Apexstone 80N/18lb 7.68 Inch/195mm Gas Strut, Gun Safe/ SentrySafe Gas Strut Replacement

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  • Application: Used as SentrySafe replacement parts and cabinet hinges, fit well to projects with light lids, such as Biometric Gun Safe, camper cabinets, etc
  • Feature: helps pop up the gun safe lid so that we can retrieve the pistol immediately in an emergency or keep light lids open
  • Set of 1: Includes 7.68″ gas shock ×1, brackets ×2, screw ×5, (two or more pieces will include a paper mounting guide), low profile nylon ball socket or nylon socket sent by random
  • 1 Year 100% Satisfactory Warranty: Email us at [email protected] if any problem occurs


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Apexstone 80N/18lb 7.68 Inch/195mm Gun Safe/ SentrySafe Gas Struts

A gun safe ensures gun security, while Apexstone gas struts swiftly pop up the lid during emergencies, enhancing your safety.

How to Fix if the Original SentrySafe Gas Strut is Worn Out?

Is your biometric gun safe’s piston no longer functioning properly over time?

Gas shocks typically have a lifespan of 1-3 years, when placed in a gun safe, the original soft-open lift support is rapidly activated, leading to a shorter lifespan.

To address this issue, Apexstone developed a 7.68″ gas piston that can revive your gun safe and make it quick access again. This unique design in size can match your Biometric Gun Safes or SentrySafe (like SentrySafe qap1be gas strut), help you quickly open the Fingerprint Pistol box when needed, and make it very convenient for you to retrieve the gun.

With Apexstone 80 N sentrysafe gas strut, you will own a “new” Sentry Pistol Safe again, and there is plenty of room to reach in here and grab your stuff quickly.

What else application can I use 7.68″ gas struts for?

Apexstone 8-inch gas struts serve as suitable replacements for Gun Safe struts. Moreover, they can act as door lift for boat hatches, overhead cabinet doors, camper cabinet doors, etc.

These compression gas struts also work perfectly as replacements for the STABILUS 6B-918755 Lift Support and can be used interchangeably with part numbers 6B918755, 6B-918755, 6B918755W, 6B-918755-W, and SG414068. They are a perfect fit for Chrysler 300 models from 2011 to 2022 and Dodge Charger models from 2011 to 2020. This option is highly recommended for lift support if your project’s lid weighs less than 80N and has side lengths of less than 16 inches.

Choosing the Right Size Strut for Your Gun Safe, 7.68-inch or 7-inch?

Previously, customers typically selected 7″ gas struts when replacing those in their gun safes. However, since the introduction of the 7.68″ specification, over 90% of customers now opt for this size, and they are highly satisfied with the new strut version.

Apexstone 7.68 inches is equivalent to 195 mm, and 7 inches is equivalent to 175 mm. The difference between the Apexstone 7-inch and the 7.68-inch gas strut that came with the safe is the lid lift height which is about an inch or so less. So, with the 7.68-inch gas strut, you get more space to retrieve your pistol when you open the gun safe.

apexstone 80n/18lb sentrysafe gas strut, your perfect Sentry Pistol Safe gas strut replacement and rv cabinet door strut

Comparison of Various Sizes Gun Safe Gas Struts

comparision of gun safe sentrysafe gas struts


Stroke: 2.4 inch/ 60 mm
Extended Length (center to center): 7.68 inch/ 195mm
Compressed Length: 5.3 inch/ 135mm
Rod diameter: 0.24 inch/ 6mm
Cylinder diameter: 0.59 inch/ 15mm
Force: 80 N
Material: Iron
Package: Ziplock bag. Instructions Included, Screws Included.

Installation Methods

1. How to Replace SentrySafe Gas Struts on Gun Safe or SentrySafe

Even if it’s your first time, the replacement process is straightforward and can be completed in just ten minutes. We’ve condensed it into five simple steps to quickly replace the support rod on your safe. Check out the complete guide on Easy Way to Fix SentrySafe Gun Safe Strut Failure.

