Pros and Cons of Different Types of Gas Springs

1. Introduction of Three Common Types of Gas Springs
1.1 Conventional Gas Struts
1.2 Adjustable Force Gas Struts
1.3 Locking Gas Strut or Blocklift
2. Pros and Cons of Different Types of Gas Springs
3. Conclusion

1. Introduction of Three Common Types of Gas Springs

Gas springs are helpful in our life and are well-known to everyone. However, do you know which types of gas springs can primarily meet your needs? Today, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of three commonly used gas springs, which will help you choose a more fittable gas spring.

1.1 Conventional Gas Struts

First, we will introduce the conventional gas struts, also called fixed force compression or standard gas struts. These are the most common type of gas springs. During the manufacturing process, our engineer will generally fill with nitrogen gas into the cylinder so that they can extend smoothly. If you want to withdraw the stroke, use the opposite force to compress it.

1.2 Adjustable Force Gas Struts

The second type is adjustable force gas struts. This type of gas strut is flexible in the use procedure since you don’t need to know the specific force for your project when placing an order at the Apexstone gas springs shop. After mounting the springs, you can adjust the pressure by yourself.

1.3 Locking Gas Strut or Blocklift

The third type of gas strut is a locking gas strut or blocklift. These gas springs are widely used in manufacturing, like making massage sofas, electric hospital beds, bus seats, etc.

Massage Sofa

All types of gas springs are similar in appearance but have some differences in characteristics. The content below will show you the pros and cons of different kinds of gas springs.

2. Pros and Cons Of Different Types of Gas Springs

As mentioned above, fixed force compression gas springs are the most widely used. We can find it here and there, in homes, cars, planes, etc. Why is it popular? That’s because they have two main advantages.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Low cost

However, each coin has two sides. There are disadvantages accordingly.

  • Calculating force and size is complicated. You need to first know the specification before purchasing. Some customers feel they need a guide to measuring. You can take it easy if you have to do so since Apexstone will help our customers, helping them figure out the specification needed for their projects.
  • Inconvenient for adjusting force. The force is not adjustable. If you buy the wrong specification of gas springs, you need to reorder a pair that fits your project because you cannot increase and reduce pressure on your own.

For convenience, contact us to learn more about the specification, and we will try our best to help you figure out the size and force for your project.

For adjustable force compression struts, most are equipped with a bleed valve. The advanced advantage is shown in the name, which is adjustable. It means that it is flexible for you to adjust force if you feel stronger pressure than you need. Disadvantages are listed as follows:

(1) Irreversible adjustable procedure. 

It means that if you release much more gas than you need, you can’t restore it, and the force will be reduced permanently. For most customers, the operation of the adjusting force is out of control since most of them don’t know how much gas they need to release.

(2) One-way adjustment only.

You can reduce the force easily but can not increase it. It would be best to buy those gas springs with more significant force once you make a mistake.

Locking gas struts/ blocklift has the advantage of feeling free to stay and stop at any point. They are well fit for the heavy project. The disadvantage should be the higher cost than standard gas springs. Besides, locking gas struts are often equipped with a more significant force than conventional gas springs.

3. Conclusion

After knowing the pros and cons of different types of gas springs, do you know which type is more suitable for your project? In conclusion, standard gas struts or fixed-force gas springs are more useful daily. Most are used in kitchen cabinets, Rv cabinets, Boat lids, Car trunks, etc. Adjustable gas springs are also a good choice for box lids if you know how to release pressure. When you are making hospital beds or car seats, locking gas springs may be helpful to you.

We hope the introduction above is helpful to you. Have a good time in the Apexstone gas spring shop. Our ambition is ‘Anywhere is a box lid, and there with Apexstone gas springs.’

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