Apexstone 45N/10lb 10 Inch Quality Lift Struts, Lift Support for Cabinets

(60 customer reviews)
  • Application: excellent lift struts for ATV vehicles, boat lockers, cabinet lids or doors, RV vehicles, and rod lockers for Ranger bass boats. Convenient solution for lifting needs.
  • Parameter: Extended Length: 9.68″, Stroke: 3.56″, Force 45N/10 Lbs Per strut, suggest using a pair of shocks to lift lid ≤ 10Lbs
  • Interchange Part Number: SX100P10, WHCGS031010, WHCGS0310-10
  • Set of 1: Includes lift support ×1, brackets ×2, screws ×5, paper mounting guide ×1
  • 1 Year 100% Satisfactory Warranty: Email us at [email protected] if any problem occurs


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Detailed Infor for Apexstone 45N/10lb 10 Inch Quality Lift Strut

 Using Scenes

Apexstone lift support is a versatile, durable, and reliable solution for a range of applications, such as ATV vehicles, boat lockers, cabinet doors, fish tank cabinet doors, Craftsman toolboxes, the replacement for old Thule box shocks, and bay doors on RVs, assisting light lid opener.

Apexstone sturdy lift struts for RV cabinet doors


  • Stroke: 3.56 inch/ 90 mm
  • Extended Length (hole center to hole center): 9.68 inch/ 245mm
  • Compressed Length: 6.1 inch/ 155mm
  • Rod diameter: 0.24 inch/ 6mm
  • Cylinder diameter: 0.59 inch/ 15mm
  • Force: 45 N /10lb
  • Material: Iron
  • Manufacturer‏: ‎ Apexstone
  • Open Degree: Support opens lids to a maximum angle of 100 degrees.
  • Applications: Perfect for cabinet doors, fish tank cabinet doors, light toolbox, the replacement for old Thule box shocks, and bay doors on RV.
  • Package: Ziplock bag. Instructions Included, Screws Included.

Why Choose Apexstone gas lift supports?

1. Superior Quality and Durability

Apexstone provides gas lift struts that are built to last. Our gas lifting struts are designed to hold lids open securely until you manually close them. Whether you’re using them on storage containers or other applications, our gas spring lift effortlessly handles the task. You can choose a pair of Apexstone lift struts for any lids weighing under 20 lbs.

2. Cost-Effective Solutions

Apexstone offer all customer the factory direct price, we eliminate unnecessary middlemen, enabling us to offer affordable products directly to you. Moreover, we provide generous discounts that increase with larger orders. For instance, purchasing 4 door shocks or more can enjoy the price of as low as $6.99 per strut, saving 30% or more. For substantial orders, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a personalized quote, we are eager to do business with you today.

3. Tailored to Your Needs, including Specification, Logo, and Package customization

Apexstone offers a range of customization options to meet your needs. You can personalize the force, length, stroke, and material of the gas springs. Additionally, we provide logo and package customization services. The minimum order quantities for logo and package customization are as follows:

MOQ 100 pieces: Priority logo service on the struts at a low price, without logo on the package.
MOQ 500 pieces: Free priority logo service on the struts, without logo on the package.
MOQ 1000 pieces: Free priority logo service on both the struts and packages.

We recommend ordering a pair of gas hinges initially to ensure compatibility, as bulk orders are non-refundable. For more detailed information, feel free to contact us.

4. Comprehensive Installation Guide

We want to make the installation process as seamless as possible. That’s why Apexstone provides a detailed installation guide with easy-to-follow instructions. Our aim is to help you find the perfect positioning for the struts, ensuring optimal functionality.

Apexstone 10inch-45N gas springs

Gas Strut Too Strong or Too Weak? How to Adjust?

When you are going to be installing them on a really nice finished surface and want it to slowly open(Not Soft Close Shock Absorbers), just try to move the mounting points and find where it will work best.

