Apexstone Soft Close Hinges, Toy Box Hinges, 14.2 Inch Soft Close Lid Hinges

(304 customer reviews)
  • Safety and Noise Reduction: Eliminating the risk of finger injuries caused by toy box lids, providing users with peace of mind. Additionally, they contribute to noise reduction, creating a quieter and more pleasant environment.
  • Unmatched Strength and Stability: A pair of hinges can safely and smoothly close a lid weighing up to 33 lbs, preventing slamming shut even for heavy toy box lids.
  • Designed for Controlled Closing: Our hinges are specifically crafted for controlling closing motion, ideal for top-opening projects like toy boxes, chests.
  • Trusted: Since released in 2016, numerous reviews highlight its reliability and effectiveness in various scenarios, confirming its superior performance.
  • Competitive Price: Offering competitive pricing and ensuring high-quality hinges are available to more customers.
  • Each Set Includes 1 soft close chest hinge, 2 brackets, 5 screws, and 1 paper mounting guide.


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Detail Information for Soft Closing Hinges

What is a slow close hinge or soft closing toy box hinge?

Apexstone soft close hinges, commonly referred to as hydraulic dampers, are also known as toy box hinges or soft close lid hinges, are an ideal damping device for slowing down moving weights such as doors and lids. Using the inertial force of the fluid, our soft-close gas struts offer a gentle and quiet closure, effectively preventing any potential damage. Our soft close door dampers are highly stable, easy to install, and customizable to meet your needs. Enjoy the benefits of a premium damping solution at an affordable price with Apexstone soft close chest hinge now.

Recommendation From Customer

Using Scenes

Are you still worried about your child’s fingers getting smashed from the toy box lid?
Soft close feature is essential for safety, especially when it comes to lids and cabinets that may accidentally trap little fingers. With Apexstone Soft Close Lid Hinges, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a gentle, slow closure that takes about 5 to 10 seconds to go from fully open to fully closed. Our cabinet hinges with soft close gas springs ensure toy box safety and can also be used for other projects that require a soft-closing mechanism. There’s plenty of time to move little fingers out of the way.

Toy-BOX-Soft Close hinges


  • Stroke: 5.7 inch/ 145 mm
  • Extended Length (hole center to hole center): 14.2 inch/ 360mm
  • Compressed Length: 8.46 inch/ 215mm
  • Force: A single Apexstone industrial shock absorber is suitable for a lid of fewer than 16.5 LBS, and a pair(2 pieces) of gas struts is suitable for a lid of fewer than 33 LBS accordingly.
  • Rod diameter: 0.24 inch/ 6mm
  • Cylinder diameter: 0.59 inch/ 15mm
  • Lid Size and Weight requirement: SOFT DOWN the door/ lid in which the SIDE LENGTH is Less than 30 Inches, the WEIGHT is Less than 30 Lbs
  • Material: Iron
  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Operating temperature: -10℃~40℃
  • Package: Ziplock bag.  Screws Included. 2 or more pieces will include a paper mounting guide.

Features of Apexstone Soft Closing Hinge

☑Strong and Sturdy

Apexstone sells the best soft close blanket chest hinges in the market, our hinges for lids or cabinets have similar characteristics as Blum soft close hinges. But Apexstone oil damper is more potent for some thick doors. Both together could slow down a lid to less than 30 Lbs in a safe way. It is perfect for a wood project like a toy box.

☑Affordable Price

We offer outstanding quality at a fair price. It’s worth the cost and helps you save money. We also offer a big discount to our customers. You can save more when you buy more. For example, Each piece of gas spring only costs $4.99 each piece if you order 50 pieces or above, up to 50% OFF. For large orders, don’t hesitate to contact us here. We are pleased to do business with you.

How do I Get Discounts?

Every customer will enjoy 2 types of discounts on one order if they meet the using rule.
First, 10% OFF your first order. Entering Promo code: “NEW” when checking out.
Second, buy more and save more automatically. 30% OFF your order if Quantity 4-15, 40% OFF your order if Quantity 16-49, and 60% OFF your order if Quantity over 50. Please note that the discount price will renew after adding to the cart.

☑Simple and Rapid Installation

We offer simple instructions to the letter. The page’s description also mentioned optimal mounting spots, making the installation easy. If you read the instructions and install it accordingly, it only took you about 10-20 minutes to make a really slow close lid. Highly recommend these apexstone safety hinges to anyone needing to replace an existing gas spring or install them for the first time.

