How to Install Soft Close Gas Springs: Your Ultimate Guide

How to install slow close damper for toy box

1. Compatibility Check: Theoretically, a set of Soft Close gas springs is capable of efficiently SLOW CLOSING (NOT Lifting) a lid weighing up to 33 lb (150N). To ensure compatibility, the recommended side length for the box or door height is less than 30 inches.
2. Inspection upon Receipt: To ensure you get the correct soft close hinges, check these measurements: Compressed Length (8.3 inches), Extended Length (14.2 inches), and Stroke Length (5.9 inches). Each damper comes with 5 screws and 2 brackets. All you need for installation is a screwdriver and a drill.
3. Safety Caution: It’s HIGH PRESSURE inside, DO NOT open it, DO NOT approach the high temperature, DO NOT scratch, dent, chip, bend, or paint the Rod, and DO NOT puncture or incinerate it.
4. Installation Tips: During the installation process, make sure that the end fittings are aligned properly. This ensures that side load forces are not applied due to misalignment, optimizing the safety and lifespan of the gas spring. Besides, ROD UP INSTALLATION IS THE KEY TO SOFT CLOSE.

Installation Steps

1. Open the top panel or lid to approximately a 95-degree angle.

2. Prepare a pen, and determine the Mounting Points.
a) Measure 4 inches vertically from the hinge direction on the cover to a position that maintains alignment between the upper and lower mounting points. Then mark Point A as the Upper Mounting Point.
b) Extend the strut to its longest length to determine the suitable location for the lower mounting point. In most cases, it will be approximately 9 inches vertically from the box edge and about 2.75 inches toward the inner side of the box. Mark this point as Point A, representing the Lower Mounting Point.

Soft Close Instruction

3. Pre-drill the hole marked before and install the round bracket at the lower mounting point B. Then, install the rectangle bracket at upper mounting point A.
4. Prepare the gas strut with the Rod UP for optimum lubrication and best slow closing performance.
5. Attach the strut to the ball mount by snapping the strut end fittings onto the ball studs.
6. For a lid weighing less than 11 pounds, install a single gas strut. For lids heavier than 11 lb, install 2 struts, and repeat this process on the opposite side to complete the installation.
7. Test the performance by opening and closing the lid cover several times to ensure smooth operation and secure joint connections.

Adjustment Method

These gas struts are made for soft closing, which boosts safety. However, if the lid closes too slowly because it’s lightweight, or if it’s a very heavy lid that doesn’t slow down when closing, adjusting the mounting points can improve its performance.

First, keep the Open Angle Stay the Same.

Second, use a short screwdriver to loosen the metal clips of the lower mounting point A. Slip the short screwdriver slowly and carefully into the retaining clip of the lower piston head, then gently pry the clip away so that you can remove the piston head from the round bracket (ball bearing) without ease.
(Note: just loosen the metal c-clip rather than remove the metal c-clip, they are a challenge to reinstall.)

How to remove a gas strut?

Last, move the lower mounting position in the direction it should be according to the following rule.

  • For lighter lid: If you find it still difficult to close the door and desire quicker closure of the light lid, shift mounting point A downward by 2 inches, orienting the installation more horizontally, as shown in the left figure.
  • For heavier lid: If you want to slow down the closing of a heavy lid, it is recommended to install 2 to 3 pieces of gas struts and adjust the mounting point to a more vertically oriented, as illustrated in the Right Figure.

If you’ve successfully installed the soft close damper for your project, congratulations! If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected]. And if you found this article helpful, consider sharing it on your social media to help others.

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