The kitchen is the creation base of delicious food. There are various design styles, but no matter how designed, cabinets are the focus of kitchen design. The area occupied by cabinets accounts for 50% or more of the kitchen space. Its design directly determines the user experience of the kitchen. A kitchen design with good experience can make it easy for us to take and place items and store them, making the kitchen look orderly.

Maybe you are renovating and are probably puzzled about how to layout, what style to choose, and which materials and colors to select.
That is the same as I was before. Here I will share some kitchen design experience to help you to realize a desired kitchen decoration more efficiently:

First, before making a design proposal, visit friends’ and relatives’ homes for a kitchen visit. On-site experience can bring the most authentic feeling. We can try to feel and find a preferred style during the visiting procedure. At the same time, we believe your friends must be willing to share their experiences while showing you around. This can reduce the cost of trial and error for you without experience in decoration design.

Second, the minimalist kitchen style should be an advanced choice. Different layouts and color matching make different styles. The layout can be designed according to your habits and preferences. Recall that for a long time in the past, when you used the kitchen, where to place kitchen items, like a knife, oven, and others will make you feel comfortable. For color matching, there are some recommended color combinations: wood, white, black, and gray. Just pick two to three of them which are simple and stylish and will never be out of date.

Third, choosing high-quality kitchen accessories is necessary for improving user experience. For example, a large sink is more convenient than a small one. For the hinge of the swing door, a soft close hinge can be selected to avoid the sound of slamming. An eight- or ten-inch lift support for the overhead cabinet door panel will help you automatically lift the cabinet door to the maximum angle until you close them. What you need to do is to slightly lift the cabinet door to a certain height. Thus, picking and placing items in the cabinet is convenient until you close the lid. Meanwhile, you don’t need to hold the door with one hand or head.

100 Newton gas struts for each drop down pantry door

Forth, choosing solid wood board or stainless steel board as the kitchen cabinet door material can prolong the cabinet’s lifespan for at least five years. Because the kitchen environment is relatively humid, when we use non-waterproof materials, the door panel will absorb water and swell or even deform after long use, which makes us unable to close and open the door.

Last, measure the size and plan location of the required electrical appliances in advance to avoid re-modifying the design plan. If space permits, confirm the layout of electrical appliances in advance, and you can first purchase your favorite electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, and microwave ovens. Then combine the actual size of the electrical appliances to customize the cabinets.

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