LIFT-O-MAT Gas Springs replacement: Apexstone

  1. About LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring
  2. About Apexstone
  3. Apexstone Advantage
  4. How to find a right replacement
  5. Difference between Apexstone and other brands

1. About LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring

STABILUS manufactures LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring. The main feature of the gas springs is supporting and lowering a cover or a lid. Gas struts are commonly used in machinery, vehicle manufacturing, and furniture industries. LIFT-O-MAT gas springs have the biggest advantage of a wide selection of specifications, but the biggest disadvantage is the high cost for both individuals and companies. Fortunately, with the development of online shopping, people have increasing choices when buying a LIFT-O-MAT gas spring replacement.

2. About Apexstone gas spring shop

The Year 2022 is eight years since we start APEXSTONE Company. In 2015, we found that gas springs in the market are expensive, so we decided to produce our brand: Apexstone, providing affordable gas springs with good quality. With time moving, we receive many customers recognition from all around the world, they commend and award Apexstone gas springs as the perfect replacement for their project. With the trust given by customers, we begin to design border sizes, force variants, and end fittings to offer more selection to our customers.

Apexstone gas struts processing machine

3. Advantage of Apexstone gas springs

3.1 Offering a large selection of specifications

We can provide all varieties of specifications even those not shown in our online shop. Email us at alvinluo2013@gmail, and we will reply to you ASAP.

3.2 Supporting customization

We offer customization services if you order a quantity over 100 pieces.

3.3 Mature manufacturing experience

Apexstone has more than 8 years of manufacturing experience, owning 4 teams, including designing, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing team.

3.4 Offering affordable prices and good quality

Compared to STABILUS and GUDEN company, Apexstone is based in china, we have the advantage of hiring labor and purchasing materials at lower costs, that’s why we can produce affordable products of the same quality.

3.5 Wide usage

In addition to the machinery, vehicle manufacturing, and furniture industries, our customers mainly use gas springs in the medical and electrical industries.

4. How to find a right replacement

Before purchasing, you ought to figure out 6 statics, which will help you match the right replacement fast.

  1. Extended Length: Hole centers
  2. Stroke Length: it is to know how far the lid move. You can measure the rod length in the picture shown below.
  3. Piston force: choose the same force to fit your job well.
  4. Rod diameter: 6mm (0.24″) or 8mm (0.32″)
  5. End-fitting style: Eyelets, Ball Socket and Clevis are 3 commonly used End-fitting styles.
  6. Color: Black or Silver.

5. Difference between Apexstone and other brands

Please note that Apexstone gas springs are not the official items made by STABILUS, GUDEN, or other gas struts company, it is the gas springs replacement. When you choose the equal specification, it will match your project. Besides, our Apexstone team owns our unique technology in manufacturing products, we insist on providing gas springs as quality and affordable replacement, offer you more selection and help you save more dollars.

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