Soft Close hinges: provide our kids with safe and happy childhood

Soft Close Gas Spring: provide our kid with safe and happy childhood

Why do soft close hinges important?

As we all know that it’s vital to develop a child’s ability to pack toys independently, but leaving our child alone near a heavy toy box may increase the risk of our child getting injured.
Please imagine: when our child holds the beloved doll in the left hand and the hat for the doll in the right hand. During the time she reaches out to put the hat back into the toy box, her brother accidentally pushes the heavy lid of the toy box, and the lid shuts down suddenly. The speed was too fast, so our child didn’t have enough time to move her fingers away.
The child started to cry, and her hands were swollen. This would undoubtedly be a huge blow to a family if there were serious consequences.
Nowadays, parents are busy with work and household chores that the safety of their children may be overlooked. Therefore, creating a safe play environment for children in advance seems essential. That’s why I soft close hinges are welcomed by customers. In my opinion, Any toy box must be equipped with soft close lid hinges.

What are soft-close gas struts?

Soft close hinges can also be called Safety Hinges for Toy Chest or dampers for toy box, which are used to control or slow the movement of an object, like a lid or cover of the toy box. Two types of dampers are commonly used daily. It is compression dampers and extension dampers. A compression damper can not lift a panel. However, on closing, the compression damper will control the speed at which the object closes, preventing it from sudden movements and dropping. An extension damper behaves oppositely. It helps to support a lid but not a soft close.

There are Five Design Features of soft close hinges for chest:

1. Increased safety

2. Multipurpose

3. Flexibility

4. Mature design

5. Easy to install

1. Increased safety

It is common for children to get their fingers caught by the cabinet door. Children are attentive in the process of playing toys, so they will not pay more extra attention to the external environment. Suppose the child is asked to pay attention to the changes in the external environment while playing, it should be a difficult task for the child. For example, children cannot react to the movement of the heavy lid in time when they are playing.
Some people may use conventional gas struts. Unfortunately, those gas struts without soft closing features only serve to open and support the cabinet door. For safety reasons, toy chests with dampers will be the best choice. It can slow down the closing speed of heavy doors to avoid accidents.

2. Multipurpose

Gas struts are versatile and often used in car trunks, overhead cabinet doors, etc. Likewise, dampers are used for various purposes, like gate and door panels. It is most common in toy boxes and chest.
Why are Apexstone dampers so welcome? It can be summarized as the following three points: easy to use, affordable and high quality.

3. Flexibility

The installation method is simple and adjustable. Adjusting the mounting point allows you to optimize the user experience for different weight lids. When you find that the cushioning force is too large and it takes a long time to close the lightweight cover completely, the force for controlling the lid movement is much greater than the gravity of the cover. At this time, you can adjust the position of the lower installation point so that it deviates from the inner side. For heavy lids, if you want better cushioning, you need to place the bottom mounting point as close to the inner side as possible. We needed to install them more vertically than horizontally.

4. Mature design

The design of the slow close hinges is very complex and needs to consider factors such as force, pressure, temperature, rod diameter, etc. But after hundreds of tests, we have formed a set of mature theories and are committed to using the best design to make the most user-friendly products. We provide a compression damper, which will not assist you in lifting the cover but could help you close the lid automatically by itself. Besides, it can help prevent fingers from getting crunched in that heavy lid. That’s why many parents welcome it. That’s also the goal of the design.

5. Easy to install

The installation process is very simple. According to the instructions in the manual, it is an easy thing to complete the installation in about 10 minutes.

Soft Close hinges will be a good choice to protect our kids’ safety. We Apexstone hope our child to have a happy childhood.

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