Top 10 Best Sell Gas Struts (2023)

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Are you a DIY lover in search of the perfect gas struts for your project? Look no further! In this post, we’ll be discussing the top 10 best gas struts available in 2023. From performance and using the application to quality and price, these gas struts offer excellent performance that will bring you great convenience.

5 – 15” 300N Gas Struts for Heavy Beds

4 – 7” 80N Mini Gas Springs

3 – 10” 100N Gas Springs

2 – 14.2” Soft Close Hinges for Toy Box

1 – 7.68” 80N Gun Safe Gas Struts Replacements

First up, we have the 15”300N Gas Struts for Heavy Beds, which is a steel made high quality gas springs for heavy duty that make heavy lids opening and closing a breeze. Meanwhile, they can be used as a back lift gate support.

Next, we introduce the 7” 80N Mini Gas Springs, which is of small size but strong enough to lift a light door. Some customers use 7 inch gas struts to replace SentrySafe gas struts before, although there are about one inch shorter than the original, but the 7” gas struts can pop up the safe lid, it works really great.

We take a look at the 10” 100N gas springs, which are a direct replacement for OEM gas springs but half the cost! 99% of customers purchase these 10 inch gas struts for lifting cabinet doors in the van, RV, camper, and kitchen.

Moving on to the 14.2” Soft Close Hinges for Toy Box, which is safety hardware that prevents the toy box lid from slamming shut. They are suitable for every kind of box, protecting our kids’ little fingers, parents don’t need to worry about them with the help of a chest damper.

The most welcomed gas struts should be the 7.68” 80N Gun Safe Gas Struts Replacements, this 8 inch gas strut is the most welcomed product, it is perfect for fixing your worn out gun safe and SentrySafe. Besides, most customers can replace it in a very short time, about 2 to 5 mins.

Let’s dive into the top 5 best gas struts in 2023.

In addition to the hot sale gas springs listed above, Apexstone provides various hydraulic pistons for different specifications.

In 6th place is the 10” 45N Low Force Gas Springs, which is of low force but good quality. These small gas shocks for cabinet hoods will fit well to those small size cabinet doors, you can install them and enjoy smooth operation when you lift and close the door. In 7th place is the 7.15” 150N Sturdy Gas Shocks, they are perfect gas struts for RV outside storage doors. Besides, they work great on a boat hatch cover.
In eighth place are the 10” 250N high pressure gas struts, these gas struts are of 8mm rod diameter, and they can support the heavy lid without effort. In ninth place is the 10” 200N hydraulic shock, the force is similar to 250N, but the price is lower since it is made of iron, more suitable to use in a dry environment. In tenth place should be Apexstone customized gas struts for any specification you need, like automotive replacement struts, RV outdoor kitchen gas springs replacement, bed hinges on our travel trailer, etc.

So, whether you’re a customer or a wholesaler, Apexstone is sure to provide you with the convenience and performance you need to make any place equipped with Apexstone gas struts wonderful. Hope Apexstone hydraulic piston will bring you both convenience and happiness. Buy now and you will save up to 50%.

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