Apexstone 100N/22.5lb 15 inch Master Lift Gas Struts

(85 customer reviews)
  • Application: The 15″ 22.5lb master gas struts are suitable for various lifting applications, like Aluminum toolboxes, boat storage lockers, RV doors, Trash cans, American flag concealed gun cabinet, Bass boat battery compartment lid
  • Easy Installation: We provide online mounting guide, helping you  find the installing points easily
  • Interchange Part Number: 1638EL, 3858LW, 5667BF, 6698UG, 8195516, C16-04145, C16-04145, C1615064, CS150020, GP51520, GP6606P, ML1320, ML3320, SE150P20, SE550A20, SG359007, SL1320, SL13201, SL13205, SL3320, SL33201, SL33205
  • Set of 1: 1 package includes 1 gas shock, 2 brackets, and 2 nuts for easy installation
  • Durable: Made of steel materials, the lid support hinge is built to last and can withstand heavy use
  • Prolonged Lifespan: For better performance, we recommend buying a pair of lid support to avoid uneven load forces. Contact us at [email protected] for professional advice


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Apexstone 15-inch 100N master lift gas struts

the versatile solution for all your lifting needs

Whether you’re looking to build a wall gun cabinet, upgrade your travel trailer with a lifting bed storage system, reinforce the plywood top of your generator enclosure, support a wooden ice chest, or secure the outside storage door of your RV, Apexstone master lift gas struts can finish the job well.
But that’s not all – the lid support hinges are also an amazing replacement for Polaris Ranger OEM windshields and are highly recommended for aftermarket automotive hoods and lids of the storage locker on your boat.

master gas struts for tool-box,-rod-locker-for-truck(Gas struts for Tool Box/Rod Locker for trunk or boat)

Apexstone chest lid support is built to last, we use steel materials, ensuring maximum durability and reliability for a wide range of projects. With a 100 N master lift capacity, they provide smooth and effortless lifting power to those lids weight less than 22.5lb/ 100N.

pexstone 380mm100N-01


Stroke: 5.91 inch/ 150 mm
Extended Length (center to center): 14.96 inch/ 380mm
Compressed Length: 9.06 inch/ 230mm
Rod diameter: 0.32 inch/ 8mm
Cylinder diameter: 0.71 inch/ 18mm
Force: 100 N
Material: steel
Package: Ziplock bag (Tips: INSTRUCTIONS&SCREWS NOT INCLUDED In the package.)
Mounting Orientation: horizontal, vertical with Rod DownApexstone 380mm 15 inch 100N-gas springs

Benefits from Apexstone Gas Shocks

1. Save Money

All customers can enjoy Apexstone factory’s direct price, you can save more when you buy more. For example, you only need to pay $9.09 per shock if you order 4 pieces or above, up to 30% OFF. For wholesale orders or custom requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us here, we are pleased to do business with you and will provide you the most competitive price.

2. Easy Installation Guide

Installing Apexstone hydraulic struts is easy, we provide both a paper guide and the online mounting guide, customers can just follow these easy steps and finish the installation effortlessly.

  1. Be sure you calculate the Newtons needed for your application.
  2. Open the top panel or door of the woodworking project you want to the desired open angle.
  3. Determine the Mounting Points A and B with a pen. (Please refer to the picture below)
  4. Press the end-fitting connector onto the stud with your hand. (No hammer and vice grips needed)


So why wait?

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L type mounting brackets, Nylon Ball Sockets

85 reviews for Apexstone 100N/22.5lb 15 inch Master Lift Gas Struts

  1. S Gislason

    Very nice struts for little money. Have been in use now for abouta year in cold oceanic climate conditions (annual average temp around 5°C). Doing a good job so far.

    Apexstone 100N 15inch gas springs do well in cold oceanic climate conditions (annual average temp around 5°C).

  2. e.c.jenkins

    fast delivery. again, perfect fitment.

  3. S. Tracy

    For as long as these are they’re a little light on the lifting or holding power. Depending on geometry of the item being held.

