SentrySafe Won’t Work? Gas Strut Failure Might Be the Cause

Are you troubled with SentrySafe problems? Such as SentrySafe not opening with the correct code? SentrySafe not opening? There could be various reasons for these issues. Here, I’ve outlined six indicators to help you identify potential problems with SentrySafe products.


six indicators to help you identify potential problems with SentrySafe

In this discussion, we address the latest problem: the biometric gun safe failing to open automatically even when using the override key. If you encounter this problem, first try opening the lid manually. If successful, the issue may be due to faulty gas struts. It’s recommended to address this by repairing or replacing the gas struts. If manual opening doesn’t work, check the key and battery in sequence.

Why Gas Struts Are Prone to Failure: Exploring the Causes

It’s common for gas struts to wear out over time, which is normal. However, it’s important to understand that in quick access gun safes, gas strut failure might occur faster. Why does this happen? Usually, gas struts are designed for a gentle opening, but when they work in conjunction with springs, they can exert excessive force within a short time span, resulting in a shortened lifespan.

Fixing Gas Strut Failures: One Simple Way

To solve gas strut problems, it’s crucial to replace them promptly. We do not recommend repairing the pressure-lose gas struts, which may cost much time and money. In the market, there are various replacement options available. Among them, the Apexstone 7.68″ 80N gas struts stand out as a popular choice because of their compatibility, durability, affordability, and convenience – even offering free shipping for single pieces.

Apexstone 7.68“ Gas Strut Vs the original gas struts replacement for gun safe

How to replace the worn out gas struts?

Replacing gas struts in SentrySafe or biometric gun safes is simpler compared to other projects such as woodworking or vehicle maintenance. Below is a quick guide to reviving your SentrySafe QAP1BE Quick Access Digital Pistol Safe. This method can also be applied to most biometric gun safes when the old strut has completely failed.

1. Unscrew the original strut and retain the original end fittings.
2. Attach the original end fittings to the new Apexstone replacement strut.
This replacement process involves just two steps. However, keep in mind these important tips:

1. Ensure you keep the original end fittings or joints.
2. Install with the rod facing downward. It’s advised to screw in the bottom bracket first, then reattach the top end fittings. Attaching the top joint first can make it nearly impossible to thread the screw at the bottom. This is because you can’t compress the strut to line up the screw hole. However, it’s easier to maneuver the top joint into alignment.

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The new Apexstone gun safe strut can now ensure a smooth closing and effortless opening, allowing quick access to your firearms again. Take action now to upgrade your slow-access gun safe and save valuable time – because every second matters for our safety.

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