Step 1: Have your tools ready, including a Philips #2 screwdriver, a new strut replacement
Step 2: Open your security safes to the largest degree.
Step 3: Get the old spring out of the safe. Removing the bottom connecting bolt and the top end.
Step 4: Attach the new strut to the small gun safe.
Step 5: Inspect and make sure the safe lid can be opened properly.

2. Easy and Quick installation for Cabinet Door

Installing small gas struts for cabinets is a breeze. When you have ordered the new gas struts, follow these 3 steps to finish the installation:
Step 1: Determine Installation Points and Pre-Drill Holes according to the figure below. Ensure that the drilling holes on both sides are symmetrical.
Step 2: Install the bracket and connect the gas struts with ROD DOWN.
Step 3: Test the performance by opening and closing the lid cover multiple times to ensure smooth operation and secure joint connections.

We prepare a detailed guide on how to install gas struts on a lid? , we trust you will get assist from it.

How do I Get Discounts for the sentrysafe gas strut replacement?

Every customer will enjoy 3 types of discounts on one order if they meet the using rule.
1. 10% OFF your first order. Entering Promo code: “NEW” when checking out.
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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 22 × 4 × 4 mm

1 Set, 10 Sets, OEM Support

25 reviews for Apexstone 80N/18lb 7.68 Inch/195mm Gas Strut, Gun Safe/ SentrySafe Gas Strut Replacement

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  1. Perfect

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  2. worked perfectly for my gun safe

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  3. I put these in my travel trailer to hold open the cabinet doors. They were real easy to install.
    They look nice and hold the door open.
    They also don’t put so much pressure on the door as to open during traveling.
    I will complete the 5 stars if it last long enough.

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  4. The strut on my Sentry safe wore out and wouldn’t open anymore. I was about to buy a whole new safe when I came across this as a way to replace just the worn out strut. The installation was even easier than I expected. It took all of 5 minutes, and that included opening the package.

    The safe is now good as new and I didn’t have to spend $200+ on a new one.

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  5. I purchased the set of 4, 8 inch, 80N/18LB Gas Struts, hoping they would work. The end pieces can be unscrewed, the thread size is M6 x 1. I removed the end pieces that came with the struts and screwed on the ones from the old struts I was replacing. They mounted perfectly. Very happy! Will be buying more.
    I do not give it a 5 for Longevity, since, I hope, it will take years to determine the quality and reliability.

    3 easy steps to finsh gas struts installation, make cabinet door support easier

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  6. I used this to replace a faulty strut on my Sentry safe. I simply had to unscrew the caps on each end and do the same with the old strut, then swap them out. Both ends have threading, and it was a seamless fit. I had everything prepared and when the package arrived, the fix was completed in a matter of minutes. I’m so thankful for the other reviewers. This worked flawlessly!

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  7. The item worked perfectly in replacing the strut on my quick access Sentry pistol safe. The two ends unscrew, allowing you to use the ones that originally came with the safe.

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  8. Reviewing: Apexstone 80N/18lb 7.68 Inch/195mm Gas Strut, Gun Safe/ SentrySafe Replacement
    This is a great solution to your worn-out SentrySafe gas strut. The product was as advertised. The price was extremely reasonable. The shipping time from asia wasn’t too lengthy, as I recall, in the neighborhood of ten days from order to arrival. Installation, using the the existing SentrySafe strut end fittings and spring, was very straight forward and took less than five minutes. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

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  9. This inexpensive four pack solved two problems and quickly. First it replaced the failed strut on my safe and now it works perfectly. Second, I added struts to a cabinet door that swings upward and now you can open the cab door easily and it stays in place. Great product!

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  10. El producto es bueno
    Este producto lo utilize para mi caja de herramienta de mi troca

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Apexstone 80N/18lb 7.68 Inch/195mm Gas Strut, Gun Safe/ SentrySafe Gas Strut Replacement Apexstone 80N/18lb 7.68 Inch/195mm Gas Strut, Gun Safe/ SentrySafe Gas Strut Replacement
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