one side, it increases the one-sided load, leading to a shorter lifespan for the gas spring. While using fewer gas springs might save money initially, it will result in more waste due to their shorter lifespan. This is why we recommend installing a pair of gas springs for a cabinet or other instrument lid.

to hold a door in my camper on which I have my TV mounted.

6. Do not manually compress the gas struts

Generally, manually compressing gas springs with a force greater than 100N is challenging and carries a higher risk of damage. Mishandling can result in twisting or damaging the piston rod.

7. Do not damage the appearance of the gas struts

Actions that can harm the gas struts include scratching, denting, chipping, bending, painting, puncturing, or incinerating them.

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