Warning! You are ruining gas springs by doing 6 things!

Apexstone 15inch 300N gas springs worked great, lifts the 70Lbs lid on my wood bin

Gas springs are simple devices. They are easy to use and helpful in our life. However, some mistakes may occur if we ignore these details, which will cause problems like short lifespan. So, we will tell some matters needing attention to extend gas springs’ lifespan. Learn and save money now.

1. Installing only one gas spring on one side.

Does the number of gas springs we install will matter to protect the gas springs’ lifespan? The answer is positive. When we install a piece of gas spring on one side, the one-side load forces will increase, which would shorten the gas springs’ lifespan. We, of course, can save money by using fewer items. But we will also waste more since the gas spring will not last long. And that’s why we suggest installing a pair of gas springs for a cabinet or other instrument lid.

Apexstone soft close gas struts are Easy install to avoid squished fingers
Wrong installation method

2. The Force of gas springs and lids are not matched.

Choosing a pair of gas springs with matched Force to the target device is vital. We introduced how to find suitable replacement gas springs before, you could refer to the article. If you still have no idea which specification to choose that fits your box, cabinet, or other devices. Contact the Apexstone team, and our engineer will help you in 1 business day.

So, buying the matched Force of gas springs with your box cover will be good for protecting gas springs.

3. Inappropriate mounting method

There are two common mistakes in the installation process.

  • The first mistake is the misalignment between the end fittings.

In this situation, side load forces are uneven loads on the hinges due to misalignment, which will cause irreversible damage to the strut.

Generally, the mounting point will be the difference between light and heavy lids. For better soft close performance on the heavy box with heavy panels, we will try to install the lower point as close as the inner side.

Have a 250N Apexstone gas struts for a heavy lid
The bottom mounting point should get closer to the inner side of the box

4. Inappropriate humid and temperatures

Gas springs do not like an excessively humid environment and extreme temperatures. Generally speaking, the material of gas spring rods is iron and steel. If we expose the gas struts to regularly flooded places like outdoors, it is more likely to get corrosion.
The suitable temperature for gas springs should be -20°C to 50°C. It is suggested to avoid those extreme temperatures because the gas springs are filled in with the gas. It is unsafe to use in extreme temperatures, although you can still use them on bad weather days.

5. physical damage

Physical damage should be the most direct way to ruin a gas spring, like scratch, dent, chip, bend, puncture, incinerating, painting, and opening the rod. It is hazardous when you try to do it because you may get hurt by the high pressure inside. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your gas springs, please protect the rod from physical damage.

Easy to install a piece of apexstone gas spring and 100% get the job done
Keeping the rod from dust and dirt will extend the gas spring’s lifespan

6. Keeping the rod on dust and dirt around

Keeping the rod from dust and dirt is an effective way to extend the gas spring’s lifespan. The cleaning process is as easy as cleaning your office desk. Once you clean your office desk, using the dishcloth, wipe it lightly by the way. If the gas springs are mounted on the indoor cabinet, you can clean them once a year. If it is installed in those place that is dirty, it would be better to increase the cleaning times.

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