Apexstone 100N/22.5lb 10 Inch Sturdy Cabinet Gas Struts, Black/ Silver, Replacement for Stabilus Lift-o-Mat 8851SQ Lift Support

(472 customer reviews)
  • Versatile: the 10″ 22.5lb cabinet gas shocks are suitable for lifting Flip-UP doors, such as Concealed Gun Cabinet, Bookcases, Kitchen Cabinets, Desks, Furniture Doors, Mechanical Doors, Flip-Up Fire Boxes, Windowsill, Cabinet doors, Wardrobes, etc
  • Size: Extended Length: 9.68″, Stroke Length: 3.56″, Compressed Length: 6.1″, Opening Angle: 90 Degrees, Force: 100N
  • Interchange OEM Number: 4317UP, 4319UF, 8124UG, 8879SS, 9945UG, SX0925P22, 8851SQ, 1617EB, 410054, 752614, C16-22634, C1622634, C16-24170, C1624170, FNN112, PM1054
  • Set of 1: Includes lift support ×1, brackets ×2, screw ×5, (2 or more pieces will include a paper mounting guide)
  • Ease of use: The strong strut is easy to set up, with a simple design that makes it accessible to anyone


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Cabinet Gas Struts that can Handle Various Applications

Look no further than Apexstone 100N 10-inch gas struts

Our high-quality gas struts are perfect for cabinets of all types, including medicine cabinets, RV bedroom overhead closet doors, and overhead cupboards. They are designed to keep your cabinet doors in place, providing reliable support and holding each closet door up.

100 Newton gas struts for each drop down pantry door
The cabinet gas shocks aren’t just limited to cabinets. They’re also great for use in other applications, such as boat hatch lids. Whether you’re out on the water or storing your boat, our lift struts will keep your compartment lid secure. In fact, the cabinet gas springs are perfect for any woodworking project, they can be used in trash cans, travel trailer cabinets, coffee tables, chests, and more. With their sturdy construction and reliable performance, you can trust Apexstone gas springs to get the job done.

Apexstone 100N 10 inch gas springs for box lid, cabinets

Product Specification

  • Rod diameter: 0.24 inch/ 6mm
  • Cylinder diameter: 0.59 inch/ 15mm
  • Stroke: 3.56 inch/ 90 mm
  • Extended Length (hole center to hole center): 9.68 inch/ 245mm
  • Compressed Length: 6.1 inch/ 155mm
  • Force: 100N/22.5lb
  • Material: Iron
  • Manufacturer‏: ‎ Apexstone
  • Product Dimensions: 9.84 x 3.94 x 0.79 inches
  • Open Degree: Support opens lids to a maximum angle of 90 degrees. Available working temperature: -10℃~50℃/14℉-122℉.
  • Support Weight: Work best on the doorways around 20 lb and less than 22lb.
  • Package: Ziplock bag. Instructions Included, Screws Included.

Apexstone Services

1. Support Customization

Apexstone Accepts customization, including Specifications(like Force, Length, Stroke, Material), Logo, and Package customization.

  • For Specifications customization: When you have a minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 10 pieces or above, please contact us for customization.
  • For Logo and Package Customization, the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements are listed below:
  1. MOQ 50 pics: You have a priority of a customized logo service on the struts at a low price, but no logo on the package.
  2. MOQ 500 pics: You have a priority of a free customized logo service on the struts, but no logo on the package.
  3. MOQ 1000 pics: You have a priority of a free customized logo service on the struts and the packages.

We recommend purchasing a pair of lift supports first to confirm compatibility since bulk orders are non-refundable. For more detail, please feel free to contact us.

2. Buy More and SAVE MORE

We offer a big discount to our customers. You will save more when you buy more. For example, Each piece of gas spring only costs $4.99 for each piece if you order 60 pieces or above, up to 50% OFF. For wholesale orders, don’t hesitate to contact us here. We are pleased to do business with you.

3. Apexstone Offer Cabinet Gas Struts Mounting Guide

Are you wondering how to install cabinet gas struts? We offer simple instructions to follow, so it is easy for you to find that sweet spot for them to work best. Highly recommend these muti use cabinet lift struts to anyone needing to replace an existing gas spring or installing them for the first time.


  1. When installing them on an excellent finished surface and wanting it to slowly open, try to move it and find where it will work best. When you adjust the Top mounting point(B), you should simultaneously adjust the bottom mounting point(A).
  2. If you feel powerful, move the upper mounting point 0.8 inches towards the hinge on the lid (0.8 inches once).
  3.  If you feel weak, move the upper mounting point 0.8 inches towards the opposite of the hinge on the lid (0.8 inches once).

how to get gas struts to work better? here is the answer of how to adjust cabinet gas struts

Choose Apexstone 100N 10-inch cabinet gas shocks for all your cabinet and woodworking needs Now.

Weight 0.225 kg
Dimensions 27 × 4 × 2 mm

Black, silver

472 reviews for Apexstone 100N/22.5lb 10 Inch Sturdy Cabinet Gas Struts, Black/ Silver, Replacement for Stabilus Lift-o-Mat 8851SQ Lift Support

  1. periwinkle103

    works great. it comes with screws for wood cabinet only. Had to get some screws for our aluminium cabinet

  2. T4C King

    sure wish they were adjustable.

  3. CL

    Armoire de cuisine
    Demande un peu de temps

  4. MMD

    Works well, sturdy

  5. B and B Trading

    Just as advertised. Would buy again.

  6. Mike

    I use these to hold the cabinet doors open on my cargo trailer. They work well. One per door is strong enough.

    work well at a great price

  7. Einar

    Used outdoor for 2 years in frost and wet conditions and no problem yet.

  8. John Ashford

    Very good value, sturdy build, easy to install

  9. Chelsea H.

    These are great! My Husband and I are working on converting a cargo trailer to a camper. We have two cabinets that have top mount doors. For over a month we struggled to keep the doors open while we were putting things in, and taking things out. Nothing worked! Finally I decided to “bite the bullet” so to speak and ordered these to try. Wow! I’m so glad I did! These came beautifully packaged with clear directions and all the necessary hardware for install. They feel hefty too, so I feel we got our money’s worth. My Husband didn’t have any issues installing these at all. The end result was a clean install with hinges that actually do their job! Now I no longer have to hold the doors open with my head or have to have my Husband hold the door open while I get stuff out because once we open the doors with these struts on, they stay open until we physically close them. If I was to have a single negative thing to say, it’s that the directions for placement are in metric, so you have to do some configuring if you’re an American and use the Imperial System. No biggie though. The conversions and easy to do and I didn’t find this to be that big of an issue at all. I highly recommend these!

