Upgrade Your T-Top Electronics Box: Gas Shocks vs. Springs Explained!


The T-top electronic box, a boat-mounted storage unit, offers waterproof storage for fishing, boating, and watersports enthusiasts worldwide. Tailored for safeguarding electronic devices or other items needing dry storage, it plays a crucial role for those while you’re out on the water.

I prefer my T-top electronic box for storing a stereo or a secondary VHF, while my friend finds it ideal for protecting critical and sensitive items like spare fuses, bulbs, screws, parts, spotlight, cigars, documents, and more.

Hatch Springs vs. Gas Struts

Both hatch springs and gas struts are well fit to T top electronic box, but they will make a different experience during usage. So, choosing between hatch springs and gas struts can impact the functionality of your T-top electronic box. Let’s delve into a comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Ease of Operation

Gas struts win in terms of convenience. Once installed, they automatically lift the door panel with a simple touch, freeing your hands for easy access. On the other hand, while hatch springs can effectively support most light hatch doors, closing them requires applying side pressure to the middle of the spring coil, resulting in a less convenient operation.


Gas struts, when used and installed correctly, typically have a lifespan of 2-5 years. In comparison, hatch springs generally exhibit a shorter lifespan. Despite being constructed from stainless steel to resist corrosion, hatch springs have a lower force limit of 20lb, rendering them unable to withstand strong winds. Consequently, their elasticity weakens expediently, particularly when navigating on water. If you are using hatch springs, it is recommended to close the box door during sailing.

Low-Frequency Maintenance

Both gas struts and hatch springs are low-maintenance. A yearly light dusting and minimal dust entry into the cylinder can extend the lifespan of gas struts. Hatch springs, without regular maintenance, can work well until they fail.


Gas struts, priced reasonably at 12-25 USD per piece, offer long-term value. Hatch springs, costing 15-25 USD per piece, provide an economical alternative.

Considering the superior function and cost-effectiveness, I recommend gas struts over hatch springs for upgrading your T-top electronic box.

Replacement Guide

If you’re considering replacing a lost door spring with a support rod, follow these steps for a smooth upgrade:

Prep Work Before Buying:

Before purchasing, measure your door’s dimensions, focusing on height and weight. Set the center distance of the support rod at 60% of the door’s height, with a strength slightly exceeding the door’s weight. For a 10-pound door, choose two support rods with a strength of 10 pounds each.

Installation Tips:

Follow detailed installation instructions aligned with the purchased size. Use the most welcomed 7.5-inch gas struts as an example, choosing the right mounting point and adjusting it as needed for optimal results.

·How to install gas struts in T top electronic box?

In the above picture, we show how to install 7.5 inch gas struts.

Prior to installation, it’s crucial to open the top panel or door of the T-top electronic box to the desired angle, ideally 90 degrees. Ensure optimal lubrication by preparing the springs with the rod in the downward position to minimize wear and tear.

The next step involves determining the Mounting Points:

a) For the Bottom Mounting Point (marked as point B), maintain a distance of 25.4mm/1 inch from the side of the lid. Note that the spring does not have to be perfectly vertical, but a more vertical orientation is recommended during installation.
b) Designate the Top Mounting Point (marked as point A) 62mm/2.4 inches toward the hinge on the lid. Adjust the distance to the side based on the thickness (X mm) of your box/cupboard. Install this bracket last to align the closing with the side of the cabinet.

Once the installation points are determined, proceed to punch and fix the connectors, connect the joints, and attach the spring. Repeat this process on the opposite side to complete the gas strut installation. If you find the performance unsatisfactory, too strong, or too weak for your hatch door, adjustments can be made accordingly.

·How to Adjust Gas Struts Mounting Points?

Adjusting the mounting points for gas struts is straightforward. If you find the force too strong for compression, consider installing them more horizontally. Conversely, if you sense the pressure is insufficient to lift or support the box cover, opt for a more vertical installation.

Customers Reviews

Our 7.5-inch lift support gas springs seamlessly integrate with a wide range of T-top electronic boxes, and the positive feedback from our customers serves as a testament to their compatibility and performance. The positive feedback we receive serves as a constant source of inspiration, driving us to consistently elevate the quality of our products and services, both in the present and for the future.


In the decision-making process between hatch springs and gas struts for enhancing the T-Top electronic box, gas struts emerge as the clear choice due to their unparalleled convenience, durability, and cost-effectiveness. With automatic lifting and hands-free access, gas struts provide a superior solution, eliminating the need for manual efforts. Make the upgrade today to elevate your boating experience with the efficiency and ease of gas springs! Click here to finish your purchase now!

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