    Once you figure out the correct geometry for your specific job these should work

  4. Retired Husband

    I am completely satisfied with the item. It does just what is described on the Amazon site. The quality and workmanship is excellent.

  5. Joe

    Holds up a 20lb storage compartment lid on boat.
    I recommend this product

  6. Kuluas

    Good struts

  7. James Myres

    Great product

  8. LGG

    I use these on my snap-on tool cart. They seem to be well made and take the place of the expensive snap-on struts for the tool carts.

  9. Michael N. Gualtieri

    Be sure you calculate the Newtons needed for your application. If you do that and these are the right size they will work great

  10. Frank k.

    Worked great for a flag concealment cabinet I made for a friend. Lifts the front quickly and holds it up firmly. These are strong and the first hinges(European style) I used couldn’t handle the thrust from these and ended up ripping apart the first time I opened it. I went with a piano hinge and problem solved. Otherwise these worked awesome!

  11. George M

    Used this to lift a 50″ square 3/4″ plywood top for a generator enclosure. Gas strut are easy to install but if you have never installed them you may not know which ones to purchase for the weight of the needed. I had to buy them twice to exchange them for a heavier weight.

  12. bp

    These were just right for the rear hatch on a pickup cap.

  13. Joel Rawlinson

    Value for money

  14. Junya

    It did exactly what I ordered for and I was pleased with the results

  15. V Mik

    works great!..thanks!

  16. Rosemary Mortensen

    Strong, efficient, easy to install

  17. Kevin Zentz

    They may be fine, they just didn’t work for what I needed to hold open a wood cabinet door that was made of MDF and pretty heavy. Could not find a good way to mount these.

  18. Teresa D. Abrams

    Works great! Except they are both the same. No left or right side. But I made them work for my application.

  19. Jeff V.

    I thought I needed a strut that came with attached brackets. It took me way too long to figure out you can buy any length/ strength strut and separate brackets. Hope this save someone time…

  20. mark v.

    easy installation

  21. KrazePoko


  22. Brad

    PERFECT for RV doors!!! Wish I would have done this years ago!

  23. Harvey Hildebrant

    Love it, opens and closes rear work truck doors we ease. Thank you

  24. wendy sublette

    Great struts. Delivered quickly and worked perfectly. Be advised, they did not come with mounting screws but not that big of a deal. Screws are easy to get.

  25. TONNOV

    High quality product. Great communication. An honest seller.

  26. Steve Capistrant

    Used this for my tinder box outside and has enough pressure to lift the top even with double thick shingles on it weighting 10 to 15 pounds.

  27. Mobile Repairman

    Direct replacement for the gas shocks on my Polaris Ranger OEM windshield at a fraction of the cost from the dealer. Worked great.

  28. Consumer

    Just finished testing my install and the gas springs look like they work well & are made with decent quality materials, good quality control. We’ll see how long they last after being installed. The steel 90 deg brackets and ball ends weren’t as nice a quality but at least they are removable if you have your own solution. The shaft ends are standard 8mm male threaded.
    I was mildly impressed by that fact that they made the extra effort of packaging the 2 springs in a satin plastic bag with a ziplock closure. Nice touch.

  29. 19481955

    Very good quality and strong piston action. Using it to hold bed frame up in motor home that has under bed storage. Holds up very well.

  30. Pearce

    I had a hard time at first installing these, but they work well. They would be better if they had installation instructions.

  31. Sanchezzie

    These were great hate they are no longer available

  32. DanS48

    Perfect fit and more lift power than the originals had!

  33. D. Myers

    I had to buy these to replace the broken ones on an old Matco toolbox lid. These things work great, the lid practically lifts by itself now. The original ones used plastic anchors which is why they failed. These are all steel which was the main reason I bought them. So if they’re the right size for your application then you’ll be happy with them. Great price, fast shipping.

  34. dc68

    Great product

  35. miguel

    Good product.

  36. Susan Winton

    Fits the application. Well. Pleased with this product .

  37. Okie1010


  38. eml58

    Works great!!