  10. keng

    if you think of the strut as the hypotenuse of a right triangle (I’m sorry to bring up math like this! It’s the only way to explain.), the instructions direct you to use a base of about 2.75″; after trial and error, my base was about 1 5/16″.

    Whew! After all that, it works great! A tad more powerful than what I need, but that’s better than underpowered in my book. Sturdy, strong, well made and responsive. I’d buy it again

    Sturdy, strong, well made and responsive. 100N gas struts

  11. KBP I

    These struts work as described. Well priced. I used them to support a lid on my grandchild’s toy box that I built. Still working well after 6 months.

  12. Bruce

    Hatch replacement part. Snapped right in and worked perfect. I will buy again!

  13. max


  14. Emily

    work for i needed

  15. Gérard Locas

    Pour porte d’armoire de vr

  16. Alisha Frazier

    These worked great on my boat livewell and gun boxes. Its a little difficult installing. Read instructions first and no issue

  17. Tamir Al Maskari

    The made opening and closing the hatches a pleasure

  18. John Hardin

    I got these to complete a project for some tables (from I Like To Make Stuff). These helped open a really heavy MDF section (see pics). These were PERFECT. I will buy more of them! Just good stuff here

    table lift support

  19. Doris Woodard

    So easy to install- lid stays in place and closes with ease

  20. Nick

    These things work great: used in a lift-up cabinet.

    Be advised that they are not soft-close (nor are they advertised as such).

  21. Colt22

    No problems pretty strong

  22. Tran

    Used on kitchen cabinets. Quick installation. Pay attention to the N/lbs required for your needs. Easy to make a mistake and order ones too strong or weak for your needs.

  23. Ed R

    Work for IKEA replacement but must change mounting hardware.
    No big deal.

  24. Rusty

    Quick fix for a long term headache.

  25. P.NAIK

    Used them for replacements for kitchen cabinets. So far no issues.

  26. JLT

    Great product, well described, and well packaged with everything for installation. Instruction for installation are printed on every individual package. Hard to noticed since I ordered black color.

  27. connie mayberry

    Quick delivery and was exactly what I needed

  28. Tim

    I install them on toy boxs that I build they work great

  29. Albert P.


  30. raul trujillo

    Good product and good price I will recomemded.

  31. Pati Walker

    Very simple to install and does its job

  32. gary jones

    I used the gas struts on my camper windows and they worked great.

  33. Cesar

    I use this but is to short for me, if you need more long don’t buy it . But in general is good item for the price

  34. Jeff Walters

    Reasonable prices and easy installation.

  35. Javier Ortiz

    Was very easy to install
    My customer love them

  36. Alex

    Worked well as advertised

  37. Skydivegpa

    Directions were easy to follow, they lift and hold a door 3/4 of an inch thick 20”x37” very well. I will buy more!

  38. Mark Palcsey

    The product worked as expected.

  39. chaunce schultz

    For the money it does the job

  40. Ken

    I’ve purchased these for a couple of projects and they work great! Make sure you get the right length and look at the weight it supports. Follow the instructions for the install and everything should go together pretty easily.

  41. bob996

    With a little bit of testing different fixing dimensions I have a pair of these working perfectly as a top hung window support doing exactly what I wanted.

  42. David Davison

    Finish the job of nicely

  43. Marcos Leite

    not bat to be honest and i’m good with the results.

  44. Gregory

    Solid, well made, fast shipping

  45. grumpy


  46. M. Evans

    Easy to install. Working well.

  47. Tac EMS

    seems to look and work nice , only 4 stars because one came smashed ( most likely it was damaged in shipping) so no fault of seller, but a bit of a bummer. the other one works fine and will be placed on my RV battery box lid.

  48. David D

    Exceptional value for the money. They have more than done the job of gas struts costing more than 10x the price of these. Highly recommend.

  49. Gigi

    Très bon produit, facile à installer et travaille très bien

  50. J Boyd

    Great value for a great product!!

  51. O’Neill Bryan

    Seems ok

  52. T Greco

    Great Product with was installation .

  53. David Mc

    Replaced the ones on my delta toolbox. Easy install. Work great.

  54. LB

    We only needed one, but had to order the set of four. Having said that, I love the ease of installation and how perfectly it works on my corner cupboard as I can now pull my heavy Kitchenaid mixer our very easily. They are very well made and easy to install.

  55. Kaye Buckler

    Really like these and think they are well worth the money as they are quality and come with all the hardware and very well packaged with instructions.

  56. ellio

    The product arrives in several parts that you have to assemble and honestly, I absolutely struggled putting the first one together. It come with instructions, so I finally figured out the right way to put them together.

    • There is a metal band that wraps the head of each end of the piston.
    • Put the ball bearing on a flat surface and place the end of the piston on it.
    • use a small screw driver to get under and lift the metal band as you apply slight pressure downwards.
    • Then it will snap right in.

    How to remove a gas strut?

  57. albert c

    Great value

  58. Rich A

    These things work great. Easy to install did have to reinforce cabinet front panel added a pice of 1”x2”. Only needed one per cabinet door.

  59. John

    Perfectly fine strut, just doesn’t work for what I needed it for

  60. prem mirissage

    the Gas Struts are so powerful i was using only one per the overhead cupboard doors. real good quality. easy instructions. highly recommended for DIY projects or any project need short Gas struts.

    quality 100N 10 inchGas Struts

  61. Jon S Ford

    Just pay attention to the instruction sheet. I removed the doors to attach the top pivot. Needed to add a piece of 1x to the inside (see pictures) to thoroughly attach the 3-hole bottom pivot. They should include an option for the bottom pivot that works with 2 screws (like the top)

  62. Mr. D. Bury

    Stronger than I originally assumed they would be

  63. Doug b.

    Great product

  64. Barry

    These are brilliant, very study and easy to install

  65. Larry Reed


  66. Katie

    These are a perfect choice for toy box lids or anything else similar

  67. Eldora Russ

    Works great

  68. Sherri Ogden Wellington

    The instructions were easy to follow for installation. The gas strut works well, there is a loose fit between the strut and the mount which can cause some wobble when the door is full open.

