Apexstone 250N/56lb 10 inch Gas Shocks for doors, Tool Box Shocks, Car Hood Piston

(25 customer reviews)
  • Feature: The support struts are ideal for supporting the lid to keep it open
  • Application: truck toolbox, storage ottomans, car trunks, car hood, etc.
  • Parameter: Extended Length: 9.84″, Stroke: 3.35″, Force 250N/56 Lbs, suggest using a pair of door shocks to lift lid ≤ 56Lbs
  • Interchange Part Number: 1148861, 114-8861,, 4059, 586714, 752630, 5B752630, 5B-752630, 5B752630W, 5B-752630-W, C1615081, C16-15081, C1610445, C16-10445, C1624093, C16-24093, C1624093A, C16-24093A, FEN118, ML1050, ML10-50, ML-10-50, ML3050, ML30-50, ML-30-50, NI200050, NI2000-50, NI-200050, NI-2000-50, NI500050, NI5000-50, NI-500050, NI-5000-50, SG414013, SL1050, SL10-50
  • Set of 1: Includes gas shock ×1, brackets ×2, screws & paper mounting guide are Not included
  • 1 Year 100% Satisfactory Warranty: Email us at [email protected] if any problem occurs


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Apexstone 250N Stainless Gas Shocks

The Perfect Solution for Heavy Doors and Hatches

With the premium Apexstone 250N tool box shocks or gas shocks for the heavy lid, we can lift up the door effortlessly. These door shocks are designed to handle various applications, from heavy hatches and chicken coop doors to truck toolboxes, chest boxes, storage ottomans, and car trunks.

By using high quality materials, these hydraulic struts guarantee smooth and gentle door opening, making your daily operation of opening a door a breeze, no more struggling with heavy doors. Besides, these gas lift struts provide reliable support, ensuring the lid stays securely open, and giving you peace of mind.

Our satisfied customers have discovered an additional use for the gas shocks – car hood hinges or hood support struts, as shown in the picture below. Place an order now and experience the convenience and reliability of Apexstone hydraulic door lift.

250N hood gas struts or hood gas shocks

Product Specs

  • Extended Length (Center-to-Center): 250 mm (9.84 “)
  • Compressed Length (Center-to-Center): 165 mm (6.49″)
  • Stroke: 85mm (3.35″)
  • Rod diameter: 8mm (0.31″)
  • Force: 56 Lbs (250 N)
  • Material: Steel
  • Support opens lids angle: to a maximum angle of 90 degrees
  • Fit for the lid size (Using a Pair of gas shock absorbers): width less than 20″, weight equal to or less than 56 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Instructions: Online Instructions will be sent after shipping out
  • Soft Close or Not? No. If you would like to have soft close features, please refer to the vibration dampers
  • Package: Ziplock bag (Tips: INSTRUCTIONS & SCREWS NOT INCLUDED In the package.)

About shipping

We will process your order in 5 business days after receiving your payment, it is estimated to arrive at your destination in 3-4 weeks.

Upgrade your doors and hatches today with Apexstone 250N Stainless shocks for tool boxes, and enjoy effortless operation and dependable support like never before.

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 25 × 4 × 4 mm

25 reviews for Apexstone 250N/56lb 10 inch Gas Shocks for doors, Tool Box Shocks, Car Hood Piston

  1. J. A. Gatti

    I have a floor hatch fishbox on my Outrage 210 BW boat that kept closing unexpectedly when left open. I replaced them with weaker gas struts and had the same problem. Then I found these 250 Newton struts! They snapped into place easily and really hold the hatch open with considerable force. What a difference! Highly recommended for heavy hatches. I can now open the hatch and it will stay open even when the boat is rocking.

  2. R.E.W.

    I probably got the wrong size but it works okay for what I want. That is to keep little hands from being smashed

    Have a 250N Apexstone gas struts for a heavy lid

  3. David M

    These worked great for my project. Very strong… I could not compress them by hand. Also, the ball mounts are extremely difficult to remove. Instructions are minimal. (See the simple sketch in the product photos.). You’ll either need to do some trig or use trial and error.

  4. drumdude

    Just what I needed for my truck toolbox.

  5. Taste The Earth

    They work as described, but they need to come with better instructions and provide accurate dimensions. The shocks were just too short for my project. They would be great for a small cabinet but I believe they are just too short for larger cabinets and don’t fully agree with the listing description on the size door the shocks can handle. It needs a longer shaft for larger doors. Or needs to be described better.

  6. Leonard W Simpson

    Very strong and took 5 minutes to replace the old ones with these/

  7. David Fernandez


  8. V. Ives

    These were shorter then I thought.

  9. JL

    stood behind the product after 1 year of use…. thanks alvin

  10. Consumer 8305

    So far so good. Have had these on my truck for several months now and they are holding up nice.

  11. T. Kelley

    Exact relacement gas strut on my wing wheel cradle for my ASG 29 glider. End fittings threaded on perfectly! New one is on and old is laying down.

    Apexstone Exact relacement gas strut on my wing wheel cradle for my ASG 29 glider

  12. Beto

    These struts are really strong. I was able to get away with using one strut and it held up the top of a chest box.

  13. deb

    Good product. I may have overloaded one though, which caused it to fail. Would recommend, but be careful of how much weight you put on it.

  14. jim percival

    Works very well

  15. brandy

    Great price, shocks work great!

  16. Thomas F. Gibson

    Outstanding value. Works as advertised…………

  17. Adam L. Rockwood

    These gas pistons are just what I was looking for! I built a toy chest for my daughter and the pistons work perfectly for keeping the lid up so fingers don’t get smashed. They definitely work for the weight they are rated for! I would recommend to anyone looking for gas pistons. Apexstone pistons worked for me!

  18. Kent H.

    Fit perfectly

  19. LeeWilz

    It’s a great product but I need something that takes less pressure, like halt the amount – It’s certainly not the products fault, I just need something that is easier to close…

  20. mn_dad

    Exactly what I was looking for to replace a pair of struts in a 2′ x 4′ storage ottoman. Very happy I selected the higher N option, as I believe the lower powered strut would have sufficed but not been ideal.

  21. Jonathan O.

    no instructions for mounting. they work as described. If it came with instructions then 5 stars.

  22. Jake

    works perfectly

  23. emilio guzman

    better than i expected nice i used for my old rx3 hood lol and is very smoothi

  24. Big G


  25. Donald E. Null

    February 4, 2016. I ordered two of these for a large toy box I made for my grandson. The safety supports I was used to using were unable to keep the heavy lid in place, even when two were used on the lid. Just one of these did the trick. I used two of them just in case the one went bad and put my 3 year-old grandson in danger. Since these work so well, I have ordered a 10 pack of these in order to have them on hand for further toy box lid supports. The big question is to know how long they will last. If I find they do not last then I will update my review.

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