Apexstone 80N/18lb 7 Inch/175mm Mini Gas Strut

(333 customer reviews)
  • Feature: Help open small and light projects lid gently, like camper cabinets, and keep them up until you close them manually
  • Set of 1: includes gas shock ×1, brackets ×2, screws ×5, (2 or more pieces will include a paper mounting guide)
  • Parameter: Extended Length (Center-to-Center): 6.89″ (175mm), Stroke: 2.16″ (55 mm). Suggest using two struts for distributing the load evenly
  • 1 Year 100% Satisfactory Warranty: Email us at [email protected] if any problem occurs


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Apexstone 80N/18lb 7 Inch/175mm Small Gas Strut

Gas Spring Using Scenes

These mini gas strut act as stay open door hinge with a safe and controlled manner.

Apexstone gas shock is multi-use. For example, lifting RV Cabinets and Upper Cabinet Doors In Camper, holding Ottoman Lid in the baby’s room, supporting the toolbox lid open for easy access to my gear, holding your apache 9800 rifle case lid, or popping up the SentrySafe lid to retrieve the Pistol.

1. Act as RV Cabinet Gas Struts

Installed Apexstone 80N/18lb 7 Inch lift supports in our RV cabinet doors or upper cabinet doors in the camper that swings up to open.

Use the stay open door hinge to lift support your van cabinet for quick access

2. Replacement for a SentrySafe or Gun Safe gas strut

When 80N/18lb 7 Inch mini gas shocks act as sentry safe replacement parts, the safe lid pops open and the gun is readily accessible without the additional step.

How to Replace gas strut for gun safe: Just take off the top and bottom hardware from the original shock and screw it to the replacement shock. Easy to reattach and much cheaper than shock from SentrySafe.

Please note the difference between the 7-inch spring lift gas springs and the strut that came with the gun safe is the lid lift height which is a little inch or so less. It is not a problem at all. If you want to open the lid at a perfect angle, you may purchase Apexstone 8-inch sentry safe replacement strut. It should be more compatible with you using needs.

7 inch sentry safe replacement strut

Apexstone mini lift struts are of small size and low force, suitable for most light lids or panels. Anyway, we believe that more using scenes for Apexstone small gas strut will be explored by you soon…

Micro Shocks Specification

  • Rod diameter: 0.24 inch/ 6mm
  • Cylinder diameter: 0.59 inch/ 15mm
  • Stroke: 2.16 inch/ 55 mm
  • Extended Length (hole center to hole center): 6.89 inch/ 175mm
  • Compressed Length: 4.72 inch/ 120mm
  • Force: 80 N /18lb
  • Material: Iron
  • Manufacturer‏: ‎ Apexstone
  • Open Degree: Support opens lids to a maximum angle of 90 degrees.
  • Available working temperature: -10℃~50℃/14℉-122℉
  • Package: Ziplock bag. Instructions Included, Screws Included.

How To Install 80N Mini Gas Springs?

We offer simple instructions to follow, so it is easy for you to find that sweet spot for them to work best. Highly recommend these to anyone needing to replace an existing gas spring or installing them for the first time.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 4 mm

1 Set, 10 Sets, OEM Support

333 reviews for Apexstone 80N/18lb 7 Inch/175mm Mini Gas Strut

  1. Telecaster

    You can even take the ends off the pivots by removing the metal retaining clips, and put them back on without damage.

  2. ReevesRacing

    My Sentry brand pistol safe was no longer popping open. I read some reviews and saw this might work. I went ahead and purchased. Sure enough, take the old gas shock off, remove the top and bottom parts (mine weren’t even tight at all so it was super easy) and take the new top and bottom off and put the old ones on. Put the shock back on and hooray! It works great again! I did add a small washer between the spring and the seal so that the spring doesn’t rub on the seal. Works awesome and I have a spare in case it does it again or maybe I’ll use it on another project. (The safe only needs 1 shock)

  3. Denis L.

    The door they lift is light, and opened infrequently. But so far so good.

  4. K311y

    Perfect fit and amount of power to hold our RV cabinet doors UP!! (7″ piston)

  5. Alex

    Almost perfect, with some mods it fit perfect on my pistol safe

  6. nik

    Very easy install if replacing old ones! Once I figured out how they work — it was super simple and my cabinet doors stay up by themselves now — perfect!

  7. Kindle

    We needed to replace the spring on our boat glove box and was extremely satisfied with this product. Its also great that it comes in a two pack in the event that something happens to one of them.


    I like the function of the product. It solved a cupboard door problem in my little MyPod

  9. stephanie hensley

    Great quality and easy to install

  10. James Tobin

    Perfect for sentry safe! As you see in other reviews, it’s perfect for replacing the poor quality strut on your sentry safe.

  11. FlyGirl

    Apexstone gas strut fixed my gun safe
    Bought these gas struts to replace the ones on two Sentry gun safes that didn’t lift the lid any more. First picture: the one on the left is the original strut and the one on the left is the Apexstone replacement. It’s a little shorter, but it works fine for me. You can see the lid doesn’t open as far as before, but it’s plenty for reaching inside (picture 2 and 3 for comparison). I reused the hardware from the original strut to make it work. The hardware unscrews and is interchangeable. Super easy install. It took about 5 minutes.

    Original strut was 50N these are 80N. The attached video shows the new strut in operation. The safe is back in business!

    I’ll update this review after I’ve used the product for awhile.

  12. Tim

    I purchased to replace the strut in a Sentry Biometric (single gun) Pistol Safe. The original strut would barely pop the lid enough to be able to pry it up and get the safe contents out. This strut seems to be better quality than the original. It is about half an inch shorter that the original, so the lid doesn’t open quite as fully as it did, but it pops up much better than it ever did and it does open enough to easily access the contents.

  13. Robert

    Good replacement for gun safe gas strut.
    Good replacement part for Sentry gun safe QAP1BE.

  14. Les

    I ordered a set of gas struts and they were very easy to install. One of the struts had a piece that was broken. I reported it to Apexstone and they immediately replaced the bad part. I was surprised at how quickly I received the new gas strut. Should the need arise I would not hesitate to use Apexstone again if I need to make another purchase.

  15. Reginald L. Miller

    Works as expected.

  16. PB

    Push Open Gas Shocks. Smooth operation and holds the lid open until pushed closed.



  18. TechUser007

    Worked as noted for replacing the pneumatic strut for my Sentry Safe biometric gun safe

  19. Danny B.

    Perfect replacement gas strut for Bio-metric Sentry Safe. This product was used as a replacement gas strut for my Sentry bio-metric safe. This gas strut was a few inches shorter than the original but all you have to do to lengthen it, is to not screw in both end caps. Works just fine once mounting screw is secured. Make sure to just removed the bottom screw and not the top mount when replacing the strut as it is not needed.

  20. Nightstalker59

    As others have described, it does shorten the opening range by a bit, but for the price I’ll take it.

  21. Tom McCabe

    This worked great

  22. xxiong88

    Part is decent and was able to replace a different part.

  23. Kory Trummer

    Works great for my intended use. It holds the lid open for easy access to my gear.


    They worked perfectly on overhead cabinets. They were easy to install and had easy to follow instructions

  25. Yissy and Mandy

    Easy to install and great lift pressure

  26. Matt S.

    Excellent product. I have a sentry safe gun safe that had a worn out strut. This item for perfectly worth no modification required.

  27. Monty Ell

    Great for an upward opening door. Used for a wall hanging consealed gun cabinet. Pushes it upward and holds it there. Have ordered many in big quantities and always fast to arrive.

  28. Ryan DeVecchio

    Easy to install – took 1 minute.
    I needed to replace a gas strut on a SentrySafe Gun safe and this worked perfectly. Took no more than a minute to replace and works exactly as it needs to.

  29. Nathan and Sabrina Hoffmann

    Easy to install and now safe opens quickly as it should

  30. Ricky E. Fauska

    Used as a replacement part for my gun-safe.

  31. dawn

    Purchased to replace inoperative strut for my Sentry Safe/Quick Access Pistol model. The strut was slightly shorter than the original Sentry model, but lifted the lid sufficiently high to easily access my pistol. The strut popped the lid quickly and smoothly. Excellent buy, especially when ordering the 2-pack.