Choose Apexstone lift struts for exceptional quality, cost-effective options, customization services, and comprehensive support. Contact us today to get started.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 27 × 4 × 2 mm

1 Set, 10 Sets, OEM Support

60 reviews for Apexstone 45N/10lb 10 Inch Quality Lift Struts, Lift Support for Cabinets

  1. Po River Workshop

    I used these for some wall box projects I have. They work well for the application I needed. There’s just enough tension that they hold when open, but not so much that it is difficult to close when finished. Something else that would be great to be included in the instructions is, the removal of the strut from the mounting brackets. I found out after my initial install that I had to reposition one of the mounts so the lid would close. The release mechanism is very tricky and makes you feel like you will break the clip on the piston. Once that was figured out, adjustments weren’t too bad. After getting it installed correctly, it seems solid. I have 2 more to complete, so hopefully these continue to work as advertised.

  2. Scott

    Like. Works well with my upper cabinet. Factory should have installed them

  3. sault

    Love it

  4. Happy camper.

    In camper, doors on cabinets open up, not to the side. Sooo start it open and this lil bit of magic will raise it to the ceiling and hold it there while you look for the cookies your wife stashed back.

  5. PoPo97

    Used them for a homemade concealment cabinet to hold door open. Work perfectly

  6. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    I tried 3 different brands and finally found these. They’re perfect for what I needed. Not to stiff and very smooth. I will be using these for now on. The install instructions are simple to follow and I got it right the first time.

  7. Curtis in Seattle

    I put one of these on each 12” high x 16” wide door. I think they would work for taller doors but not much bigger. My doors are about 1/2 in thick and made of plywood. They are just the right size to hold the doors open but not so stiff you have to muscle the door closed. You may notice in my pics the lower brackets are not as shown in the MFG pics. I bought different ones because my face frames are so thin. I first tried the 100 N struts but they were way to stiff. It beats kneeling on the bed and balancing a door on your head as you fish around for things up there. I followed the instructions but found the placement of the brackets needed to be slightly different than what the confusing instructions showed.

  8. John

    Compact design.


    Waited for new brackets to come for the camper cupboards but once I installed they were fantastic

  10. Joel Rawlinson


  11. paramedicsaver

    put these on all overhead cabinets… perfect

  12. Gruntpa

    Bought this 10 inch Gas Struts for use on a nightstand with hidden drawer I made. they worked perfectly as I imagined they would. I highly recommend the product. I will be buy more for some other hidden drawer projects.

  13. Conway,Chad

    I purchased these after I got a set of the n100. These are much better for smaller projects, including cabinet doors. The others only work on much heavier projects like chest lids. Fairly easy to install. I’m happy with my purchase.

  14. Kurtis N. Johnson

    Perfect for my fish tank cabinet doors.

  15. Steve Foreaker

    Packaging a lot of times is more about marketing. You tear open the package and find out maybe you don’t want the item, so now you have to put it all back and try and make it look decent. Even worse, you keep the item and have to through some non-recyclable plastic out.

    But, what if a company sends you your items in a really nice and reusable bag with a heavy duty slide lock? I mean, if they put this much thought into their packaging, what kind of thinking and quality do they put into the product?? Yep, I’m really impressed with the packaging!

    It was so easy to open the package and inspect the product. No stress in opening, no stress if I had to return the item, no stress in having to throw out or recycle the packaging because I’m going to reuse it. What’s not to be excited about!

    Oh, the actual product! Yeah, about that, tight, sturdy, easy to install and works as expected. No surprise there. I mean, look how it was packaged!

  16. Desiree G.

    I purchased these to use on my camper cabinets and they work great. Easy to install.

  17. Jerry Segarra

    Easy to install


    Very easy to install. I used them for a toy box.

  19. Alexander

    I used the struts for my basement casement windows that flip up. Instructions are precise – you must follow the placement measurements exactly in order for the struts to work. They work great!

  20. Ron

    Bought these to replace the ones on my bass boat lids. They worked fine. I think that I would buy stiffer ones next time.

  21. Boyd Dial

    Have not used them yet. Stock piled for future projects.

  22. Ricardo

    Perfect for the bay doors on my RV.

  23. Mr. Fix It

    10 lb support worked perfect for the hatch lids on my boat

  24. thomas e. norton

    great bang for buck, boat lids operate much better

  25. Tiffany


  26. Randy

    Perfect size

  27. JR

    These work as expected no issues so far and holds up my lids as I want.