  69. Drew Kellum

    Except for being Chinese English paperwork it works as intended.

  70. Eric J Schroeder

    Recently built some cabinets in my garage, with some cabinets opening from the bottom with the hinges at the top. These work absolutely perfect for what i needed to keep the door lifted open. They’re smooth and easily adjustable and easy to install. I’d highly recommend these for a variety of different uses!

  71. Johneliot

    The cabinet over the sink did not raise parallel to the roof and this caused me to smack my head multiple times. These were perfect to raise the door so that I no longer hit my head. I had to reposition the blocks for the bottom of the piston, but it was very simple. The job probably took 1 1/2 hours to complete.

  72. Ray

    This is the first time that I am using has struts. When I first received the struts, I can barely able to push down on the struts to closed position with my hands. Fortunately, I found using my hands to open/close struts are not a good test.

    I used them for:
    1) I mounted these gas struts on a bench seat with underneath storage. The seat weight about 20 lb and one strut was sufficient to keep bench seat open.
    2) I also mounted one of the struct on overhead storage been door that open upward. The storage bin door is made of solid wood (24″x 13″ x 0.5″). The door opens from vertical upward to ceiling. One struct was sufficient to keep cabinet in place. I may mount second one in the future on the other side of door to keep the door from wobbling.

    Overall, very good material and I expect these structs will last some time.

  73. John Harris

    As expected.

  74. Adrian kendall

    Fitted one of these to a top opening kitchen cabinet. I was initially worried I needed a stronger version as it was nowhere near holding the door open. But with a second fitted it works great
    Helps with opening, holds it open. Could do with a soft close adding as mid stroke if you let it will drop it will with a bang

  75. Ray Myer

    Fair quality

  76. vincent supino

    Shipped fast haven’t used yet but seem to be what they should be

  77. NELSON

    Great product really easy to install!

  78. Don S.

    These struts are just what I needed for my project. Works well

  79. Carrie C

    Directions are only written in metric. Pictures helps with placement

  80. ncb

    These are a really good product. Easy to fit and very high quality. They are strong too and well made. Used to make powered folding legs on a table frame of stainless tubing. Holds the legs very rigid when erect and holds them tightly when folded. Good price compared with similar products.

  81. LS


  82. Brittany Reed

    Arrived as advertised (on-time, or even early), and works exactly as specified. There are minimal installation instructions, but everything you need (if you’ve purchased the right force rating). So, be aware that the rated load is the axial force supplied by the strut. If you are raising a heavy door (mine is about 13#, and about 70 Lb-In about the hinge point), you may need 2 of these or a unique mounting method. Do the math to make sure you get the correct load rating for your application (it’s just angle and levers).

  83. Victor

    Installation was a little tricky finding the appropriate position for the size of lid I had. Unfortunately I broke one of the clips by forcing it into position instead of slightly lifting the clip (on the backside of the strut) and the pushing it into place. So now that strut could easily pop out of place and the lid can fall. I realized my mistake and the rest of the struts were installed without issue. I reached out to the seller and the send me a complete new set of 4 not just the 1 I requested. Overall the product seems like a good value and seller is very responsive.

  84. Michael Barney


  85. David Turner

    Does what it says on the tin.

  86. T. Mackey

    Got these as a temporary fix for an older Rocketbox. They are a little short and weak for this job, but modified they will do for now (until the size I actually need is in stock and can get here). I used 1/4-20 coupler nuts and a short bit of a 1/4-20 bolt to extend these enough to open the lid all the way (the ball connector unscrews and is 1/4-20 threaded). If I got a slightly heavier version they would actually be fine. As-is, they will slowly lift the lid and keep it up on flat ground without wind.

  87. Clark & Donna Crider

    rapid response and pleased with availability

  88. Bart Lindenschmidt

    Used these for overhead RV storage compartments. Easy to install, perfect functionality, great price.

  89. Phil

    The struts hold up the lids of the wheelie bin stores that I made perfectly

  90. Max

    Purchased as I had a window seat with storage that I had made that I wanted to add something to keep it from smashing little fingers. The overall quality of the struts were great. I went with the 100N and when installed it did everything as promised as far as keeping the 65″ plywood door open. That being said, and it could be my own fault, it doesn’t close the door slowly which was my main reason for purchasing. I would say the gas struts supported it for the first 30% of closure but the last 70% of closure was all on whomever was closing it. With a 2 year old who is…”curious” this would be an issue as it would likely smash his little fingers. Nothing was wrong with the struts, I just think they aren’t meant to “soft close”. I ended up purchasing another set of struts from Apexstone which will hopefully fix it.

  91. Dave J

    These dampers are very easy to fit and do the job of holding up my bin storage lids with no problems. I used the 100N dampers due to the weight of the lids they are holding up. I fitted 2 per bin storage section, 3 sections in total so fitted 6 dampers. they hold all lids up with no problems, wouldn’t hesitate in using more of these if I required them for any other project.

  92. Christine Anderson

    Easy install

  93. Andrew Monto

    Easy installation

  94. Ritzville Jerry

    These are very strong struts for the money. The instructions are barely ok. As with any strut installation it is tricky the first time. After the exact location is determined it is easy. The locations listed in the instructions are correct. Read carefully. I installed these on my overhead van cabinets which are approximately 12” x 30”. The struts hold the doors open very well. In the closed position they are strong enough to hold them closed without any additional latches. I would recommend these for even much larger cabinets.

  95. Dcressall

    I purchased these for a chest I was building. I went with their pound rating and wish I went with a higher pound rating. These did the job but just barely. I’m afraid over time I will be replacing these.

  96. Mike Arasim

    Purchased these to hold open an overhead door in my RV. Thought I was going to need two of them installed, but one works to hold the door open over my head.

  97. L.S.

    Great product, easy to install.

  98. lastname eng

    very easy to install.. and works awesome..