Please note that faulty installations or buying the wrong pound rating shock will lead to problems such as poor performance. For lift support products, you can click here.

Customer Priorities in Apexstone Shop

Customizing your Slow Closing Toy Box Hinges

Apexstone Accepts customization, including Specifications(like Force, Length, Stroke, Material), Logo, and Package customization.

  • For Specifications customization: When you have a minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 10 pieces or above, please contact us for customization.
  • For Logo and Package Customization, the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements are listed below:
  1. MOQ 50 pics: You have a priority of a customized logo service on the struts at a low price, but no logo on the package.
  2. MOQ 500 pics: You have a priority of a free customized logo service on the struts, but no logo on the package.
  3. MOQ 1000 pics: You have a priority of a free customized logo service on the struts and the packages.

We recommend purchasing a pair first to confirm compatibility since bulk orders (10 pieces or above) are non-refundable. For more detail, please feel free to contact us.


Q1: What do Apexstone slow close hinges/ hydraulic dampers do?
A1: It is an ideal damping device for slowing down the chest lid and cabinet doors.

Q2: How to determine the strut length for the lid?
A2: Measure the strut when fully extended. If the lid is longer than the strut, it will work. The key is to install it correctly.

Q3: What is the shipping policy?
A3: We offer free shipping all over the world. please refer to the shipping policy before purchasing.

Q4: Can soft close gas struts hold a cabinet open?
A4: No. Soft close cabinet hinges act as a damper, designed to slow the motion of the lid and prevent the lid from slamming shut on fingers. If you are looking for gas struts to hold a lid open, lid support will be your good choice, they can hold and keep the cover open until you close them.

Q5: Can I install soft close hinges on cabinet doors that open from the top and drop down to a 90-degree flat position?
A5: Yes, soft close hinges designed for toy boxes can also be used for cabinets, ensuring a controlled and gradual closing of the cabinet door. However, we recommend considering cabinet gas struts, as they are specifically designed to provide robust support for cabinet lids in this configuration.

Q6: Can I install just one hinge on one side of the toy box or cabinet?
A6: To ensure even force distribution and prolong the lifespan of the hinges, we recommend using a pair, which consists of two pieces of soft close hinges.

Q7: Do you manufacture smaller-sized soft close hinges for cabinets?
A7: Apexstone currently offers 14.2-inch soft-closing hinges, which are suitable for most toy boxes and cabinet doors. After testing various sizes smaller than 14.2 inches, we observed that their slow-close performance does not match that of the 14.2-inch hinges. Therefore, we currently only offer one type of slow-closing toy box hinges. Furthermore, if you require customization for lift support gas struts with various specifications, please click here to begin the customization process.

Q8: Which way should I install the soft close strut, with the metal shaft at the top of the hatch or at the bottom on the side of the toy box?
A8: It is recommended to install the soft close strut with the metal shaft or rod at the top. The other end with the black cylinder should be positioned next to the side of the box.

Q9: How should I inspect the products?
A9: To inspect the products, follow these steps:
1. Begin by examining the exterior of the package for any signs of damage.
2. Next, ensure that all accessories are included. Each pair of hinges comes with 10 screws and 4 pieces of end fittings.

Q10: How can I choose the appropriate weight capacity for soft close kitchen cabinet hinges?
A10: Apexstone Soft Close hinges are suitable for lids or covers weighing less than 30 lbs. For instance, if you have a toy box weighing 28 lbs, you can use a pair of 14.2-inch soft close hinges to prevent it from slamming shut. It’s important to note that as the weight increases, the bottom mounting point should be positioned closer to the inner side of the box for optimal performance, which means to install vertically than horizontally.

Q11: Do vibration dampers work on the SentrySafe gun safe?
A11: No, they do not work on the SentrySafe gun safe. The sizes are not compatible. Additionally, SentrySafe or gun safes are typically equipped with gas struts to assist in lifting and supporting the lid, ensuring quick access to your pistol when needed. You can refer to Gun Safe Shock to order one if needed.

Q12: How do the metal balls on the mounting brackets pop into plastic connectors?
A12: To connect the metal balls to the plastic connectors, simply align the ball stud with the hole on the piston head and gently press with your thumb to connect them. If you find it difficult, you can use a small screwdriver to loosen the metal clip, but be sure not to remove the metal clip, as it can be challenging to reattach.

Q13: Does this come with all the necessary hardware for installing soft close door hinges?
A13: Yes, we provide screws, end fittings, and installation instructions. You will need to have a screwdriver, a pencil, and a measuring tape on hand for the installation.