  28. steve

    The product was fine looks well made but the instruction are terrible have to experiment with placement to get them to work right.

  29. frozebubba

    I had some that were twice as strong (20lb) and they were too much for the VIBE SG130 storage box lid. You need the flat ball ends sold separately for this to work.

  30. Ilya Zubarev

    Installed per instructions, which could be clearer. Has been holding strong for about 8 months and doing its job.

  31. Darold G. Dahse

    Used these for my boat storage lockers. Worked great. Had to do a bit of work and use 2 on each lid but I am overall pleased.

  32. Teresa

    Worked as expected, even pressure from open to close.

  33. Pierre Hince


  34. Brad

    Great value for lightweight lid or shelf lift assist/support. They not only lift the tool box lids that I use, they hold them up in strong winds. My larger toolbox lids didn’t fare as well. Make sure you get the correct ones for the load to be supplied.

  35. sheridan nault

    Was too big for my project but I did find a use for them

  36. Melinda Lorenzo

    Came in on time and worked great

  37. John Faris

    Lid Lifts for a truck box. They were not strong enough, my bad.

  38. Calacopop

    Used to hold RV cabinet doors in open position. Cabinet doors hung from the top had to be held open to access the inside. These struts now hold them up and also hold them closed when shut.

  39. milehighstone

    I used them to hold the cabinet doors open on my motor home, they were perfect, easy to install, now I don’t have to hold the doors open .how to install them right

  40. Mary Fayard

    Just what I was looking for! Price and quality of product was spot on!

  41. Russell Coldiron

    Good quality, easy to install

  42. Vonnie J.

    Yes it does come with instructions(have a metric ruler handy).
    Yes it does come with screws/hardware.
    Used on RV wood frame glass cabinet door; one strut wasn’t quite enough to hold it up but two works great. Smooth operation.

  43. david melvin

    Worked like a charm on my center console compartment

  44. Lyman Tomlinson

    The 45 Lb’s worked great to keep up the lid on my truck aluminum toolbox

  45. Mrs. M

    Used these for cabinet doors in our travel trailer. Had to adjust where they screwed in (different than the instruction provided) to make it work, but overall, a good purchase!

  46. Jack Wood

    shipped quickly and was as advertised.

  47. Zach g

    My dad built a toy box and wanted some struts to keep the lid from slamming, these worked great. Just the right amount of pressure.

  48. William G. Wessels

    Worked fine for toy box lid

  49. Tomi Lee

    This product did exactly as advertised and works perfectly.

  50. William p.

    Works great and fast delivery

  51. Fiona

    Great for a cabinet project

  52. David

    I was very surprised at just how good they worked. I understand why they don’t give any installation instructions. It’s really trial and air
    finding that sweet spot for them to work best.
    So if your going to be installing them on a real nice finnished surface and are wanting it to slowly open, you will probably end up moving it a couple of times to find where it works best. Following their picture on Apexstone, on the first try it held my lid open, but did not take over and slowly open it’s self untill moving it around a couple of times.
    I love the finnished product and will be buying again.

  53. Jeremy Allred

    Shocks work great, fast shipping. Good quality. Just wish prices was a bit less.

  54. Mark Tichenor

    Worked well in a cedar chest that my father built.

  55. Ben B

    Great for cabinet doors

  56. Daniel & Val Bobias

    Great replacement for my old Thule box shocks. Used old ball joints

  57. Darren H

    Holding my took box lid as they should, easy to install.

  58. James Campbell

    These guys are top notch. Worked with me closely to make sure I had the correct strut needed. Besides the extended length and closed length, you will need to know the pressure. The pressure should be indicated on your original strut so that you can order the correct one. If the strut does not indicate the pressure, collapse the strut on a bathroom scale and it will give you a reading. In my case, it was five pounds less than what it was new. Example: the strut read 40 PSI but after it was worn, it was 35 PSI. I ordered 45 PSI to be certain it was enough, worked perfectly

  59. Ed

    Worked perfectly! Thanks!

  60. kennyV

    Very helpful customer service. GREAT price, Will definitely order again.

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