Hydraulic struts for windows| know 5 things before install

  1. What is a Flip Out Window?
  2. Fun from a Flip Out Window
  3. Note this Before Purchasing Hydraulic Struts Replacements
  4. About Lifespan
  5. How to Replace it?

1. What is a gas strut window?

Gas strut windows is A window that can open up at 90 angles with help from a pair of lift struts. It is common in food trailer windows, outdoor kitchens, smokehouses, and camper shells. Buying a flip out window will absolutely cost much but will create optimal aesthetics.

2. Fun from a Flip Out Window

2.1 Enjoy Yourself

As mentioned above, mounting a flip out window will create optimal aesthetics. That means you can enjoy an unobstructed view. Traditional windows are difficult to open fully, which will limit your sight. A window that can be flipped up to a 90-degree angle doubles the viewing experience.
What’s more, you can enjoy the fresh outdoor air. Imagine that the moment you open the window, your nose can smell the fragrance of green grass, and your eyes can see the birds resting on the branches not far away more clearly. Whether it’s the eyes, nose, or other senses of the body, you will have a greater sense of satisfaction.

2.2 Offering convenience

Serving drinks and food from the kitchen to the outdoors directly and conveniently. You don’t need to go around the house to deliver cooked food to your family or customers, saving time for you.

2.3 More Interesting

Open the window to a safe angle, and you can begin to play with your child. They may love to start the role-playing game of restaurant servers and customers. When a window was opened, all things started to become interesting.

Apexstone 300 gas springs for casement windows

3. Note this Before Purchasing Hydraulic Struts Replacements

It would be better to buy those Moisture and corrosion-resistant hydraulic struts. As we know, the lift struts on windows will frequently contact the outdoor environment, so the corrosion resistance to humidity needs to be stronger. Stainless steel or ordinary steel is preferred.

3.1 Appropriate Newton Force

Choose a suitable Heavy duty gas-lift according to the weight and size of the window. For example, if the weight of the window is 300N, you need to buy a pair of 300N hydraulic struts to lift it.

3.2 Appropriate Length

The length of the hydraulic struts for the window will be longer than that of the ordinary cabinet door, ranging from 15 to 30 inches, which needs to be determined according to the window size. The easiest way is to buy hydraulic struts of the same size as the original ones to fit your windows perfectly.

4. About Lifespan

The material used for window gas strut is the key to depend on the lifespan. Stainless steel material is the best choice, normally reaching a lifespan of 3-6 years, but this also has luck. One of our customers told us that he had been using Apexstone gas struts for eight years.

5. How to replace windows gas struts?

Preparing for installation: buy the right size gas struts, and you can feel free to contact us for help.
To facilitate installation, if the original ball mounts can still be used, keeping the original end fittings is recommended so that the installation is faster. Install the upper mounting point first, then open the window to an angle for daily use, and connect the lower mounting point to the other end of the pole.

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