How To Remove Or Replace Truck Tool Box Gas Struts?

Are you planning to replace the gas struts on your truck toolbox, either by upgrading the toolbox or replacing worn-out struts? Whether you’re getting it powder coated or replacing struts that have lost their pressure, it’s essential to first know how to remove the old tool box lift supports properly. This simple guide will show how you can do it.

Removing Struts Before Other Operations

Removing gas struts is our first step, it is quite simple. Most gas struts have end fittings equipped with a metal clip that secures the strut to the toolbox lid.

> Tips To Remove Struts Easily

To remove the lift struts effortlessly, prepare a flat head screwdriver or something similar. Using this small screwdriver to pry the clip backward, will release the clip and allow you to pull the strut off the ball joint.

how to replace hood struts? just-need-to-loosen-the-metal-c-clip-rather-than-remove-the-metal-c-clip

> Avoid This Incorrect Operation

Be careful not to completely remove the clip unless you are replacing the strut, as these clips can be difficult to reinstall.

Once you have successfully removed the toolbox gas struts, you can proceed with painting or other tasks. If you need to replace the gas struts and are interested in finding the right replacements for your truck toolbox, keep reading.

How to Measure Tool Box Shocks?

To find the right tool box gas struts replacement, we need some measurements, including extended length, stroke, and force. There are different methods to measure a gas strut, but we’ll use the simplest one:

1. Prepare a ruler or measuring tape.

2. Measure the stroke and extended length.
Do not need to measure the compressed length because most toolbox gas struts are lift supports, which are difficult and unsafe to compress manually due to high internal pressure.

Measure the gas struts and know the specification

3. Determine the force required.
Most gas struts have pressure details printed on the cylinder. If not, weigh the lid and calculate the required pressure. You can refer to our previous guide on how to calculate gas strut pressure or use an online gas strut calculator for immediate results.

With your measurements in hand, select a pair of gas struts that match or are close to your measurements. Buying them in pairs is recommended. For example, if your calculations show you need a pair with a force of 186N, choose struts with the same or a slightly higher force, such as 200N, for better support.

200N gas struts replacement for truck tool box

When you receive your new gas struts, follow these four steps to install them:

1. Confirm the new gas struts match your required measurements.

2. Position one new gas strut with the rod facing down and align the end fitting hole with the old ball stud.

3. Find a suitable angle and press the end fitting by hand to connect the gas strut to the lid.

4. Repeat the steps for the other end to complete the installation. Then, test the performance by opening and closing the box lid.


Many customers feel that Apexstone 200N 10 inch gas struts are excellent replacements for worn-out cylinders, these struts are praised for their reliability and effectiveness, so they highly recommend these tool box struts for truck toolboxes. Upgrade your toolbox today with our quality gas springs to make lifting easier.

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