Q14: How to adjust soft close door hinges?
A14: Please refer to this article for “how to adjust soft close hinges?”

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 24 × 4 × 2 mm

1 Set, 10 Sets, OEM Support

304 reviews for Apexstone Soft Close Hinges, Toy Box Hinges, 14.2 Inch Soft Close Lid Hinges

  1. Jim C.

    On 3/4″ plyboard toybox lid this pair goes down very slowly. GOOD.

  2. Brittany

    Bought these to use for a toy box. After reading the reviews and watching videos, we didn’t really use the instructions but it was easy enough to figure out. It’s a big solid wood toy box so I really searched for soft close hinges that would actually close softly – and these are it! Other products would slam at the end, these definitely don’t even with the heavy lid. Honestly some family members teased me that they work too well and the kids would be in the next room before the box closed, but I think that’s perfect. Definitely would recommend these!

  3. CEF

    I built 3 toy boxes for great grandkids and used these as lid closers. Keeps lid from accidentally slamming, shut on little fingers. Easy to install and work great.

  4. JSC

    I used these for an upholstered bench seat with storage underneath for toys and whatnot. I did the lid frame out of 2x4s, about 4 feet long, with a plywood base and the upholstered seat above it. So it was not very light, and I was worried about kids’ fingers getting smashed. But it holds the weight well, and catches and slows the closing speed so I don’t worry about crushed fingers. Also going to do some felt to further soften things. But these are great value, seem sturdy.

  5. wayne

    They are very good my son know longer has to worry about getting his fingers caught

  6. James R. Barley

    These did exactly what I wanted them to do. They make our 30 year old toy box lid close slowly so our child doesn’t get her fingers slammed shut. Like many others, you need to convert millimeters to inches and can read a simple schematic, you should be okay. After I installed one of the supports, I tested the lid and it worked great! It slowed down to where a child could easily lower the lid on their own and not get their fingers pinched. I installed the second support and the lid closed even slower! Using both supports, it takes the lid at least 10 seconds to fully close on its own. Instructions aside, I am very very pleased with these. Total install time was about 15 minutes, but only because I couldn’t attach the supports directly to the inside of the box (due to where the toy box lid rests). If you can attach the supports directly to the box, you should be able to install both supports together in under 15 minutes.

  7. B Johnson

    Installed this hinges on a wooden trunk to make it a safe toy box lid that won’t drop down onto little fingers. These hinges seem sturdy and should hold up for years.

  8. Billy Fultz

    These lid supports did a good job on a fold down desk door.

  9. Kristen

    Once you figure out how install them they work well. I installed them on a heavy cedar chest and so far so good. (I just installed today so I can’t speak on the longevity)
    Your best bet for when installing them is to stretch it out to its max length and line it up in your chest and mark where you need the hardware. Install the bottom hinge first, stretch it out again and then line up again and mark where it will reach for the top hardware.
    As of right now I would recommend. If anything changes I will update this review.

  10. Allan R.

    I carefully read reviews of those that had installed these. Most important is length of 9″ closed, 14.5″ open. Set the inside box position at about 2 1/2-3/4″ from back and a hair short of 9″ to allow fo full close wothout reaching end of range of strut, very important. Then extended to full length, I chose where I wanted them to be fully open. The mounting bracket for top has a nice adjustment slot of about 1″, very handy. I set it in middle and drilled my holes, nervously! Immediate success! Mirror installed the second as this is very heavy top, and watch the video! Better than I had expected. Definitely recommend these.

  11. Dale

    After getting them adjusted properly, I mounted the one end to a solid piece of wood to clamp on the sidewall to find optimum location for mount to insure proper operation of stopping the lid of a toy box from smashing fingers. It was worth the extra effort of trial and error.

  12. Patrick

    Made a toy chest for my grand daughter and used these soft close lid support to make sure she doesn’t get her fingers caught. They worked great. The lid closes nice and slow, even if you push down on them. They were easy to install and had instructions with the measurements need to get the job done correctly.

  13. Ron Hartley

    Although these did not work for my application they are as stated and will keep them for later use. Very fast shipping.

  14. Bonnieb

    We have a coffee table with storage and it has fairly heavy lids. We needed to make sure that my 2 year grand son was not getting his fingers smashed. These soft close lid supports were just what we needed! I think these are worth the money spent!

  15. james mc


  16. Casey

    This slow-close hinge worked perfectly for my project. I made a toy box for a friend’s baby shower and it came out just as I expected.

