How to Remove a Gas Spring from Ball Bearing?

How to remove a gas strut?

Looking to replace old gas struts or adjust mounting points? Both operations require removing the gas spring from the ball bearing first. Follow this guide, and you’ll complete the procedure in less than 1 minute.

Step 1: Screw off the strut from the piston head.

Step 2: Prepare a short Flat-Blade Screwdriver.

Step3: Slide the flat blade screwdriver slowly into the slot under the retaining clip of the piston head, then pull it back so that you can release (NOT REMOVE. It is a challenge to reinstall) the clip and remove the piston head from the ball bearing without ease.

We use the hot sale soft close gas hinge demonstrated in the video. For other types of gas springs, the operation procedure remains the same. With the above three steps, I believe that you can now remove the gas struts with ease. If you find it helpful, please share the post on your social media to help more people.

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