  99. Brian C.

    Good value for the money. Make sure you differentiate from the soft close damper. I actually wanted the soft close lid dampers, accidentally ordered these. They are a lid-stay, hold the lid open, you have to push the lid down. They worked in place of them, a little more difficult to install due to tolerances. Quality product though.

  100. Adam Gabriel Gallegos

    I used these to prop open some old windows in my greenhouse. These have worked great to lift and keep the windows open. One does seem to be losing its strength to hold it up but They have been great so far.

  101. Linda Rye

    Received the lid supports and they were just what I was looking for to finish building a hope chest. Works great. Received very quick after ordering. Would purchase from vendor again

  102. Drew

    Strong little strut! I put these on a box to open the lid and it was easy to install and it came with all the hardware required. Sadly one was delivered broken. I’ll see if I can get a replacement.

  103. Glen

    They shipped as promised. They were packaged correctly, and they worked and installed easily.

  104. Larry

    works great and powerful. Door opens instantly.

  105. Stein65

    Good prices, and fit perfectly on my rod locker on my boat

  106. Carmen

    Great for RV cabinets that open upwards! Easy to install and arrived fast!

  107. Tom Hyatt

    one of the 6 I bought failed after a few months; the other 5 are still working well at 2 years

  108. vaughnster

    These were replacement struts for an outdoor wicker chest top. I swapped them out because the original ones would not hold the top up any longer. These do the job and seem very sturdy and capable. Not much else to say. Would definitely buy again.

  109. Deborah Long

    Received promptly and just as advertised!!

  110. hart3856

    Works amazing in our rv for those pesky overhead doors that fall down all the time!

  111. gilbert s.

    A lot of force to collapse or what ever it’s called ive put them on doors I’ve wanted to make sure they shut cause the doors would stick cause of the wood swelling in the rain. And perfect for my tool box

  112. Bigh

    For my project I needed some much longer.

  113. T. Bier

    The struts worked as designed on a 3/4″ plywood 20″ x 36″ heavy lid. I should have bought longer struts so the lid could be supported further away from the hinged edge, but the struts help to keep it from slamming shut. Packaging was awesome. Directions were good, too. Great price!

  114. Justin Wiedric

    Solid product, well built. Used it to slow and easily open and shut a wooden stand up cooler.

  115. Jackie

    These worked great for the cabinet. Makes it much easier to hold open now.

  116. JMT

    I bought these to install on some bench style cabinet lids made of 3/4″ plywood. They’re made well and fairly easy to install. They provide the perfect amount support to keep the lids shut.

  117. Jaji

    These are easy to install. No problem holding a pretty heavy wood lid for a box (lid is 2*3 inches, 3/4 thick).

  118. CZ

    Used in my camper for overhead cabinet doors, operate as advertised.

  119. JTP

    I used these for a bench seat and was very happy with the results. Good quality.

  120. ahaakonson2012

    I put these in to keep the overhead cabinets in my van open while inside. They do that perfectly and have a wonderful bonus of keeping them closed while in motion. I haven’t found the need to add additional locks, though the cabinets are upward-swinging and along the passenger wall–a location that would normally be subject to the inertia of a sharp turn, spilling out all contents.
    Would buy again!!

  121. Stephanie Baker

    The 100N installed fine. The directions give exactly where to place them in order to work. My problem was that the 100N are meant to help a lid stay open, not close softly (which is what I was looking for). I’m not sure if the description changed or I just misread initially, but the lid slams close when it gets about 80% of the way down. I was able to buy the correct “soft close” struts from the same company and they work great. Seems to be good quality, so not going to knock the product for what I thought it’d be, but just helping prevent another person from making the same mistake.

  122. cindy holden

    Good regulation of load.

  123. travis moore

    Work great on a gun cabinet I biuld. The door ways around 20 lb and I have to struts holding it up with no problems.

  124. Ken dog

  125. Skeptical

    These were used as replacement struts for the lid on my rolling tool box. It took about five minutes to remove the old ones and replace them with these new units. They work great, and you can’t beat the price.

  126. Stephen Courtois

    They work good

  127. Ashleigh Miller

    Excellent product and amazing seller communication. Would buy again!

  128. NEA

    Worked great!

  129. Kaela Mechanical

    Exactly as it was supposed to be. And comes with mounts

  130. Óscar Martínez

    Excelente artículo, fue muy fácil de instalar su amortiguación y seguridad es impresionantecon excelente terminación.

  131. Levi Newton

    My wife’s window bench cabinet for her cooking supplies. It was perfect I should have purchased it a year ago.

  132. Gary B.

    Strong strut. Good value. Opens a 1/2” plywood outdoor tv cabinet. Works well.

  133. Daniel Purdin

    The instructions are lacking, but I just typed the product name in youtube and watched someone install them. Its a pretty easy install. Had two screw heads snap off so hardware isnt the best. Besides that they seem sturdy enough for my camper cabinets.

  134. Lawrence Kolbrak

    Does the job. Good price


    Price was fantastic
    They worked fine.

    I used all 4 for shock absorbers
    on a scooter.

  136. Chase Allen Lawson

    Comes with everything you need for different mounting types!

  137. Dave

    Very good for the purpose that they were purchased for

  138. D


  139. Blue Ridge Guy

    At first glance, these struts look a little wimpy, but they do the job. Directions are a little unclear, but don’t prevent your installation from working well. You’ll most likely will have to fine tune the dimensions in their instructions to meet your specific installation. Would buy again.

  140. Alan Elkins

    The installation instructions were deplorable

  141. Hello2

    They are strong and well built great ideas behind the product

  142. Damian

    I would definitely consider ordering a less stiff strut. They have a lot of tension behind them.

  143. Yesplease

    Better than any lid support hinge I was able to find at Home Depot, Menards or Lowe’s. And not for lack of trying. Legit hinges and delivered less than 72 hours from when I placed the order. Ordering a few more sets just to have around as they are unmatched. Winning.

  144. Ivan V.

    Very good product and easy to install

  145. Robert A. Alexander

    Thed price of these struts is great and they worked just fine. The only weakness in the construction is the sturdiness of the “L” brackets that secure/supports them. I used them to assist and support the lid on a BIG wooden cooler surround I made and if you’re not carefull opening the lid it will bend the brackets at full open.

