RV gas springs mounting guide

mounting guide or replacement guide for the Apexstone affordable gas springs.

As mentioned in the previous article, gas spring installation can improve the RV user experience. This part will introduce the mounting guide or replacement guide for the affordable gas springs. Do you want to have a try? It is suitable for new and used RVs, and you can save this article to use it when you need it.

Most new RVs are equipped with gas struts now, but not all. We will tell the gas springs mounting guide with the example of Basement doors (Please note that the mounting guide in this article is different from the mounting guide of soft close gas springs). When you receive your new gas springs, check them first, and then you should prepare screws, screwdriver, and drill.
The first step, open the cover of the basement to the desired open angle. Ninety degrees is preferred.

Second, prepare the springs with the ROD DOWN for optimum lubrication, ensuring as minor wear and tear as possible.
Third, determine the Mounting Points and prepare a pen to mark them.
a) As the Bottom Mounting Point (mark as point A), please note that the springs do not need to be perfectly vertical when determining the Bottom mounting point, and the distance to the side of the lid should be 25.4mm/1 inch.
b) As the Top Mounting Point (mark as point B), it should be X inch towards the hinge on the lid. X depends on the size of gas springs you bought. The distance to the side depends on the thickness (Z mm) of your box/cupboard.
Then, Punch and fix the connectors and connect the joints and the spring. Last, repeat it on the opposite side.
Yes, the springs are incredibly easy to install. Was that too quick for you?

After about five years, some of the springs in your RV cabinets have started to wear out, and it Allows the door to sag. All the situations mentioned above will damage our user experience in RV since the doors don’t stay where they belong sure doesn’t help. Getting the gas springs replacement should be the most affordable and easy way.

Let’s go further with the replacement guide of gas springs in the basement doors.
First, prepare the new buy gas springs, the accessories like screws, brackets(Apexstone will attach the needed accessories in the package), and screwdriver.
Second, retrieve the old gas springs from the basement cover. The curved steel clip is all that holds the end onto the mounting bracket while holding the door up. Just slide a small flat blade screwdriver under the clip. Twist a quarter turn and pop the spring right off. Then, repeat the same thing on the other end. A screwdriver under the clip allows it to release from the bracket.
Third, replace our springs with the new ones from Apexstone, which will make our basement doors operate like brand new again. Just clip the end of the gas cylinder to the lower bracket. And then the other end to the upper bracket. No tools are required.

The-new-apexstone gas spring-has-the-strength-to-push-the-door-all-the-way-up-and-hold-it-there.

You will succeed in 10 min or less, and the basement door stays right where we put it. The new hatch lifts spring has the strength to push the door all the way up and hold it there. No more headaches to knowing which replacement springs to order.
After reading this article, you may have known why we can see gas struts that are ubiquitous in an RV and play an important role. You don’t have to be tall and bald to hit your head down.

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