  32. Jay

    Exactly as described at a good price.

  33. Eric

    Good replacement shock for Sentry gun safe
    The original gas strut for my Sentry gun safe eventually leaked out, making it difficult to open the lid. This was a fairly inexpensive replacement. It is slightly shorter than the original strut, so the lid doesn’t open quite as far as it did before, but that is a minor issue. Now when I unlock the safe, the lid pops open easily. This was a pack of 2, so I have another one ready to go whenever the gas pressure gets too low again.

  34. mission x

    This was an almost perfect replacement for the OEM gas strut. It’s a tad shorter, but if I didn’t read that beforehand, I probably would not have noticed. Tip – the top and bottom attachments will simply screw off the old, and screw on to the new strut. Perfect. 10 minute repair.

  35. George

    Followed an on-line video and these worked great. Now have a back up set of pistons too in case they don’t last long. Perfect fit to repair a Sentry safe

  36. RTMxp

    Fit my fingerprint pistol safe just fine to replace worn outs.

  37. Bruce G.

    Worked perfect to replace worn out gas strut on my SentySafe gun safe.

  38. KMan

    Instructions were for a larger strut so you’ll either wind up playing around with different positions or doing some algebra to figure out the correct spots. I would say the correct spots but I’m not using this in the standard convention of a wall with a door at 90°. It’s a bit more complex than that for my application. The springs are a very strong and feel high quality. At $19 this is hard to beat

  39. Bryan Johnson

    If you are like me and had your gas strut in your pistol safe stop working, this is the replacement for you. YouTube video and this can have your safe up and running again in a matter of minutes

  40. Philip Festa

    Need to replace the strut on a First Alert bio safe. It fir, was easy to install and works great. The safe lid does not open quite as far as it did before but the difference is insignificant. I am happy with product.

  41. Michael J. Lohrman

    Worked for my SentrySafe pistol safe
    I have a SentrySafe pistol safe that was no longer lifting the lid after the strut slowly failed. Tried this one and it worked great. You don;t even have to unscrew the whole strut from the safe, you just unscrew the end pieces to remove old strut, and remove end pieces on new one and screw it into end pieces attached to the lid and base.

  42. TomS

    These struts are a great option for replacing the OEM strut that comes with the Sentry Handgun Safe (biometric or combo). The 50N OEM strut began to have diminished functionality after a few years and eventually the spring was the only reason the safe lid can be opened at all.

    I was able to remove the old strut by turning it in place to remove it from the lid connector and then unscrewing the bottom case screw with a standard Philips #2. Then to remove the rod connector I used a wrench to grip the rod to keep it from turning and unscrewed the end piece. Take out one of these new Apexstone 80N/18lb 7 inch gas struts and remove both end connectors. Put the spring and rod connectors on the new strut and then hand tighten the black end to the lid connector on the Sentry Safe. Swing down the rod and slide the screw through the rod connector and tighten it back in place to finish the install. It was mentioned in other reviews that this strut is shorter than the original OEM rod and that is true. You can see in the picture the length difference. This makes the lid open a tiny bit less than the out of box experience; but honestly I don’t notice or need the difference especially since the safe lid hasn’t been opening much at all for the last year or so. You can see in my video that it opens fairly quickly and isn’t too much effort to close.

    Assuming this lasts more than just a couple years; this Apexstone strut is definitely a great value for the money. Now I’m looking around the house to see what I can use the second strut with.

  43. Janice Hall

    Easy to install, and works great.

  44. BRIAN C

    Replaced a worn strut on one of my Sentry Bio handgun Safe. Simple to replace. In a package of two one of the struts was defective. I had previously ordered another package for sons handgun safe, no problem. returned the defective package.

  45. anton99

    I bought these for my biometric gun safe. The original strut failed and these were the perfect replacement. They were so easy to install and these work great!

  46. James Tipton

    These restored the spring open feature on pistol safe. They did not have the reach the originals had but allow %95 opening of the top. This is great and saves $$$ over OEM spring lifts.

  47. Richard L

    After emailing Apexstone, they quickly replied referring me to these Apexstone 80N/18lb Gas Strut,Gas Spring,Lid Support,Gas Shocks,Lift Support,Lid Stay,Set of 2 for a small box I wanted to have supports. These lid supports work well and appear strong and well made to last many years.

  48. Paul

    Replaced our old large overhead cupboard struts in our motor home with these and they hold them up with no issues.

  49. jheimy flores

    Perfect for my application on a treasure chest

  50. Lrnmedrano

    They worked perfect and were easy to install.

  51. J

    This item is really good and my dad said it works perfectly. Thanks!

  52. Quan

    Love it! Make sure you check the size of it.

  53. Leonard W.

    Perfect replacement of dealer part

  54. AtlantaFamily

    Just like another reviewer indicated, this product was a perfect replacement for a failed gas strut on a SentrySafe biometric pistol safe. Now the hatch pops open with vigor and allows easy, quick access. Simply remove the old strut with crescent wrenches/screwdriver, unscrew the top and bottom fittings from the old strut and remove the spring, unscrew and replace the top and bottom of the new strut with the old fittings, add the spring, and reattach. Viola! Works like new.

  55. Michael A Raduenzel

    I was able to replace the worn-out strut in my Sentry safe by removing and replacing only the bottom screw using a philips-head screw driver. Leaving the top fitting attached to the box and unscrewing the strut from the fitting was super fast and easy. Removed both fittings from the new strut, screwed the original fitting onto the new strut, attach it to the box and screwed the new strut into the top fitting still attached to the box and… done! My Sentry safe is like new again.

  56. César aguirre

    Están como los originales muy buenos

  57. Biggo1226

    Purchase these to fix my sentry pistol safe. After 5 years or so, the door wouldn’t open without assistance. After a quick visit to YT, I learned of this product. Shipped quick, install was super-simple, and they did the job.

  58. Z Scott

    Excellent and easy to attached

  59. Rey jose

    Aun no se cuanto durarán, pero si son muy prácticos y facil de instalar, traen todo para instalarlos fácilmente.

  60. Mike

    A Youtube video pointed me to this strut on Apexstone, and provided great instructions. This strut is a good replacement for a worn out strut on the Sentrysafe Biometric Gun Safe. The ends of the strut unscrew, so you can reuse the them from the OEM strut. Don’t forget to reuse the SPRING, otherwise the strut will not have enough oomph to lift the door. To remove install from the the top of the door, you slightly pull the retaining clip out, and slide it up. Then you can pull it off the small ball mount. Please note that this strut is about 1″ shorter than the OEM, so the door will not open up quite as far, but for my use, it is completely satisfactory. The OEM opens the door about 80 degrees, this one opens about 60 degrees.

  61. DYI guy.

    Good value for the money.

  62. n2hispower

    Simple to install in my application. I used it to replace the worn out strut on my Sentry Safe Gun Safe.

  63. Jason Gandolfi

    Works well to replace a worn out strut on a SentrySafe. Now the lid pops open and I have a spare cylinder for a future replacement.

  64. Don lockwood

    They do the job

  65. Don lockwood

    Decent for the price

  66. karatekai

    Comes with two struts so that is nice. Have a backup for the future. Length is correct. Don’t use the included heads for a SentrySafe (for handguns). Had to unscrew one end since the safe has a pilot hole for a regular screw to hinge on. But assumed the ball joint would fit. Turns out it doesn’t. And it is just easier to unscrew the two ball heads and use the originals, replacing only the gas strut. If you do that the swap will be quick and only requires a Philips head screwdriver.

  67. S from PHX, AZ

    The first strut that I bought was 7.5″ but was 1/8″ darn inch too long. I spent almost a hr. trying to make it work before I “punted”. Next, I purchased this shorter version and found it super easy to install (i.e., 5 minutes). Here are two helpful tidbits:

    Step 1: One can compensate for the shortness by not completely screwing the bottom eye bolt (not sure what you call a female eye bolt). Others have used this approach. See YouTube.

