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Lids lower gently. Ideal for a SOFT CLOSING lid. To prevent the heavy lid from slamming so that it won’t smash kids’ fingers.


A gun safe keeps your guns secure, while Apexstone gas struts swiftly pop up the lid during emergencies, keeping you secure. Making pistol box quick access again!

7.68inch gas sturt replacement for SentrySafe or gun safe

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Great quality!!! Used for our old toy box so my son wouldn’t crush his tiny fingers. So far so good, it makes it harder for him to close which is great. He is able to close it but it doesn’t slam down at full weight so he hasn’t had any severely smoothed fingers.


Vivi Luke

These work absolutely perfect for what i needed to keep the door lifted open. These came in a beautiful package. They’re smooth and easily adjustable and easy to install. I’d highly recommend these for a variety of different uses! 


Martin Smith

Instructions are perfectly adequate, a simple diagram with the dimensions is all you need. The mounting plates and hardware are nicely made, and click onto the cylinder ends securely. 


Shelly Barns

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