    I followed the instructions to the letter; they give you measurements to follow, albeit in metric, but I just counted cm and mm on my tape measure according to the directions.

    I drilled the first hole for the screw on the bottom bracket and put the hinge in position. I then test-fitted the hinge and it fit fine. I marked the other two holes and drove the screws home for a perfect fit! It really is that easy.

    I thought I would have to use both hinges because my lid was quite heavy with 3/4” pine and 1/2” ply, but one hinge handled the load just fine. It actually closes quite a bit slower than I expected, but I’m happy with it. I will buy these hinges for future projects without trepidation.

  17. Dr. A

    Very smooth lowero when using 2. Positioning difficulty exaggerated

  18. R. E. Neal

    First Let me say that these gas cylinders work and function great. Instructions suck as they always do from china but manageable if you are mechanically minded. I added these to the inside of an old chest type box where the lid is 5″ deep so the attachments that are included have to be arranged differently than the directions. After installing one cylinder I dropped the lid and watched it slowly descend . . . . perfect! So for backup I installed the opposite side. Now it takes approximately 15 seconds for the lid to close. It does open easily with no binding or restrictions.

  19. Corbet

    These work great once installed. The issue is with the directions. Look at previous posts for better measurements and pay attention to how your lid will need to close.

  20. Mark P

    We made a hope chest for my oldest daughter for Christmas. We wanted to install some soft close arms…which we did (see the video). The directions are a little confusing, but once we angled the lower part of the arm down toward the bottom of the chest, it worked great! Very happy with the purchase. Time will tell how durable these are.

  21. Daniel Ray

  22. markba122

    Great for my granddaughter’s new toy chest so little fingers don’t get pinched

  23. M.P.

    I made my trunk with 3/4″ maple plywood and needed struts that could handle a heavier lid. There is a free fall of about 6″ before the compressed air takes the lid to a soft close. I ordered the brass corners, furniture tacks and smart standard flush pull 6 1/2″ handle on Amazon.

  24. Omar F Abdullah


  25. Soonernate

    This hinge set did the job, but had to use a little bit longer screws to improve stability and sturdiness. Upper mounting brackets have the slightly longer, sturdier screws.

  26. wayne lockman

    Took 2 for a toy box lid but does soft close

  27. J. A. C.

    Bought these for a blanket keeper I got from my grandma. The original ones pulled out of the wood and twisted. These are great. Easy to mount and sturdy.

  28. Jack

    Used them to replace the gas struts on a Steel Glide toolbox and they worked fine.

  29. Rolando Fagarang

    I made a storage for my coolers and bought this item for the doors. It was perfect, easy to install. I would purchase this item again.

  30. Sophia A

    This would have been extremely easy to install except for the fact that it was missing half the screws I needed to install it. Also, the instructions are inaccurate. I found that for the body of the storage bench you need to install it about 5 inches from the top of the bench for the lid to shut completely. Otherwise it was a breeze to install. It was just extremely frustrating that I couldn’t complete it until I went to the hardware store to get the missing screws. Took 2 stars off the review for the missing screws.

    Also, many people complained it was not soft closing. Mine closed extremely softly. You can tell from the video it closes very slowly.

  31. Bear

    They work well. Put them on in no time with out instructions.

    Apexstone soft close gas spring work well on a toy storage box

  32. BettyBuckeye

    This was easy to install and does keep the tailgate from slamming down. Disappointed that it doesn’t slow the drop rate a little more, but it does work. Good value for price.

  33. Joshua Orkin

    I used these to make a hinged lid on a coffee table for a hideaway monitor. They work great for holding it open at the right angle and slowing the lid so it doesn’t slam, but installation is very tricky

  34. gene lavin

    I bought these for the lid on a kids toy box. These are excellent, with all the hardware needed to install them and very clear instructions. After 55 years of woodworking these are the best I have ever used! I can’t recommend these enough.

  35. McKenna

    Very easy to install, works perfectly with the pillow box my husband made, which the top bar is very heavy but this product help the door to open and close slowly.

  36. KC

    A set of instructions that are easy to read and actually work. Took less then 10 minutes to install and the lid is now a true slow close, no slam lid for our grandson’s toy box.
    Highly recommend this product!

  37. Brandon R., Bartz

    Worked perfect for a cedar chest lid. Instructions were clear. I had to move the chest side ball stud down to make the lid close softly for 2 year old fingers and it worked well.

  38. Boricuaso

    Instructions are little to no help and I had to watch a couple of videos to figure out proper installation. Once installed they are working fine.