    Step 2. This is not absolute necessary but it does return the safe to the original operating speed of opening. The body of this new strut is shorter than original which is not a big deal but you lose the purpose of the spring as when the safe is closed the spring is never under tension. To solve this, I used an extra spacer from a LCD TV install (they always send more than you need and I always keep the extra). I am sure others will find similar spacer approaches, but this was mine.

  68. Miss_Mermaid

    Gas strut fizzled out for my mini safe. Found a video on YouTube to fix it and this worked great. Super easy to install. Great product! Saved me from having to buy a new safe.

  69. ron haggard

    Easy to install only takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

  70. Yodagirl

    Just installed these today in our RV, on 2 cabinet doors that swing up to open. They work great and the instructions set them in place so that they over-center when closed, holding the door shut & closed with a slight pull. They replaced factory struts that were very cheap and they work like a charm. Great item if you need something for this kind of application!

  71. Gabe Caicedo

    Work as intended, we’ll see how long they last

  72. Dustycoder

    These were the perfect replacement for the gas strut on my SentrySafe QAP2BEL. I unscrewed the heads from the strut that game with the safe and screwed them onto this strut after removing the heads it comes with.

  73. Kevin Mathew

    This is the gas strut you are looking for. Now I’m looking for an interesting place to install the other one

  74. Joshua Wilburn

    It was easy to install. Just watch some videos and it takes about 5 minutes. I can’t speak to longevity as I’ve only had it installed for a month or so, but it’s a 2 pack so there’s a backup if it fails. On my particular pistol safe I lost about a half inch of total open space, but it’s negligible.

  75. Marc Huelar

    Work great for RV cabinets. Perfect length for short cabinets that open vertically.

  76. swinkle

    Super easy to install and works great

  77. Mike JXY

    Work well with Sentry safes.

  78. Qqu

    Replacement for Sentry quick access pistol safe. Works great and quick easy R&R. They are shorter than original and lid doesn’t open as wide as original but not an issue.

  79. debra s.

    Shorter then the original ones, but work fine

  80. Michael Lunos

    Bought this to repair my Sentry biometric safe. Worked perfectly.

  81. Feral Engineering

    Good and easy to work with. Even has fine adjustments. But.. You have to figure put the correct spacing for the door.

  82. steffanie d willis

    Worked great in our camper to support the cabinet doors! No more trying to balance the doors open when getting stuff out!

  83. William

    Worked to fix a bedside safe

  84. Scott

    Ordered a set of 30lb struts for basement door on rv they were to weak for the 8ft door turned around and order 80lb struts they work perfect

  85. richard perkins

    Just what we needed for two of our top cabinets in our 5th wheel

  86. HAL

    These are great! They were easy to install on our RV cabinets. The struts work well and keep the doors open. Very happy with these.

  87. Verkest1

    I needed to replace the struts on a small bedside gun safe and these were recommended in multiple YouTube videos. Absolutely perfect. Will see how long they last , but so far very pleased.

  88. Ciricar

    Just what I needed. Awesome

  89. Mr.Sixty

    Relatively easy install once I figured out the placement on the cabinets. Not sure why the Kodiak Cub didn’t come from the manufacturer with a way to keep the doors open. However, these little things did the trick!

  90. jon

    Very good quality,put them in our camper on cabinet doors that raise up,worked really well.

  91. RTSAME


  92. Aaron

    I needed a replacement strut for the Sentry Safe Model # QAP1BE as the original was worn out after 5 plus years. The safe lock would pop but the lid hardly moved. I had to pry it up with a screw driver.

    The new struts work as designed and replacing the original is quite simple.


    – Remove the screw at the bottom of the old strut with a Phillips head screw driver. (#2 bit)
    – Hold the large nut (top of old strut) with a 1/2in box wrench or small crescent wrench and then unscrew the silver nut at the end with an 8mm box wrench or socket wrench.
    – Loosen the ball that snaps into the old strut by putting pressure on the rear of the strut head, and then remove.

    – Repeat all steps in reverse with the new strut and you are done.

    NOTE: When you look at the pictures I added, there is one that shows a small black screw protruding from the inside, side, (towards the front) of the safe where the strut sits when the safe is closed. The new strut hits that screw when fully screwed in and when the safe is closed it will not reopen properly (gets stuck on the screw). I simply removed that screw as it is only holding the plastic molding on the side of the safe and does not compromise the safes integrity. The molding will stay in place regardless because the rear screw is still holding it in place.

    Great replacement and comes in a 2 pack so you will have a spare strut once the new one runs out of steam. Also great price point vs OEM replacement.

    – I rated it 5 stars for the Strut.

    – Would rate 4 for the fitment since I had to remove the screw within the safe so it will function properly. Also you will lose roughly 3 inches of opening as the strut doesn’t push the safe lid fully open but enough to retrieve your items.

  93. Debra Lee

    These little shocks work great to open and close overhead cupboard doors in our Motorhome that should came with them. My husband said that they were very easy to install

  94. Sally

    Works well and easy to install.

  95. Asia

    Only had to use one to get the job done

  96. Joe Goodness

    Amazing! After quick research I found what the problem was and this was the solution. Just remove your old hydraulic unscrew both ends and screw them into the new one, super easy!

  97. Carlos E Claudio

    Worked good so far, 3 months

  98. Clint Willis

    Replaced a strut for my gun safe and it words great!

  99. John Engelbert

    good and strong.

  100. Richie P.

    Quality product

  101. Jesus Rivas

    it was easily install and end connection are removal if needed

  102. Adam Ackerman

    Apexstone gas springs are easy to install and remove into the safe, the old OEM failed after about 1.5 years of never opening it lol, this 2 pack was the ticket to fix the SentrySafe Quick Access Pistol Safe QAP1E

  103. XMRider

    Used this to replace the broken piece for the SentrySafe, works great.

  104. Daddy

    Perfect replacement for my safe

  105. Jolly Bill

    Had a problem with my gun safe, the original strut didn’t have enough power to open all the way. Installed one of these and it works great. Opens quickly and fully given the shorter length. Glad this helped. Arrived early and in good shape.

  106. LivingUpNorth

    I bought this to replace the worn out gas strut in my Sentry Safe Biometric Gun Safe Model QAP1BE.

    It’s a pretty easy to install in the safe, but does require a removal of a single button-head screw inside the safe for maximum clearance, which doesn’t hurt the functionality of the safe at all. An inexpensive way to extend the useability of an otherwise good biometric safe.

    I’m sure there are a hundred other uses for this strut, but that’s my own experience 🙂

  107. Helen M Frank

    Good replacement for Safe box

  108. TKOC

    Perfect replacement for failed struts on my gun safe. 👍

  109. Patricia Chavez

    They were easy to install there are videos on YouTube that will help you install if you need help

  110. Robert S

    Bought this to replace the worn out strut on my Sentry biometric safe. Installed easily and I now have a spare if this one wears out!

  111. John Smith

    Work great on the truck lids

  112. yoni yarimi

    Good product! Thanks

  113. Williamson Household

    Works as described and I’m am really happy with how easy it was to install.

  114. Phill

    Works well. I had to install both to hold up lid. The instructions were not well written, but it still worked.

  115. OPK

    I used this to replace the failed gas spring on my SentrySafe QAP1BE. Super easy drop in replacement. The piston is the same exact length with the same travel distance. The cylinder housing is 1/2″ shorter than the stock gas spring, but the actuation and the amount the lid opens is not noticeably different. It is super easy to replace in less than 60 seconds. Simply unscrew the piston rod from the pivot nut. And unscrew the cylinder housing from the lid attachment. Unscrew the ends that come with the new gas spring and screw it into the attachment points in the safe. Done.

  116. Keaven

    Work as designed

  117. Robert Mioduszewski

    Not an exact replacement but works great for what I needed.

  118. Steeley McBeam

    Worked perfect for my biometric pistol safe that is mentioned in other posts. Easily installed.

  119. Jim121

    Used this product to replace a bad strut on a Sentry Safe pistol safe. This is not a simple swap out though. First you must remove the bad strut from the safe and unscrew the top and bottom piece from the bad strut as well as removing the spring. You then unscrew the top and bottom pieces from the new strut and replace them with the pieces from the bad strut along with the spring. Attach the new modified strut to the pistol safe and everything should work like a charm

  120. DonC

    Bought it to replace the strut on my SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe. Worked perfectly.