  146. dan

    Work great for small doors

  147. ToolFool

    Very pleased with the prompt order and overall quality of the product. I had been putting up with the mechanical struts that came with our class B camper van, not reliable and hard to adjust. These gas struts seem to be the perfect solution.

  148. Ashley

    Product worked excellent for my purpose.

  149. Ben

    Depending on your application. Took a few tries and error for me. But once I got it figure out and installed, this product holds up as described.

  150. Donald M. Mcnany

    Installed in my travel trailer on lift up doors on overhead cabinets. Much better than other options.

  151. Scott

    I previously installed one strut on a medicine cabinet lid. It has worked flawlessly for over a year. Cabinet is located in a trailer and receives a great deal of jossling. I have since reordered and installed 7 additional lifts. Easy to install.

    the 100 N gas strut has worked flawlessly for over a year

  152. Jason Patrick

    Definately a good product and priced right. Great quality and very sturdy.

  153. MYD

    As advertised

  154. QWRE

    They are very Sturdy, well made abosolute buy again !!!
    Work perfect very quiet . The only thing I had an issue with was the Mountaing instructions.
    If they had a installation for dummys vertion ,Even a Link to watch 30 second video !!!!
    It would be a perfect Prouduct

  155. Esteban………sto

    Very good product

  156. D. Long

    I like the silver metallic look better but these are going in the outside storage bins of my motor home so no big deal. They do not last forever but does anything nowadays. Easy to install and screws that came with the are actually nice and sturdy.

  157. Andrews electric

    Worked perfect for my utility bed doors

  158. Rosmery M Then

    Good quality and looks good, however, I have not install it to the machine I am building yet.

  159. Gerryjoe

    I couldn’t use them because they were too powerful for the little doors I wanted to hold open.

  160. Isaac P.

    1st ones worked great so I ordered more

  161. Jade

    I used this product for my grandsons toy box. It’s wood and heavy, and he’s almost 2. Didn’t want those tiny fingers to be smashed. Good product

  162. Becky

    Purchased these for a custom bed storage I had made and these worked great and are as sturdy as any others I have ever used

  163. Tattoo

    Exceeded my expectations for quality and ease of installation.

  164. marcus a. conroy

    Very easy to instal and a great deal for the price.

  165. el

    Strong and sturdy! I don’t regret purchase! Great quality and fit the price.

  166. Natasha Snodgrass

    These struts are fantastic! I had to add an additional piece in my custom made cabinet to hold the larger round piece, but that was ok! They are easy to install (instructions convert mm to in) and work perfectly. Someone else mentioned they blew out their cabinet door, you CANNOT let this strut OPEN your door for you! It is only meant to keep it open while you’re in it. If you let it open in its own, it WILL blow out your door.

  167. Xamul Vang

    Perfect for a toy chest I built for my kids. Three years of abuse and the toy chest still lifts and stays up.

  168. Chris Easton

    These things are pretty strong and easy to use. I installed mine on a home made coffee table with storage inside. These struts hold the heavy lid up without any problem. Very happy I purchased them for my project!

  169. Jennifer

    It was hard to do but after searching for video on how to install this it seemed a bit easier.

  170. Tammy wells


  171. Cinz

    Took awhile to put it in place. Works well.

  172. Gary Wheeler

    We put these in our camper for upper cupboard doors. They work great. Took a little work to install properly but they’ve been in place at least 6 most with no problems.

  173. L. Stevens

    Used these for a rare, low profile, aluminum gull wing tool box. Was able to cut off the old hardware and use the brackets from this set. No more $30 dollar a pair OEM lift shocks that only last a year or two. Yes they have plenty of pressure for each 6.5 lb aluminum lid and latch. Installed them on the same attachment points. Expected more pressure per shock,but regardless they have adequate lift power.

  174. Jody Wilson

    Decent for the price. Will buy again if needed

  175. KOlo


  176. Alfredo Flores

    Muy buen producto, exactamente como lo anunciaron!

  177. C. Becker

    30 pound toy box lid now works like a dream, no more smashed fingers.

  178. Joseph Langreck

    Strong and hold sturdy. Comes packaged nicely and directions are correct for measuring

  179. Mel

    Would have been helpful with some tips on how to set it up for your project.
    Other than that shipped quickly and worked great for the toy chest I built for my Grandson

  180. Bruce Burr

    I installed them on my boat hatches.
    They work great. Great price.

  181. Josefa I rojas

    Buen producto

  182. TA Flags

    Amazing product for the price!
    Easy install!

    Apexstone 100N gas strut lift support work great to keep the door open

  183. Cliff

    These things work great

  184. ADUB

    These are the best ever! Sturdy,great price and they work great, easy to install!!!

  185. Leslie

    Perfect for our homemade trailer cabinets. I wanted the doors to swing up and stay open, these do the trick. Installation wasn’t to tricky just a little figuring to find the right fit and location to mount them. We have been using the first set for a few months now and all have functioned well. I have purchased another set for the next set of installs.

  186. Steve

    Worked great for a project to install on custom ice-chest lid….great price… hard to find any tutorials on installing gas struts for small projects… but managed ok..

  187. Donovan T


  188. rcn

    These struts were installed on a large black walnut chest lid and a cedar chest lid and have been working well for several months now. The installation instructions and measurements were okay but I had to make some slight adjustments to keep the lid from opening too far and damaging the edge of the lid. The struts definitely ensure that the lid stays open but are not effective when the lid is open between 0 and about 50 degrees. After these were installed I found out that this brand also has a set of soft close struts and I will try them on the next project.

  189. Paul

    Very good for the price. My only problem is I think the screws are too small, but that seems to be the norm when you order something. I used beefier screws.

  190. Hugh J. Crean

    These worked well on a door that was installed over a stairwell. Easy to pull up to access the stairs.

  191. Larry S

    all good

  192. Jimmy

    Two Work great on venting greenhouse (40 lb) roof

  193. Ken

    Great product

  194. Brandon C Hurst

    Great product

  195. Jon C Woolery

    I ended up buying ones that were almost too strong. Good overall product

  196. TK

    Didn’t work for the application, but are well made and plan to keep them for future projects.

