Upgrade Your Project Lid: Discover 10 Unexpected Applications of Small Gas Shocks

Gas shocks for RV Overhead Cabinet Doors

What to do with spare gas shocks?

Are spare gas shocks sleeping in a corner of your house? Don’t let these great tools go to waste! Gas shocks have a wide range of uses in our daily lives, and they can be applied beyond their original purpose. Instead of letting them gather dust, we urge you to make the most of them. They can improve your projects by making them safer, more convenient, more durable, and easier to use. Here are ten suppose for using small gas struts that you may not have considered before.

Where to use small gas struts?

1. RV Overhead Cabinet Doors

If you’re tired of cabinet doors hitting your head too often, then we have a solution for you. By installing a pair of cabinet door lift support gas springs and lifting the doors to the top, you won’t have to wear a helmet inside your RV anymore!

2. Biometric Gun Safe or SentrySafe

What should you do with worn-out OEM shocks for your gun safe? Most gas struts for gun safes lose pressure after a few years, making it difficult for the safe lid to lift automatically. You can replace the gas struts in your SentrySafe, and then you will find that the safe lid pops up immediately after using the biometric fingerprint. Now, you can retrieve your pistol anytime, even in an emergency, and bring your gun safe back to life.

3. Boat Hatches

Are you looking for flexibility in your hatch lids? Purchase suitable gas shocks for boat lids and install them on your hatch for a simple but functional solution. Hopefully, this will inspire you for your own Jon Boat.

4. Truck Toolbox

What should you do if there’s abnormal noise when opening the lid of your toolbox? Since truck toolboxes are often exposed to the outdoors and have high humidity, the support rod is easy to get wet and rust. In this case, you can replace the rusty support rods with a new pair of tool box struts that have the appropriate size and strength for only a few dollars. This should eliminate any abnormal sounds when opening or closing the toolbox. If issues persist, there may be something wrong with the hinge, so be sure to apply some lubricating oil.

5. Ottoman Lid

Do you want to keep the ottoman lid open when accessing the storage space? Gas shocks will work perfectly for the job, freeing up your hands. The lift support will keep the lid open until you manually close it.

6. Boat Glove Box

Are the original design springs on the glove box causing issues, such as getting your arm chopped off while closing the glove box? Remove them right now and install gas struts for boat hatches instead. Gas struts are great accessories for boats because they can control the lid’s motion in a way that normal springs cannot.

gas struts for boat hatches

7. Piano Bench with Storage Area

The storage compartment in the Piano bench is designed to be easily accessible with the assistance of lift supports, making it effortless to lift the lid and access your belongings. This feature is similar to that of an ottoman lid, which is also known for its convenience and ease of use. With the assistance of gas struts, the door can be easily lifted.

8. Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Do you need help keeping your kitchen cupboard door open and out of the way? Cabinet gas struts make installation, adjustment, and operation super easy, resulting in a sturdy, clean, and great-looking cupboard.

9. Vanity Desk with Flip Top Mirror

Do you want to easily convert your makeup table with a mirror into an ideal work or writing table? Install a flip top mirror and short shocks can convert the desk function while hiding storage space under the cover.

10. Concealment Shelf

Are you having trouble opening your shelf door? Give the mini gas struts a try, they should be just the tool you are searching for. With their help, opening and hanging the shelves becomes a smooth and effortless process. Simply unlock the bottom door and let the gas struts do the work for you.

mini gas struts for concealment shelf

Make most of the shocks right now

In conclusion, don’t let your spare gas shocks go to waste! Repurpose these versatile tools and elevate your project to new levels. Want more applications for heavy-duty gas struts? Stay tuned for our next article, where we will show you 10 other unexpected uses of heavy-duty gas springs.

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