  39. Eric Phillips

    Strut was as described. Great fit and easy to install. Shipped next day

  40. SG

    Product was easy to install, is sturdy, so in installed two on my solid teak patio storage box.

  41. Johnforsithe


  42. Terry H

    exellent value

  43. Michael Gallien

    Great item thank you

  44. Kim

    we bought these to use on our 5th wheel, outside storage door. They work great!

  45. Gary Raley

    Very pleased, easy for me to install on wood ice chest

  46. GEB

    Purchased these for my rod boxes in my bay boat! They work great. They arrived on short order! Easy to install, had hardware (except screws, which was ok, I needed SS for my application) to make installation easy! Strong enough to keep hatch lid open to prevent hatch lid from accidentally falling onto rods and breaking them!

  47. Brian L. SHARITZ

    I used these as replacements on my HARBOR FREIGHT tool cart

  48. Patrick Corrigan

    Easy to install

  49. Todd ore

    these were a little light for what i need, this is my fault not the companies i will replace with some a little stronger, shipping was fast excellent product.

  50. SKYGUY

    These are great. I use them to hold up the lid to a large storage container. Perfect.

  51. mark

    Everything I expected….nice product

  52. Curt Spivey

    Worked as they should.

  53. Eddy Chance

    They work great and are easy to install

  54. SMITTY

    Heavy duty but not the poundage it says it has

  55. customjoe


  56. Morris E

    Excellent and work perfect . Saved me lots of money to fix the car issue . Fast shipping and great quality.

  57. JPatrick

    Good product

  58. Goyobohn

    I used these as lid lifters for a large Ottoman furniture. Worked very well because the lid weighs about 60 pounds.

  59. Wendell O’Garro

    Love it

  60. CHRIS

    They work don’t think they are 22 pound shocks though

  61. zack

    Perfect a double strut hood set up!!

  62. Loopner

    Used these lift units to access under bed storage in travel trailer. Fortunately I chose the correct lifting capacity and wah la I now have access to space i never used.

  63. cassie wilson

    Worked well. Had to get 2 more to hold open our bait cover. Don’t drop any parts! It’s impossible to find a nut to replace it. Had to buy another set.

  64. jyanzi k.

    Works perfect.

    Apexstone 100N 15inch gas struts is perfect for my boat

  65. Richard Barber

    Wish there was more to being able to adjust how strong or weak they need to be for application, but will do for now.
    Report abuse

  66. Cristian Fabian

    The struts are very heavy duty and high quality. I did have to modify my shell brackets to make them work, but it wasn’t hard for the DIYer and they work well.

  67. Bill Moses

    They worked great!

  68. James Beville

    as advertised.

  69. James W.

    Extremely happy I’m not getting hit in head anymore

  70. Jon

    Very nice

  71. Glen E. Gray

    I Used Two For My Trike Trunk And I Could Have Just Used 1

  72. John Hlava

    These worked great for my project.They’re being used to hold the false floor up in my trunk which covers the amp rack and subwoofer enclosure.

  73. Cola

    Works great on my boat storage.

  74. Abel C.

    Great price and no issues.

  75. Jeff

    Bought these to hold the lid of a wooden toy box. Work like a charm.

  76. amy o

    These high-quality gas Springs are wonderful. They keep the lid on my hatch opened without fear of the lid falling down. I love the brackets that came with them because it made installation super easy.

  77. Scott

    Use on my boat, worked great.

  78. Laura M

    It works as represented. I only gave it 4 stars as the quality could be improved.

  79. Gary

    Very versatile design with the brackets. I used them for a large truck toolbox and they work great

  80. Dion

    Worked perfectly for the job I had. Awesome

  81. Frank cote

    I returned the shocks they were not the rite ones waiting for feed back.

  82. Jason H

    Used these for a storage compartment on a pontoon boat and they are holding up well.

  83. kelly


  84. Kenneth J. Schneider Jr.

    Work great. Installed them on my ALC blasting cabinet.

  85. Tony Manning

    We used this on a lid to a storage locker on our boat. It was the perfect size and so far has save many fingers and arms from being smashed by a falling lid.

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