  121. Glen Miranker

    Build quality seems high. We’ll see how this gas apring works after another 10,000 cycles.

  122. FlyFishJeff

    Breathed new life into two Sentry pistol safes.

  123. sam

  124. Roger Catlin

    Used as replacement for failed strut in a small cabinet. Easy to install and works great.

  125. JORGE


  126. Surgely

    We needed this product to build an old fashion bar for a house and it worked perfectly.

  127. lee perciful

    great replacement, economical, works great

  128. Terry Reynolds

    So easy to install! Great product!

  129. Elmer & Jessica

    Replaced the struts on my kitchen cabinet

  130. michael

    Ordered these for my Sentry pistol safe to replace the worn out strut after reading other’s reviews. It was easy to install and works great. As others have mentioned, it opens a little less than the original, but it is negligible. My safe is usable again, and I have a spare for the future.

  131. EM

    Perfect fit for our RV cabinet doors. Easy to install and they fit and work perfectly. Great price and good quality struts.

  132. C. K

    Used on my Sentry Safe to replace the strut that had failed. Works great. Follows steps I found on YouTube to replace it. Very easy.

  133. Erick

    Nice fit for my boat electronic box

  134. RGS0517

    A great replacement for the SentrySafe gas strut. Much easier to install than I had imagined. Perfect fit.

  135. Hello97811

    Installation was quick and easy. It actually works better and is quieter and opens faster than the original one. Hopefully it lasts longer too.

  136. LAG6070

    Easy of installation

  137. Joey D

    Easy to Install just pop the ends off new strut and put the original factory ends off the old strut back onto the new strut, screw in place and done. 3 minutes with the right tools: open end wrench/ratchet wrench and philips screwdriver. Sentry safe good as new and I have a backup when it fails again by buying the 2-pack.

  138. RVer

    Exactly as described on website. Going to buy a few more for our RV.

  139. jmt

    Used these to fix my Sentry Safe QAP1E. Works well. Cheap and effective.

  140. Amanda Scully

    Replaced the springs on my sentry gun safes. Worked as expected and easy install.

  141. Rich

    They close the door tight. Hold it open

  142. Brad James

    I liked that it works. It was easy to install.

  143. Anne J

    Gas springs are neat devices that can help doors or lids open with minimum effort and maximum safety. I bought a pair of springs to hold open the doors of two small cabinets (one spring per cabinet) that are installed horizontally in the soffit area above existing wall cabinets in the laundry room. The installation instructions that came with the spring are useful but not complete.

    The doors and the cabinets are about 9-in high, so I chose the Apexstone 80N/18lb 7-in long springs for the application so that the spring physically fits within the cabinet. The small lower end of the piston of the spring is pinned to the wall of the cabinet near the bottom front and the cabinet and the upper larger cylinder end attaches to door near the hinge. It took a bit of trial-and-error to get the proper location of the upper pin on the door. In the hope of saving others some grief, let me outline the logic and the process I used for finalizing the critical location of this door pin:
    1. The spring (cylinder) is installed when the door is open (hinged horizontally at the top of the cabinet in my case) and the spring is fully extended and holds the door open horizontal at about 90 Deg.
    2. When the door is closed by pushing it down and rotating it, the weigh of the door and the hand force compress the gas spring and gently close the door in a vertical position.
    3. In the closed position the door is kept closed due to the action (moment) of its weight which is stronger than the spring action (moment) around the hinge. The spring has very little resistance in this position.
    4. The key objective in selecting a proper position of the door pin is to balance the action (moment) of the spring with the action (moment) of the weight around the door hinge. It is like balancing two riders around the pivot of a teeter-tooter swing. One rider represents the weight of the door and the other simulates the spring force. The pivot is like the door hinge. The two actions would be in balance when the products of the weight (force) times the distance of each rider from the pivot are exactly equal.
    5. Applying this balance requirement to my situation, the product of the weight of the door (Wd) times 1/2 of its height (Hd) or the distance to the hinge should balance or be equal to the product of the spring force (Fs) when fully extended times the critical distance (Sd) of the upper spring end from the hinge. This means the product Wd X (Hd/2) must equal the product Fs X Sd. If three of these quantities are known, one can solve for the fourth. That is exactly the case in my situation: the manufacturer lists the spring force Fs as 18lb, one 1/2 of the door height (Hd/2) is 4.50-in, and the weight of the door Wd is 4 lb. So knowing the three quantities I can determine the fourth, the critical distance Sd required for balancing the spring and the door actions. The distance Sd is Wd X (Hd/2)/Fs. Computing Sd = 4 lb X 4.5 /18 lb = 1 in.
    6. So the spring pin should be located on the door (the critical distance Sd) about 1 inch from the hinge.
    7. I pinned the piston (bottom) end of the spring inside the cabinet at the lower right front corner and attached the upper cylinder end on the door at about 1-in from the hinge. The bracket that accepts this upper end of the spring has long slots for adjusting the critical distance.
    8. It turns out, I had to increase the critical distance to about 1.25 in to allow for the damper action in the cabinet hinges.
    9. I hope the attached pictures will help clarify the verbiage of this long-winded write-up.
    10. One last comment: to separate the cylinder spring from its pivots, you need to insert a little screwdriver below the chrome split ring in one of the two locations provided while pulling out to pop the socket out from ball joint at either pivot.

    The springs work great, almost magically. They prevent the door from closing inadvertently on the fingers. The delivery time is about 2 weeks. Little tricky to install, but you will be greatly rewarded if you are patient and do not give up.

  144. georgiy mestechkin

    Perfect product use for kitchen cabinet

  145. Lynne

    Installed and works great on my sentry safe biometric model. I can’t tell a difference in opened height when installed. I am decently handy and installed in 5 minutes.

  146. Mikeyg

    Looking for a replacement set, I took a chance on these. They work great!

  147. TGig

    Just installed and works like described. Instructions could’ve been better, but figured it out.

  148. Papa V.

    Each strut is able to sustain 18lbs. Keep in mind, that is the amount of direct pressure on the strut, not the weight of the door you are trying to hold up. One strut was too weak to hold up an 8 lb door due to leverage principles, so I installed two on each of 10 horizontal cabinet doors. Someone recommended fabricating a template to install multiple units. That tip came really handy, as I ended up installing 20 units on 10 cabinet doors. It is too early to attest to product durability as I installed them last week. Very pleased so far with the ease of installment and removal.

  149. dehrma01

    Very easy to install

  150. John Ellis

    Cheaper/better than the worn out original. I used these to replace the strut on a Sentry safe. They’re just a bit shorter but it’s a simple task to swap them out. Only problem is they don’t seem to have nearly the “snap” of the original. I have two of the same safe, one new and one very old. The new one springs open quite rapidly. The one on which I replaced the strut opens, but slowly and sometimes needs a nudge. So….overall not greatly impressed. But…it’s much, much better than before. And…Sentry wanted to bust me for 40 bucks for a single strut.

  151. Slightly Askew

    These gas struts work great. I used one of them on my pistol safe (Sentrysafe) as the original strut got very weak and I had to use a fingernail to pry the lid open after it was released. Bear in mind you’ll have to take the ends off the new strut and put the old ends on from the original strut. Easy to do as they just screw on or off by hand. You will need a phillips screw driver and a couple small wrenches.

  152. Michael Dixon

    Replaced the gas spring in my safe. Easy to do and works great now!

  153. Tom

    Description and pricing was exact as this is a hard to find product based upon short length.

  154. Adam Coffey

    Excellent, inexpensive and fast replacement shock for Sentry pistol biometric safes.

  155. Eric Hicks

    Sentry Safe gun safe user here. Worked like a charm and you get a spare. Just remove the ends off the old part and they screw right into this one. Very happy with this product. Will see what its longevity looks like.

  156. Load01

    Worked perfectly as a replacement for the gas struts on my biometric SentrySafe.