  197. Mr p

    Good product for the price

  198. maria mura



    good products excellence quality good value arrived second day over my expectation .

  200. M. Tawil

    I have done side by side comparison with similar much more expensive products. These work just as well, last longer and fit the existing ball sockets of the more expensive product.

  201. Shannon Alvarez


  202. Ryan F

    The item is great. Wrong for my project but keeping it.

  203. Eugene


  204. mike b

    as needed, all thumbs up

  205. William p.

    Fast shipping.as advertised

  206. KCMO

    Was not sure if it’s going to work for what i intented or not but as you can see it worked and keeps my storage lid in place

  207. Djohn Ogren

    Product family looks great, but ordered the wrong size!

  208. Dennis Littlefield

    They were fine. Just a little cheap construction.

  209. Dave Smith

    I got these for my dad’s bass boat, the were a perfect fit at a fraction of the cost. They are a direct replacement for the compartments on skeeter bass boat

  210. SuePete

    see headline ! Installed these on my neighbors fifth wheel upper cabinets.they worked well, small doors,

  211. Ucre

    Work great for boat hatch lids!

  212. BMason

    Very good product. I used them to hold my cabinet doors open on rv.

  213. Al

    It works as I wanted it to. I mounted shelves sideways with the lid opening up. It’s very steady.

  214. Jackie O

    Worked perfectly

  215. SavvyShopper

    I used this on my chicken coop egg box lid. It took about 6 minutes to install, including 5 minutes of reading directions and holding it up to see if I thought I was putting it in the right place. I was worried because I couldn’t push it closed uninstalled to see it the spacing was right. I went ahead and guessed, installed it, and it closed and opened easily. Not only will it hold the lid open while I’m gathering eggs, but I think it will serve as a small extra layer of protection for my girls from predators as you have to add slight pressure to lift the door (2 fingers, but more than a predator might do. Who knows?) Great buy. I only needed 1 of the 4 so now I’m looking for more cool things to do with the other 3.

  216. Jason

    Instructions were confusing to me, but I used the measurements and was easy to install and after 4 one it got very easy

  217. Clyde

    Original struts were the kind that you had to tighten the hex nut elbow coupling. Kept falling on my head. Replaced with these. Easy install. Solid “hold open”. I should have done it many head bumps ago!

  218. Alex

    Make sure they are strong enough for your purpose. I installed mine on a boat to hold lids open and works awesome.

  219. Betty Huang

    Perfect! However, the only downside is that it doesn’t close lightly. Caregul of your fingers!

  220. James E. Dietrich

    The length of the strut is about an 1/8 longer than the originals but they work. $11 is a no brainer if you have the ever failing struts on your kraftmaid cabinets.

  221. C A PRIETO

    my motor-home, OK

  222. Surjit Chawla

    easy to install work great

  223. Tye Tash

    Are use these on the hatches of my boat, they work perfect

  224. Bob Sundquist

    It raises the top of my desk, holds open at top, stays closed at bottom, closes gently, minimal force throughout range. Very easy to work with.

  225. Joel

    Great product. Fast delivery.

  226. Pjjrdd

    I installed these on our bass boat storage boxes and was amazed. They fit perfectly, they stay open and doesn’t slam closed.

  227. Daniel L. Gagner

    I’ve used these a number of times in the past. They aren’t the best but are adequate for the cost.

  228. Jon Rucker

    These are still holding strong after a lot of use! Great Purchase

  229. Lou & Lisa

    Building my daughter a little homework desk, these worked perfect

  230. tfunaoka

    Works great but instructions were kind of lacking. Figured it out with trial and error. Gas struts are strong and compact.

  231. cuong v trang

    Good, I like it

  232. gayla

    Worked great for toy boxes made for grand kids. Now I don’t have to worry about then getting hurt by lid.

  233. JBD

    We ordered these for a window seat. These work really well, and is an incredibly great deal for the price.

  234. Matthew R

    I bought these to replace some worn struts on my boat. These work great and you can’t beat the price. Very easy to install too.

  235. EW

    Work as they should, easy to instal

  236. Houston

    I purchased 4 of these and the first two worked well. The plastic or the ball receiver on the third must have been from another batch and it failed at both ends because it was very brittle. So far, the other three have been fine.

  237. edgar castillo

    Really like these. Easy to install and they work great.

  238. Todd

    Worked great on crate projects

  239. Pat M

    perfect for my son’s toy box

  240. CJH

    Built a locking storage cabinet suspended from the ceiling in a closet. Hinged to open up, so I needed these to “hold open”. Worked fantastically! A quick check of the weight of the door (melamine/particle board) put it right in the range of these cylinders. Once the first one was mounted, the door would not stay open (expected), the second one made it work perfectly.

    Instructions are perfectly adequate, a simple diagram with the dimensions is all you need. The mounting plates and hardware are nicely made, and click onto the cylinder ends securely. A thin screwdriver opens the clip to disassemble the ball end without any fuss.

  241. SL

    Installed 2 and so far so good.
    Plenty strong for holding the tool box lid.

  242. Jonathon Scott

    Bought these to put on my boat compartment lids. They were easy to install and extremely cheap to purchase. Work great.

  243. Fab.

    A bit too hard if the door is light.


    Perfect for my can-am maverick x3 doors!

  245. FC315

    Everything went as expected

  246. Noel Ranario

    Product works well. Glad I purchased it. I will probably purchase again.

  247. Grunt11b

    Awesome quality and price

  248. Raanan Shabtai

    Very good product. Do the job.

  249. R. Orr

    I purchased these to install on an outdoor entertainment center I built for the side of our RV. It was best to have the door swing up, which required struts to hold it open. The door is made from two pieces of 1/4″ Plywood laminated together. Two of them hold up the door perfect. The struts seem to be of good quality and came with all of the necessary mounting hardware, which was a bonus. I will see how long they last, but so far, so good.

  250. RahPlace

    I make wood flag cabinets and use these struts for the doors. They work wonderfully!!

  251. Andrew

    Worked perfect for a built in bench I was building. Was able to hold the bench lid up very easily and was able to collapse down. Would highly recommend this product!

