4 Tips to Quickly replace hood struts

Table of contents

  1. Find a similar size hood strut
  2. Prepare the instrument needed
  3. Remove the original hood struts
  4. Mount the new hood struts.

When you find the hood will slam down in the process of opening or the hood is hard to open, it means that the original hood go failed over time. This passage will show you 4 tips to replace hood struts without effort.

250N gas springs for my old rx3 hood lol.
Hood strut for old rx3

1 Find a similar size hood strut.

There are two methods to find hood struts that match your car well. Buying OEM hood struts or OEM hood struts replacement. The only difference between the two choices is the money you will spend. You will spend more to buy OEM hood struts, but you can save time searching for items. In contrast, you will save more in buying a replacement, but you need to spend some time to get the right one. However, once you know how to measure the needed size, it turns out to be easy.

2 Prepare the instrument needed

All you need to prepare is a new hood strut replacement and a screwdriver. You don’t even need to find a helper to support the hood. When you prepare all the tools, they should be lying by the side for your convenience.

3 Remove original hood struts

Use the screwdriver and get it to the upper strut’s metal clip. Pry the metal clip out, but don’t move it out completely. The key is to find a balanced place.
Then, do the same to the bottom strut end. In this process, you will easy to succeed by paying more patience.
Last, use one hand to support the hood and another to remove the two strut ends.

Tool to mount the new hood struts.

4 Mount the new hood struts.

Pick up the hood strut replacement lying by the side. When installing, just have to push the socket onto the ball. No tools are required.

All the above are easy tips to replace hood struts for your car. Follow the 4 tips, and you can finish the replacement job within 10 mins. If you have any questions, contact Apexstone Team without hesitation.

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