  157. IHHI

    Like most folks my gun safe doesn’t open often, but when it does it needs to operate right and snappy! After a couple of years my SentrySafe QAP1BE barley opened. After seeing a you tube video I bought the Apexstone 80N/18lb Gas Strut. I was very easy to replace. My safe pops open like a champ! And if the Apexstone ever goes bad, I have a spare all for $15 :)Worked like a charm on my SentrySafe QAP1BE.


    Worked. Great on my project. Easy to put on and sure works well.

  159. Qiao Chen

    I needed these on my lift up RV Cabinet doors do I don’t have to hold them open with my head. Put one strut on each door and they work perfectly. Installation of four struts took maybe 30 minutes!

  160. Michael

    The strut works just as advertised — once you overcome the poor directions. The verbiage is almost useless, but that seems to be OK because there is a clearly marked schematic. The problem is the drawing shows a 240mm (9.45″) vertical distance from the upper pivot point to where the lower pivot should be placed. Immediately you realize that this can’t be right because the strut is simply too short to reach. Unfortunately this leads to a bit of trial and error until you arrive at a correct vertical length of about 160mm (6.3″).

  161. John

    Perfect fit on my SentrySafe pistol safe.

  162. Titan1981

    Worked perfect and got my safe working like new. Just take off top and bottom hardware from original shock and screw it to replacement shock. Easy to reattach and much cheaper than shock from sentysafe.

  163. Carlos Triste

    Everything was good

  164. Nick Solino

    Very easy to operate, I haven’t used yet, but they seem supreme.

  165. FLA SR

    Product shipped quickly and was easy to install. Replaced the piston in my Sentry Safe.

  166. Daniel Medlock

    Easy install. Fast shipping.

  167. ReagansDad

    Used this to replace the one in my gun safe. Very well built. Easy to install. Time will tell how long it lasts but it worked great out of the box.

  168. Rodriquez

    I went looking for a replacement gas strut for my Sentry Safe pistol safe which had quit working. The old strut would only pop the lid up about half and inch which would necessitate my prying up the lid with my finger to open it. Not the best thing in a home defense emergency, when seconds count.

    The Youtube search led me to these struts, and after reading a couple of reviews of people in the same situation as me who replaced the Sentry Safe gas strut with the Apexstone strut, I ordered a couple. I followed the instructions of another reviewer and replaced the strut in about 15 minutes. It was so simple it was almost scary, and now the Sentry Safe lid pops up like it is supposed to. Here is what I did:

    1. Open the safe and remove all the contents (you know what I am talking about)
    2. Unscrew the old gas strut (5/16 nut at the top, Phillips screw at the bottom)
    3. Unscrew the attachment hardware from both ends of the old strut and remove the spring from the shaft. They just unscrew from the shaft.
    4. Remove the attachment hardware from both ends of the new strut and reinstall the hardware from the old strut – including the spring – onto the new strut.
    5. Reinstall the new strut into the safe using the nut and phillips screw that you have hopefully saved and that the cat hasn’t knocked on the floor. You are done.

    Note that when you are done you will still have one complete new strut along with the attachment hardware from the other new strut which doesn’t get used. You should probably put that away somewhere you can find it in case you need to do this again in a few years.

    I have only had this for a week now so I can’t tell you how long the new strut will last, but my guess is that it will last at least as long as the original strut. They seem to be pretty well made.

  169. DAVE

    These are not slow close, but weight supporting only. About halfway through the lid travel you feel the lift assist. One was enough to barely hold the lid, but 2 worked perfectly. The dimensions did not have to be perfect to work and there is some adjustment available on the one end connection (slots for screws). Very happy with the results! Will be buying 2 more of the stronger struts for my larger lid.

  170. AP

    they were not intended for my gun safe but they did the job really really well

  171. Justin M.

    I used this to replace a worn out strut on a sentry safe mini gun safe. The removal of the old strut was very easy and the installation of this new strut was just as easy. You simply remove a couple screws/bolts and put it back together. The new strut doesn’t open quite as far as the old one, but the it opens plenty far and doesn’t hurt the operation of the safe.

  172. L. Braddy

    They were used to replace the worn out gas struts on two six-year old ‘SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safes‘. As a replacement, they worked perfectly to quickly pop open the lid after entering the code.

  173. JB

    Worked good for my biosafe
    Like so many other. I bought these for my Sentry biosafe. Works perfectly.

    Pro-tip: No need to remove the screw that runs through the bottom of the strut linkage…down inside the safe. Once the top side is released from the lid you can simply unscrew the strut from the linkage leaving it in place.
    I also threaded the strut to the bottom fitting maybe 3 or 4 turns only to maximize lifting height as I believe these are a little shorter than OEM. Not mandatory at all though. Pops open fine. No need for a new spring in my case.

  174. JB

    Like so many other. I bought these for my Sentry biosafe. Works perfectly.

    Pro-tip: No need to remove the screw that runs through the bottom of the strut linkage…down inside the safe. Once the top side is released from the lid you can simply unscrew the strut from the linkage leaving it in place.
    I also threaded the strut to the bottom fitting maybe 3 or 4 turns only to maximize lifting height as I believe these are a little shorter than OEM. Not mandatory at all though. Pops open fine. No need for a new spring in my case.

  175. 1rene0

    Replaced the failing strut on my SentrySafe Quick Access biometric safe easily using a YouTube video. Now the safe pops open immediately with more power.

    Replace the failing strut on my SentrySafe Quick Access biometric safe easily with an Apexstone gas strut and use a YouTube video. Now the safe pops open immediately with more power.

  176. Mike C.

    It’s true. Fairly easy to install. Be sure to use BOTH original ends instead of the supplied ones. When i used the supplied upper end, it caught on a screw head inside the safe and wouldn’t open. It’s just slightly bigger than the original. All in all it was an easy job.

  177. Alexis Santiago

    I used it on a sentry guard safe and works great! I unscrewed the original hinging points and screw it to the ones in the sage and done! It can’t get easier than that

  178. steve porter

    Perfect for Sentry Safe replacement stut

  179. RG

    I needed something to hold open overhead doors in my RV. These were easy to install and works perfectly. Very reasonable price as well.

  180. Earthling

    I bought these for a modification that I wanted to do but unfortunately they were not suitable for my needs.
    This is not the fault of the product, which seem very well made, as I wasn’t using them for their intended purpose.
    As they didn’t cost much I decided to keep them as I will find a use for them in the near future.

  181. Brian W

    Good movement. Easy to follow instructions for install.

  182. Mister Fixit

    Perfect for Sentry QAP1E. The lift piston on my Sentry Safe QAP1E had failed to the point where it would no longer open the door. As others have stated this piston is about 1/2″ shorter than the original for this safe. There is a small difference in how far it will open, but it does not affect the use. If this had been installed originally I would not have thought there was any issue at all. Installation was a breeze. I removed the bottom mounting screw and then rotated the existing piston out of the upper connection. I then removed the lower connection and spring. Slid the spring onto the new piston and then threaded on the bottom connection that I had just removed. Thread the new piston onto the upper connection and then pivot it down to connect the lower anchor. There is no compression of the piston required. Works very well.

  183. 321Tim

    took 10 minutes to fix sentrysafe that went bad after a year, good product, lets see how long it last. much more oomph than original for sure.

  184. Ken

    Nearly a perfect fit for the worn out strut on the QAP1E Sentry safe. You do lose a few degrees of opening (not sure why that’s true, as the part is nearly identical to the OEM part), but not enough that you’d miss it. Lid still opens to around 80 degrees, give or take. Took all of 6 minutes to replace. Too easy.

  185. P. Sprofera

    Added these to our Can Am x3 doors

  186. Karissa

    I just used this to replace the worn out strut on my sentrysafe biometric safe. I can’t vouch for how long it will last, but installation was very easy and it fit correctly. The connection ends can be removed from the original strut and threaded onto this replacement strut. The part of this strut that attaches to the lid is slightly larger than the original, so it was catching and making the lid stick closed. That’s why I recommend removing both connection ends from the original and put them on the replacement strut. Both ends thread off very easily.

  187. Just me

    Used on my gun safe. Easy to install, work perfectly. I only needed one so have a spare

  188. J. Sears

    These fixed 2 non-working Sentry safes in 30 minutes time. Great solution to save hundreds of dollars!