    One issue I did notice was I wasn’t able to remove the mounting fixtures once I had connected them to the gas springs. Wasn’t an issue for me since I had to use them anyway. There may be an easy way to do it but I didn’t figure it out and didn’t was to break mine trying to figure it out.

  252. BS

    worked as expected. good product

  253. Joe

    Very sturdy great fit

  254. Scott Kitchen

    These works great and are very affordable.

  255. Paul F Hetman

    Nice product. Highly recommend.

  256. havasugrl

    Love these shocks, they work great and price was very good. Shipping was fast received them before the expected delivery date.

  257. RDW

    Works great!

  258. Ashley Hoopes

    Worked perfect for the Toy Box I built with a 12.5 lb Lid. Last couple of inches aren’t soft close. Need felt tabs for lid corners. When opening, once it gets to >2” it auto-opens to just under 90deg. Will save kiddos heads and the wall behind it. Also built a blanket Chest.

  259. Balaji V

    Using these for cabinets in RV. Works great!

  260. Michael Haggerty

    Great value here. But then on my boats hatches

  261. Chip

    I used them in my travel trailer to hold open the under the bed storage compartments.

  262. Addison

    Pretty easy to set up. Needed something to help hold my livewell lid open and the hatch in the stern. Took me about 20 minutes to drill the holes and install on all three hatches.

    Update: 9/9/2021
    Amazingly these are still holding up! They’ve lost some of their strength but still hold up the big hatches no problem. Some minor rusting on the bases is worth noting but not unexpected being that these are meant for indoor use.

    10/10 would definitely recommend

  263. Milton Pomales

    Nice gas struts. They’ll do great on my projects

  264. Daniel

    Used them for trunk lid, works as expected

  265. Allen Scott

    I ordered 4, but onlu needed 2. Easy enough install. I had to modify one of the brackets for my situation. They open without too much force, hold open, but will slam shut if you don’t have control. (My scenario anyway). They look great. Individually packaged. The instructions are in metric measurements, so learn to use a metric ruler or do the conversion.

  266. Marty

    Works the way the should. Only complaint is how short the screws are that come with it. Would be nice if they added a longer screw with the short one. But the hydraulic action is awesome

  267. Tim

    Worked great for the three overhead cabinet doors in my Jayco travel trailer. We got tired of having to hold the doors up with our heads as we were either putting things into or taking things out of those cabinets.
    Installation instructions a bit fuzzy but basic mechanical knowledge will over come that.
    Great price.

  268. Prybar

    These are great for the price. Work perfectly so far. Time will tell how they hold up but so far I’m super pleased.

  269. nathan

    very professional packaging and the springs look and react perfectly for my needs. Solid brackets at both ends so I am not worried about them ever bending or breaking off.

  270. fender-bender

    Great for RV overhead storage doors. We have typical doors, about 10″ x 20″. Just installed these in our 2017 Zinger 211RD last night with the provided hardware. Perfect! We could only install one per since the compartment is bigger than the door and there was not a sidewall to attach to. Handled the door just fine. Will definitely send others for this exact listing.

  271. Albert Beever



    Installation was easy

  273. Dennis

    Good product BUT to Long

  274. KGB

    Worked very well in our Jayco

  275. Tou T.

    These struts works really well with my application, was please with the results.

  276. Titus Caird

    Good quality

  277. Michael A gilham

    Works great

  278. AQ

    So far so good. Awesome addition to boat storage. Would buy again

  279. Chris Haywood

    Great Price, Worked as it should

  280. Eric Kuehn

    Easy mounting. Quality seems high. One strut holds each RV bedroom overhead closet door up. Opens excellent. Exactly what I wanted and needed!

  281. mystry

    Flexible and strong. Very handy.

  282. David Martin

    Worked great. Installed on cabinets and holds the doors wonderfully. Bought 3 more sets for all my cabinets

  283. Shane

    These things are great. Much better than all of the spring loaded, Allen key adjustable hinges I’ve used in the past. The system it uses to attach the strut to the actual metal ball mount can be finicky but that’s about it.


    Easy to install. It works like the old in my boal for 15 years.

  285. Jennifer Tapia

    Works great! Exactly how I needed them to work.

  286. TroyG

    Easy to install and keeps my campervan cabinet-doors open !

  287. David M

    Seem to be good quality. No issues so far. The instructions are a little confusing, and the brackets may buckle at high loads. These ones are a little too weak for my purpose, so I will be upgrading to the 250N versions. If you’re using these for anything other that a simple box lid, you may need to do some math to figure out the force you need. (Or just use trial and error like me!)

  288. pierre

    These work perfect for the intent which I bought them, the price is right.

  289. Great Wall of Chua

    It is the tool i exactly needed for my kitchen cabinet.

  290. ELLe

    These are working great, feel sturdy for drop lift shelf application. Thanks to Apexstone customer help! I am giving this 4 stars due to Apexstone unclear, lack of language, install directions. For a person working first time with gas struts, (& having reviewed YouTube for more info) it was unclear how to close them. I did not want to force/break them. It was also unclear how to accurately measure project object attributes based on diagrams supplied (especially to arrive at reverse application).

  291. Mark Modine

    Bought these as replacements for Stabilus Lift O Mats that began failing after three years.
    The vertical opening cabinets never worked better for 25% the price.
    Hope they last!

  292. Seamus

    Worked great for a shoe bench and a wood outdoor cooler.

  293. Diane R. Decastillia

    These struts are fantastic. Installation was not as easy for me as it was for others I know who purchased them.

  294. Shirley E.

    They work great, it has the safety features that saves little fingers.

  295. Andy

    Great product!

  296. shadow


  297. wilwaters

    Superb design and super sturdy!!! Very pleased!

  298. Stcap

    Perfect for the RV bench hatch, converting from a lift and remove hatch to hinged hatch.

  299. Dave

    Just a little stronger than I would like, but work very well. Put them on my motor home storage bay doors.

  300. Karen Cox

    Used these to replace factory installed mechanical hold-opens on overhead cabinet doors on our RV which were very difficult to adjust. Installation on 5 doors took 1 hour and they work perfectly. Very smooth operation.

  301. Paul Baillargeon

    Très satisfait de mon achat

  302. Warren

    Holds up my RV cabinets really good. I like the way it sounds when it opens. It sounds like I’m opening a door on a space ship. Makes getting a glass that much more fun.