  39. jose

    Tricky install.. figured it out and so happy I made this purchase! Does the job perfectly.

  40. Frances

    There are no instructions for this size of product. So, I had given up. But, as I was pondering the problem I imagined how the product would look if it were hanging straight down from the lid. I had a 5 inch depth on the lid which was part of my problem.
    1. Attach soft close to lid about a third of length of lid from hinge. I attached mine at 7” from hinge.
    2. Close lid till soft close is hanging straight down and mark spot.
    3. How far down it needs to be placed. With mine I had to deduct the height of the lid. Attach the anchor and pop in the end of the soft clothes and carefully try it out to make sure it can’t handle the load of the lid. The screws that come with it or not nearly strong enough to handle a heavy lid so I used the longest screws I could that would not go through my box.
    I hope this made sense because it’s not hard once you figure out where it needs to be placed. It’s working great, holds my lid open while I’m getting stuff out and also allows for a soft close

  41. Dawn Hathaway

    Bought these for a large homemade wooden toy chest made of Oak. FYI ~ While these are well made and a good product, be aware that you may have to adjust products to the project in question…

  42. CH

    put these on a cedar chest and a toy box. easy to install and works great.

  43. Knowles

  44. Mar

    Used this on on lid of a toy box I built
    Instructions were pretty straight forward and easy to follow
    Simple to fit and works perfectly
    Holds the lid upright and soft closes right down to the finished closed position

  45. Woodrow D.

    Work properly with the hatch lid

  46. Tsimp

    Used this for an Ikea ottoman storage. 4.5 inch up bottom of lid. 8.5 inch from end to the side attachment point. The connector are very weak and will bend easily. Following the instructions included resulted in the lid just dropping unsupported even with both struts. The measurements above worked well.

  47. David R.

    Works great for a soft close lid on a toy box. A package of two, but only used one. So I have one for another project.

  48. Rockael Gonzales

    Very easy to install and very good results. I used these on a relatively heavy lid (25 lbs) and the lid takes about 15 seconds to close. It closes very softly. I have seen a lot of negative reviews for this product saying they are flimsy and difficult to install. This is not correct. The most important thing to note is to make sure that the struts are vertical when the lid closes, we want the forces to be applied to the strong axis. If you have the struts angled or horizontal like some of the pictures on these reviews then they will likely underperform and break because the forces are being applied along the weak axis. Also, dont attach the struts directly next to the hinges on the lid. Ever tried to open a heavy door by pushing right next to the hinges? Doesn’t work well. When attaching the struts, attach to the lid first, then extend the strut fully and mark the location to attach the bottom of the strut about an inch short of the full length of the strut. Last thing…make sure the black casing is up and the smaller, chrome portion is down.

    Best soft close hinges for toy box

  49. brian brown

    I built a toy box for the kids but was afraid they’d get hurt if the lid slammed. Looked all around and had a hard time finding one with good reviews. This works great. Follow the instructions for install and it’s a breeze.

  50. Chris

    Very pleased with the gas struts, they work as described. Used them on a toy box I built for my grandson, the lid closes slowly and smoothly as to not smash little fingers or slam down on his head. However, the L brackets that attach to the lid are weak and bent the first time operating the lid. If they beef up those brackets the struts would be 5 stars! I ordered some heavy duty brackets from my local automotive store for the fix. Now they should last a very long time.

  51. Brian

    We installed this on a wooden trunk to keep the lid from slamming closed. It comes with 2 different attachment points: one end has a ball on a round plate, the other end is on a right angle bracket. The end with the right angle bracket is a little flimsy and bends easily. For example, when the lid is closing, if someone were to push the lid down to force it to close faster, the angle bracket bends over. The opposite is true: if someone were to open the lid of the box too fast the bracket bends the other direction. Over time, this slight bending back and forth is eventually going to cause that little bracket to break off. You can see the bending in the photo. Minus one start for the low quality bracket. If the bracket metal were twice as thick then this item would be perfect. I installed two of these; one on each side of the trunk. That way, if one of them breaks, the other one serves as a backup. I also agree with what others have said: most of the 1 star reviews are people who are bad at math, measuring, and angles. If you read the instructions and install accordingly, these work great.

  52. D. Anderson

    The instructions are written for a few different models of gas struts but use the one for the Soft Close Lid Support. The only issue I had was the lid falls rapidly for the first couple of inches of strut compression before it slows down. Not ideal but it works.

  53. John

    I am happy with the product but it took a second try to get it installed so that the lift to not rub the side of the chest when the lid closed. The instructions could have been a little more specific and clear about where the screw hole measurements need to end up.