  189. J

    Excellent alternative for sentrysafe

  190. Ahsja Ferdenzi

    Good product. Compact fit.

  191. Craig L.

    “Decent” replacement for failed Sentry Safe.

    Like others here, I used one of these struts to replace the failed piece in my Sentry pistol safe.

    This was “mostly” a drop-in replacement, but there are a few things that should be noted.

    – As others have said, the safe does not open as much as the original. IMO, this is not a super big deal especially given the cost.
    – The original strut has two mounting points — one to the base of the safe, and the other to the lid. The connection point at the lid with the replacement strut fits identical to the original, but the one at the base does not. The original strut, on one end, has a hole that a screw threads through, to two posts on the base of the safe itself. The replacement does not, so it just sort of pivots on one of the posts. I really don’t see this being an issue, even with daily use.
    – I had to remove one screw from the safe itself, on the left side of the base, as the head of the strut that attaches to the lid was hitting it when closing the lid. It does not seem to have made any impact on the integrity of the safe.

    All in all, for the price.. I’m mostly impressed. I’ve heard that an actual replacement strut is on intergalactic backorder from SentrySafe, so for now, this may be your only option. And heck, you end up with a second one to keep around just in case…….

  192. bud45

    work fine

  193. Fred


  194. Darold G. Dahse

    Had to do some math to get it done but works well.

  195. Sarah

    These are the exact size we need, all of the others are a bit too large. If you are not carrying them anymore would you be able to let me know where we can buy them directly? We hope to purchase a large order soon.

  196. Jack J

    It was exactly what I needed to fix my safe lid. Works perfectly!

  197. andrea burchard

    Used it to hold lid open on a cooler I built into my ice fishing box.

  198. Raymond VanNorstrand

    Worked well as a replacement for a Self opening pistol safe lid

  199. ZacWolf

    These are an excellent replacements for older IKEA cabinets that used similar gas shocks.

  200. SkyKingCFI

    The gas strut on my Sentry Pistol Safe stopped working after about 4.5 years. I read the all reviews for the Apexstone 80N/18lb Gas Strut and decided to give it a try. Everything I read was accurate and the Apexstone product is an almost perfect replacement… and works great!! The only difference between the Apexstone and the gas strut that came with the safe is the lid lift height which is an insignificant an inch or so less. This is not a problem at all… the lid still lifts well and high, allowing more than ample access to the contents of the pistol safe. Installation is a breeze if you have the following tools: a medium Phillips head screwdriver, an 8 mm metric box or open end wrench; and a 13 mm metric box of open end wrench. Simply unscrew and remove the fittings and spring from the old gas strut, unscrew and remove the fittings from the Apexstone strut and replace them with the fittings that you removed from the original strut. Install the Apexstone strut (and don’t forget the spring) and the job is done. With the proper tools you should be able to complete the removal and re-installation in 5 or 10 minutes. It is as quick and easy as that. This Apexstone 80N/18lb Gas Strut fits great, works great and costs a lot less than a replacement gas strut from Sentry. If the gas strut on your Sentry Pistol Safe is getting a little “tired” it is time to replaced it and the Apexstone 80N/18lb Gas Strut is perfect and solves your problems. The purchase includes two gas struts so you have an extra to keep handy for the next time you need a replacement. Gas struts don’t last forever. This is a great product and the perfect solution for Sentry Pistol Safe owners. I recommend it highly, and you can’t beat the price.

  201. Geeter

    Just have convert metric to standard measurements

  202. Jarion

    This strut worked perfectly to replace the one in my Sentry gun safe. Very easy to install as well.

  203. Christine G. Ohio

    Very nice product. Used for folding workbench leafs.

  204. william

    Great price fast shipping worked for what i need.

  205. Tom Gonczi

    Worked perfect on my Sentury gun safe. Just need to change out the fittings with the old one. Safe lid opens alot quicker

  206. margie daniel

    These struts were great for small cabinets

  207. Sean

    Good replacement for biometric Sentry safe, BUT you will have to remove both ends, which unscrew easily, and put the old ends on the new shock and then install in the safe. Not a big deal as long as you don’t throw out or damage the old shock ends when removing.

    Overall very pleased, will update my post if anything changes.

  208. AT

    I own a SentrySafe QAP1BE handgun safe and the standard struts that come with that safe are terrible. These replacements fit well and work perfectly. They are not the exact item but they work flawlessly. These are clearly a much better made strut. Simply screw off the old attachments and add them to this item and you are done, it took 3 minutes to replace. Very thankful to have found these from the other reviewers with the same problem I had. Highly recommended.

  209. Kelly J

    These piston’s will replace the OEM $30.00 Sentry piston on “quick access” pistol safes. Just unscrew both ends from the piston and replace with ends from OEM piston and reattach to safe. The only difference is the OEM piston opens safe door a few degrees further. Still opens far enough to access my full size .45.

  210. JimXeod

    As others have stated a great little electronic lock safe is ruined by a failing gas strut. To make matters worse, they are back ordered on a redesigned part. Enter this solution! Both ends unscrew, and the factory ends screw right on. It opens ALMOST as far as the originals, but it’s not a huge deal. To fix : I purchased some M6x1 nuts and used them as lock nuts to lock the ends slightly further out, and it increased the usable length by about 1/2″ (see photos)This allows the lid to open 90% of the way. (see photos)

    Bottom line is you get two replacement struts for half the price of one from Sentry Safe.

  211. Tim B

    Perfect fit! Great price! This order REALLY surprised me. I devoted a fair amount of time (over a couple days) searching for a replacement gas lift shock for my boat cabin hatch. Many came close, but most were either too long when extended or too short when retracted. Others that seemed to meet the required dimensions were VERY expensive. So, when I found this shock with the exact measurements…..and with the GREAT price….I was “shocked”…..pun intended. Even after finding the shock on Apexstone, and reading the claims, I was dubious….”to good to be true,” so to speak. Anyway, I reluctantly ordered it. It arrived on time. I installed it immediately. Surprise, surprise, it fit and worked perfectly! I must add; it’s only been in service for a short time, so longevity is still to be tested. Regardless, it was a bargain, since the package included two shocks for the price of most single units. I only hope; the old addage: “you get what you pay for,” won’t apply to this purchase. In summary, I am VERY pleased to have found this replacement shock, especially for the price.

  212. ProfMoriarty

    Quick and simple replacement part for failure-prone Sentry Safe opening strut.
    A couple small wrenches, a Philips screwdriver, and a few minutes later you’re done.

  213. KT

    Worked perfectly on cabinet doors in my camper

  214. Melissa

    We put these on the upper cabinet doors in our camper, and we are really happy with them!! They work great and look nice when the cabinets are open. Very happy with this purchase!

    Apexstone 10" sturdy cabinet gas strut in the camper

  215. C Arruda

    Works as described in my safe.

  216. Bucket

    Seem as advertised.

  217. James E. Schimmoeller

    I bought these and installed one on 2 different cabinets in my RV which opened up. These worked perfectly and very easy to install. I just ordered 2 more sets to add to 4 other doors. awesome.

  218. barb


  219. TypicalRhino14

    Fit well

  220. Felix P.

    Good part

  221. Roy

    Fits sentrysafe gas shock. Just replaced and it’s super easy. Plug and play.

  222. Truman

    I have a 1990 YJ Jeep Wrangler. These fit the hard top glass door perfectly.

  223. Scott

    Works as described.

  224. Reza

    Bought these to replace the ones in my SentrySafes. Perfect fit and had both installed within 10 minutes. Great price and will update if any issues.

  225. rscearcy

    For some reason, virtually all our motorhome’s overhead cabinet doors, which hinge from the top, except the three small cabinets over the driver’s and passenger’s seating up front. Granted, they’re small cabinets, but still, it’s a pain in the fanny to have to use one hand (or your head) to hold the door open to use the cabinet with the other hand. These gas struts are really well made, easy to install and will really fit the bill. Now, what other easy projects can I take on?

  226. Haleach

    Not sure about sturdiness yet. I bought these to replace one that quit working. Fast delivery.