  303. luis amador

    Fantastic very sturdy.

  304. lsu1018

    Worked great and easy to install. I would recommend making notes on installation instructions converting the metric measurements to inches. This will help when time to install.

  305. Dar73


  306. Aurora

    Simple, strong durable!! An A+

  307. EM

    Works as advertised. Good packaging and instructions.

  308. Corey H.

    Idk if I read stuff wrong or what but this won’t hold a 48″ x 24″x 1″. This is made for something smaller. So I’ll make it useful.

  309. Danielle

    Worked well for our needs in an RV. We really liked how simple they were to install.

  310. Oliver

    Instructions are in metric only. A little math and they were installed easily.

  311. Matt

    These are great. The instructions are a piece of crap. If you just set the upper mount the correct distance from the center of the hinge and then open your door to 90 degrees. With the cylinder attached at both ends, mount the lower round plate 10mm down from the edge, and it will work fine. Remember the weight that you are lifting is not out at the lift handle, it is only a few inches ahead of your hinge point. I made the mistake of measuring the pounds of lift at only 6#, when in reality it was 45# back at the lift point.

  312. Caitlin Oliveira

    Decent quality and serve their purpose. Great for vertically opening cabinets.

  313. P. R. Mayer

    worked perfect thx

  314. Xalvita

    i like this product i used in a car tool box and works prefect, with price to for 4 pcs, thanks Apexstone

  315. Grant B

    directions complicate install but product works well

  316. bjolly95

    these worked great on the cedar chest i made ill buy more

  317. TIM

    The instructions are terrible, if you need them then you might struggle installing them. I’ve used this type before so it didn’t bother me. The product is pretty good.

  318. Berlin Mostasisa

    Works fine. Product as described fast delivery.

  319. Sandra

    perfectos, geniales, los recomiendo 100%, seguramente los volvería a comprar si necesito mas, son de calidad,no dudeis en comprarlos, buena compra

  320. D M Almaraz

    Great value, works as promised. I used these to hold the lid of a coffee table/chest. Installation is a breeze and the directions were easy to follow, take note that measurements are metric so you can convert them with a smartphone or use a metric ruler.

  321. Roberto Angelillo

    Excellent product

  322. Lee

    I bought these to replace the lift struts on my KraftMaid cabinet lift up doors. They fit well and so far operate better than the ones that came with the cabinets, which failed after a year. Time will tell how they hold up but even if they last only six months I think they are worth it for the money.

  323. Luda

    Work perfectly

  324. vincent

    Bought these for a coffee table I built with a lid and storage. These worked perfectly and added a cool factor.

  325. Zoe101

    Ordered these for the latches on my boat and they work flawlessly. Very satisfied with the price and the shipment time, as well as the product itself. I will edit this post if anything fails this summer.

  326. Ken Ashlock

    Used these as lid supports on cedar chests . Good quality and great price.

  327. Michael A.

    Very strong

  328. Michael A.

    Arrived quick with prime and on sunday to boot. Worked great for my application and the quality seems like they will hold up over time. Will be buying more sooon.

  329. marty smith


  330. Zenacity

    Works as stated.

  331. BiasedView

    Make sure when you place your order you measure your spaces correctly the struts come fully extended, the compression at 22.5lbs was to much tension for my use, but it is a good strut. I held them in my hand and the product is sturdy, the mounting brackets included, there are 2 for each strut. One is disc like about the size of a quarter with 3 screw holes and ball in the center, this is the larger of the 2 mounts. The mounts could be the mounting problem so examine the mounting location and the strut mount included, see if you might need another type of mount. only 4 stars because of the mounts.

  332. Papa Gary

    Used two of them for a toy box I built. Worked good.

  333. Tammy Ruff

    great price and double set

  334. Larry Tucker

    thay worked great

  335. David E. Southon

    Excellent value for $

  336. J. S. O.

    A bit challenging to install, but work flawlessly!

  337. Jaime buitrago

    Good quality

  338. KENNETH L.

    Great product great price.

  339. Builder

    I ordered the wrong strength but these will be handy for another project.

  340. Brandi

    Works good, good value!

  341. pete qualshie

    came on time .very good experience

  342. Gabriel garcia

    They’re fairly priced and do their job I put them on hope chest lifting a Cedar panel that’s 42×22 inches one does the job honestly but two for ascetics

  343. Greg V

    These things work great for my application.

  344. Wanda M.


  345. Venky

    Follow instructions and it works very well. For US consumers, it would be really helpful to have the measurements in inches (in their install instructions)

  346. John Hardin

    I got these to complete a project for some tables (from I Like To Make Stuff). These helped open a really heavy MDF section (see pics). These were PERFECT. 2 of the struts did not work, as there were bent interior tabs where they connected to the hinge. I contacted the seller and they were very responsive, resolving the issue. So much so, I’m buying more of them! Just good stuff here 🙂

    table lift support

  347. Freddie Williams Jr

    I needed something to stop a downward motion door from slamming into the one below it it was tricky but it worked. The 4 pack was an excellent price as well.

  348. Michael Fabiano

    Great product, just wrong force for my application. Bought again from this manufacturer

  349. rickb72

    Look great, installed easy

  350. Rhi

    They’re alright, but meant to buy the slow close ones instead. These will still do alright to keep a toy box lid open, but can still slam down on tiny fingers.

  351. Megan

    works fine. Good Quality. Nothing Special

  352. E. Koski

    I got these to replace all the shot struts in the Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets of the house I had just purchased. They were slightly longer than the original ones, but they work fine. The original ones by Stabilus had black rods. These, with the chrome rods, are more attractive, in my opinion. The price was much better!

  353. SomeGuy SomeWhere

    Great product

  354. Lonnie

    I was unable to use these for the purpose that I purchased them for. The door only weighs 5 pounds and these are to strong for it.

  355. Shop A Holic

    I got these to keep a window bench open for storing my child’s toys. It opens slowly and great but it slams shut really hard. My son has never squeezed his fingers thankfully but I’m constantly worried that he might. It does keep the top open well though so it’s still a good product just wished it closed a bit softer

  356. Farm Life