  227. Michael

    The piston in my sentry safe biometric handgun safe failed. This one is a close replacement. Simply drill a hole through the bottom ball joint receiver and you can install the original bolt.

  228. P. Nguyen

    We purchased a digital piano from rolando and it came with a bench with storage area. The rolando bench was nice except the side rails would pop out and is impossibly hard to put back together. We use their stupid setup for much longer than I would like to admit. I finally decided to buy these lid support. I’m not sure why we didn’t do this sooner. For a pair, the total cost was $20 and installation was super simple. I Followed the direction and it worked perfectly after.

  229. Richard Robbins

    It was a strut to spring open my pistol safe. It fits and works well. I just had to swap out the end piece attachment with the bad one. Took about 15 minutes to install.

  230. AZ-Coug

    Purchased to replace inoperative strut for my Sentry Safe/Quick Access Pistol model. The strut was slightly shorter than the original Sentry model, but lifted the lid sufficiently high to easily access my pistol. The strut popped the lid quickly and smoothly. Excellent buy, especially when ordering the 2-pack.

  231. david swanner

    Not as strong as expected but probably my fault as I should have ordered stronger shocks. Not fair to rate shocks lower for my error.

  232. Brent Johnson

    Perfect size for my kayak lids

  233. Jason.M

    These are small but mighty, used them to hold a ¾ inch plywood top 48 x 18 inches.

  234. John Newsome

    Worked well to hold open overhead cabinets I camper.


    excellent and easy to instatll

  236. ZIP

    Pretty easy to install.

  237. TIMOTHY

    I bought for my wife’s sentry safe quick access Gun safe. They weren’t a match but for the price I ended up recycling old parts and just using the piston portion and now it works great

  238. Masteryoda

    Nice product

  239. Mary Glucksman

    Very good deal

  240. SebastianT

    Have a old metal Pickup tool box with two lifts. Yeah, it wouldn’t stay open anymore and prone to slam fingers.
    Looked up the parts, found them matching here.

    Replacement took like 3 minutes, while getting the old ones of was the hard part.
    Usually the ball joints have a metal clip on the back which you can pry out, with a small Flathead screwdriver. My old ones did not…

    But just giving them a good wack with a hammer – pops them right of. They are broken anyway, so why be gentle 😉

  241. Innis A. Lusk

    Very quick to ship. Product is very good. I couldn’t use it for what I needed, need soft down and no hold open. My fault for ordering. Still looking.

  242. Nicholis Gonalez

    Great product

  243. David J.

    Worked splendidly for my application (downward-opening cabinet door). As stated by others, the included instructions were wholly inadequate. The most difficult part of the installation (by far) was determining the proper ball stud placement. Would buy again.

  244. Richard E Hummel

    I used them to hold open the upper cabinets that open toward the ceiling. Worked well. The edge of the cabinet could only hold 2 of the 3 screws. Not a problem. They still hold fine.

  245. Cathy

    Too light for my need. Ordered 30# versions and they worked perfect! (after ordering 100# versions that were too strong).

  246. Deborah B.

    Wonderful item for cabinets in RV. Easy to install once I looked at other cabinets in our RV. Instructions were confusing as to placement. Work great and built well. Will be replacing the original lifts on other cabinet doors. Highly recommended.

  247. Jason Ghaemi


  248. Dan S

    I bought them to replace the one in my pop up Sentry quick access safe. It works pretty well. Just unscrew the parts from the old one and install them on the new, and voila. It isn’t an exact replacement, but it’s very close.

  249. er59

    Work perfect, not that hard to install- RV cabinets

    First, I couldn’t believe these were going to work- I could hardly compress them by hand- but other reviewers said they would work, so I took a chance- and they really do. Yes, compress them a couple times just to make sure they aren’t faulty (and you’ll have to use a lot of force), then start installing. I found a you tube from ‘Airstream Geek’ that made sense to me, so that helped. I had a couple work arounds I had to do due to the construction of my cabinets, and I tried to show in pictures. The lower attachment point was too narrow so I had to add a small block, no big deal. A smaller cabinet had a different layout, so after I put the top piece on the cabinet wouldn’t close- in trying to take it off, the screw stripped (they do strip easily- one thing that was a problem). So, I turned the bracket thingy at an angle, and low and behold, the strut still works fine. I am thrilled to not have to hold cabinets open with my head or juggle things any more. A bit of advice- there is a silver part on each end that helps hold the strut onto the balls- you have to move them up (pry with a screwdriver)- it’s easy to do- on the first one I took them all the way off, and it took longer to get the darn things back on than installing the strut. On the last 3 I just pushed it up to the ends of the strut- apparently the correct way to do it, and then it was easy to slide back down.

  250. Scott C.

    Good little product but very vague instructions . Drill pilot holes!!!

  251. Chris C.

    not as stiff so they worked well for my need

  252. Ryan F

    It was the wrong size for the project. I will used them for a different project.

  253. Cari

    Well made. Worked perfectly. Great value!

  254. CindyBa

    Perfect for the doors in our van conversion. They are strong enough that we only need one per door, so bonus. Shocks arrived about 3 days after we placed our order, and that’s to Hawaii, where nothing arrives on time! Definitely use this product/merchant again.

  255. GMT888

    This manufacturer really saved the day for my GE refrigerator model PSB42YSXASS. There is a compartment above the doors that allows access to the compressor and the water filter. This compartment door is held open by two gas springs. Well, the two OEM springs have failed and can no longer support the weight of the door – the door opens upwards. A look at on line GE parts dealers showed the replacement gas struts from GE, P/N PS963691, cost $153.44 each! I found these gas springs on Youtube and the end to end mounting dimensions fit the refrigerator perfectly. The universal ball mounts are easy to install. The only mounts I had to replace were the mounts on the door as they fit perfectly. The OEM ball mounts installed inside the compartment remained and were not replaced. I would have had to spend over $300.00 if I were to buy these two springs from a GE internet dealer but luckily I didn’t have to. The gas spring force is just right for the weight of the door and allowed the open/close operation with ease. Time will tell on the long term durability.

    GE Refrigerator Model PSB42YSXASS

  256. Mark mccranie

    Great value , perfect fit

  257. Joe Kray

    The gas door lift is sturdy and works well. However the attachment hardware for one end is is round, not rectangular which may be a problem depending on how your cabinet is constructed and what you are replacing.

  258. Susana

    Ok so I first bought the 56lb 250N 9″ shocks which in my opinion have a very narrow range of applications and were way too stiff for my aluminum boxes in my boat. The 18lb/80N shocks were right on spec for what I needed. I would highly recommend that you calculate newtons of force prior to ordering shocks. Overall the product was good quality and I will likely be purchasing more in the future.

  259. TT

    Great replacement for the gas strut in the Sentry safe, unscrew the ends and swap it in. Been searching for one that fits and thanks to another reviewers response it helped me find the right one!

  260. nepas

    Installed and work very good.

  261. Live It UpsoM

    Good product for price

  262. mike allen

    Item as described

  263. The Reader

    I had 3 doors over the bed unit in my RV that the factory skipped. I installed these in a few minutes and they work great. Nice to find an inexpensive solution.

  264. Von Fuchs

    Excellent replacement part for non – opening gun safe

  265. Pup

    Perfect replacement for the Sentry Safe piston, except it opens about 85% as high now. Easy to remove old strut and swap out the two ends by unscrewing them. Feels lighter and cheaper, but will do the job.

  266. Derek

    They shipped out and arrived very quickly, and the work great for my application. I couldn’t be happier.

  267. Crazy Marty

    These replaced a no name brand that failed quick. Only time will tell.

  268. Alex

    Good product recommend

  269. GRA

    We remodeled the galley in our motor yacht and used these struts on all the horizontal cabinets. We used one on each side of each cabinet and they worked perfectly. I also used longer units to hold open the hatchway to the engine room. The hatch is about 40 pounds so I had to use heavier and longer struts. Overall I have not had a problem and they’ve been installed for about 5 months.

  270. Lesly

    Work good!

  271. JonD

    Well made. Perfect for my project.

  272. Mr M.

    Used these on another job and they worked great, so ordered again for a small van conversion project.

  273. kevindsingleton

    Actually, they don’t separate. But, they do lift, and, if you design the installation, properly, they hold shut, too. I used them to lift and hold the top of my pedalboard. I probably should have chosen a slightly stronger version, as the pedalboard turned out heavier than I anticipated, but, even at the very edge of their rated capacity, these lifts are doing a great job. The brackets are plenty sturdy for the intended use, and it’s easy to remove the lifts when you need to, as well. Excellent product, service, price, and delivery. Well done!

  274. Girl4God

    We got these for our new RV. None of the cupboards had them. The doors all lift up to the ceiling. It was difficult to put anything in the cupboards while holding the door open. We had (8) cupboards that needed these. I highly recommend these for all RV or boat owners that have cupboard doors that lift up..

  275. Hooch0411

    Perfect for the toy box!!

  276. JC

    They feel about 18 lbs of pressure and work great to hold the door up on my freedom cabinet

  277. Dodgerfan522

    Bought as a replacement for a Sentry Safe Pistol Safe and it is a perfect fit. If you own one of their safes and have the problem of the gas strut failing then you want one of these. Sentry safe charges $20 for a replacement and you only get one.

  278. TR

    My 21-foot Hi-Lo has wide skinny overhead ceiling cabinets with horizontal doors hinged at TOP. These struts fit into opening perfectly, opens full 110 degrees, supports doors no problem, not such a high PSI that closing them is difficult- it’s a simple, one-hand operations. well built, good English instructions & diagrams, hardware included (I used slightly wider and longer wood screws).

  279. Robert H. Carlton

    Liked the units. As described and all parts there. Will be used for an old toy box lid.

  280. Terry Burdett

    Nice product for the price


    Great Buy works great

  282. joe

    The Shocks work well they lifted the door I needed you left

  283. Kenneth House

    Everything works as advertised

  284. Carole

    as described

  285. Mech1

    These gas springs were the perfect length and strength for my camper kitchen cabinet overhead doors.

  286. FK

    I got this to control the opening and closing of wood kitchen trash can enclosure. It took some trial and error positioning but the process was easier than I could have hoped. The project only took 1 shock, so I have a spare or 1 to use on another project. This replaced a chain stop for the lid. The wife loves it.

  287. Siegfried Fiolka

    Just the perfect replacement parts. Could not be better!

  288. Mauricio Arancibia Guzmán

    Fast.. new…. best product… best seller. Recomended 100%

  289. Seeker


  290. gary

    Just what I wanted and work great for my project

  291. Ryan J

    Seams to be working as expected. Hopefully they last the test of time. for the price it seamed worth buying two more and keep one for a spare.

  292. Dorothy

    Great hinges, used for ottoman to hold books in babies room
    Added a short video of the ottoman lid closing using these shocks***

    We found an awesome ottoman we really liked four our babies room so we bought it to hold all of his books. Once we got it home and loaded with books we realized the top was really heavy and closed hard. I knew that as soon as our kid was standing and walking he would smash his fingers.

    I had some cabinet soft close hinges that I tried to add but they weren’t enough so I went on the search for shocks and found these. Glad I did as they work great! Not the original design for these but nonetheless did what we wanted.

    The only slight complaint is they work well until the last inch or so and then close quickly. I didn’t remove any stars though because these weren’t designed for an ottoman top to not smash a kids fingers so I don’t think that’s a product shortcoming. Besides, this is not a soft close gas spring, it is lid support. I went ahead and still used the soft close hinges as that helped remove that last little bit of force when closing.

    The other positive is now the top stays open much easier. Before it didn’t stay open very well but no issues anymore.

    Included a couple pics. Took a little fiddling around with gas shock positions to work best. Essentially installing it one way the shock “pushes” and the other way it “pulls”. So I flipped them around a couple ways to find the best combo which turned out to be having one pushing and one pulling.

    Let me know do you have any questions as this was a little out of the ordinary but we are very happy with the results!

  293. Scott King

    Thumbs up bro

  294. Kenneth A Makepeace

    Works perfect and easy to install

  295. Greg M.

    Excellent quality product with appropriate mounting hardware. Several reviewers recommended installation on RV cabinet doors to hold open their top hinged doors. These will pull your cabinet hinges from their frames if you have cabinets made of fake wood. I elected to remove them and try a friction type door positioner.

  296. Eagle_eye7

    This was as advertised. They appear to be of good quality. The instructions could have included inches instead of MM;s, but I worked through it. They work great and hold open the cabinet as needed. I bought 4 more after receiving the first two.

  297. BDK

    As advertised, very strong product.

  298. Dave

    easy to install and worked

  299. soldier69

    Good product and good shipping.

  300. B. Powell

    Bought two sets of these struts (total of 4 struts) to install on overhead cabinets in a travel trailer. One of the struts failed almost immediately after installation and the seller immediately made good on it by sending us another set of struts as a replacement. We’ve only had them installed for a few weeks now so cannot speak to their longevity, but they appear to be adequate for what we want them to do and at about $6 per strut, it’s a reasonable price assuming they last for a decent amount of time.

  301. mark

    works as expected.

  302. Luke

    These worked great for the cupboard doors in my Rv. Easy to install

  303. Lukpla

    We used the hinges on a cabinet door that opens upward. They hold the door open, and allow for a controlled closing, though these are NOT the soft close type. The door, if you let go half way through the closing motion, would snap shut. They keep the door from hitting the ceiling. We had to build out the interior sides of the cabinet with small blocks of wood.

  304. Ian Wood

    We put these in our travel trailer to hold cupboard doors open. Easy to install and they work great. Arrived sooner than expected, too.

  305. Chief

    These work great for the overhead cabinets in our Monaco Knight motor home. Unfortunately it is out of stock. I only ordered two to try them out. I need about 15 more.

    Update: I watched and was able to order 8 more but now they are out of stock again. Working great on our cabinets! We just left the existing hinges in place and added one strut on each side.

  306. tigger

    Works great!

  307. Bryce

    Work well and as advertised

  308. Scott H Boettcher

    worked great

  309. KENNETH L.

    Great product great price.

  310. RichD

    Works great and easy to install. Replaced the super cheap plastic lifts in our RV. These struts are just the thing I needed.

    Apexstone 80N:18lb 7 Inch Gas Strut

  311. theresa plunkett

    These were exactly what i wanted, they were extremely easy to install.

  312. Peggy Klausch

    Worked well, great price

  313. pencilpusher

    They work as advertised. No issues.

  314. John Goodell

    I needed one lifter for a small cabinet in an RV, which has been annoying me for the past 5 years. When I saw these I knew that I wanted to try them. Great price.

  315. Bill

    Received and performed as expected.

  316. rwc

    This was the first time I’ve installed struts on a cabinet door, but they are great. I no longer have to hold the door open while retrieving anything inside.

  317. Bob

    Work just as needed.

  318. AZtravelers

    Perfect for the cabinet doors in my RV. Priced well and should last a long time. I have different sized cabinets and will need longer ones for those cabinets.

  319. S. J. Simmer

    Nice quality items at a reasonable price. Note other reviews and don’t pay any attention to the enclosed instructions. Installation is easy enough by observing general proportions.

  320. Felix Garcia

    These work great and if you have any problems seller makes it right!!

  321. charles a pepe

    Really strong when closing so be sure you need this size.

  322. Patricio J Cajiao


  323. Andy Martin

    These worked perfectly for the piece of furniture I built.

  324. R. Calhoun

    Works perfectly for our cupboard door.

  325. E. Smith

    Exactly what I needed, a small pair of gas springs that could hold up a couple of vertical doors in my travel trailer. They were easy to install and had all the necessary parts included.

  326. D. Lindsey

    Great struts, using to repair an antique fold-top desk. Priced so as not to break the budget.

  327. Ed Groves

    All good for replacing the replacements

  328. Jeff

    Used in motor home for small cabinet doors. They are of very high quality. I definitely reccomend

  329. Jose Mendoza

    Good product. I recomended

  330. Helen B.

    Worked perfectly for the display case sofa table we made.

  331. Glenn W. Campbell


  332. David Hajicek

    As described. But you have to know how to read the description.

  333. Michael

    Great product

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