  54. Stephanie

    We have a cedar chest with a heavy lid that we store blankets in. I’ve been really worried about my little girls getting their fingers smashed or broken. My husband installed these and it’s perfect. The lid slow closes now, giving little fingers time to move. This has given me great peace of mind.

  55. M. Hunt


  56. Martyn J Hiscox

    I really needed the next size down, if there is such a thing, but after some experimentation I successfully fitted the struts into 5” deep storage box under a bench seat. The result is a very slow closing action for the heavy lid but there will be no injuries to toddlers fingers or heads.

  57. James Justice

  58. Justin Summers

    Perfect product for our storage unit

  59. MeDC

    Throw out the door nstallation instructions and use common n sense and these are gret

  60. Carissa

    Watch my video I posted if you have a chest that has a deep lid .. directions are confusing but this should help .. follow the instructions for the lid as far as the 90mm go but don’t follow anything else as it’s not going to work for you. It’s about 6.5inch vertical measurement from the side of the trunk and 5.5inches horizontal on the side of the trunk .. it’ll soft close on and and open completely.. for those who have a flat top lid follow the instructions go 2inches from the side of the lid and 3.5inches from the hinge than 8.6inches from the side of the trunk vertically and 7.6inches from the side of the trunk horizontally and it’ll work perfectly for you .. hope the video helps everyone .. product works as advertised and I’d buy again !

  61. Buddy Singh

    Easy to install

  62. Tom H

    This was to replace two hinges on our ottoman for kids toys. Was easy to install. Only pain is that they pop out easily if over extended

  63. cardude

    Purchased this for my tool box lid, to replace the ones that died (the original ones that came on the box. This set worked just fine and we not too strong for the lid. Really like the soft close.

  64. Gretchen

    these worked out GREAT on our son’s homemade toy box.

    It created a nice soft close so I do not need to worry about his fingers getting stuck.

    My husband put them together easy.

  65. heavy

    Note these are soft close not the ones that raise to the and also down the close

  66. Frederick S. Wojick

    got these to build a gun shelve , work great

  67. tim

    I had used another size lift two years ago and like them. So, I felt confident that buying the same product would suit the current project just fine. Right choice!

  68. Al

    I built a very large and heavy wood box to store patio furniture cushions.I needed something to close he lid softly and not slam anyone’s fingers.These struts worked perfect.I weighed the lid at 21 pounds and ordered these struts because together they support 24 lbs. Perfect. One word of caution, the instructions indicate installing 3 1/2 inches from the bottom of the lid, that fine if you want the lid at about 80 degrees and the lid won’t stay open. To get the lid to stay open at about 95-100 degrees I had to lower the lid bracket to
    2 1/2 Inches from the bottom of the lid.

  69. Amanda

    Everyone says it but I will say it again, installing these SUCK! It took forever trying to figure how the correct measurements for my laundry lid to get this installed. I finished in just under an hour–for one. BUT now that it is in, I love it. So please know it will take a moment but it will be worth it in the end.

  70. Thomas E. Swantek Jr.

    * Easy to install
    * Comes with all required hardware
    * Backing comes off for easy mount to ball

    Cons –
    * Instructions that came with didn’t seem as helpful

    I got for my sons toybox, the lid is kinda heavy and didn’t want it slamming down on his little fingers. After looking I decided on these. They definitely did not disappoint. On the description of the page they mentioned optimal mounting spots, so the install made fairly easy. I didn’t notice the back cap came off to easily insert mount over ball, afterwards made the 2nd side that much easier. It does lower very slowly and doesn’t slam shut. It did come with instructions and all the required hardware.

  71. Juel Scherf

    Great for our blanket chest. Only used one of the two. Works as expected. No crunches fingers. No slammed lids.

  72. John Shipley

    I used these soft close supports for a heavy lid for a firewood storage bin. They work perfectly. Install was easy, but make sure to remove the keepers on the ends before you install them on the ball ends and then reinstall. Now the lid closes softly and protects my grand kids from smashed fingers.

  73. Jake

    awesome product installed it on my 2yr olds toy chest and it was a very idea to prevent little fingers from getting smashed and so glad I used this product.

  74. JC

    Bought these to allow a wooden toybox lid to close slowly to avoid smashing little fingers. They work as described and have been in use for over a year now. Many little fingers have been saved thanks to this product.

  75. Stephanie Baker

    After I bought the 100N struts from the same maker and realized they were the wrong type, I bought these and the work exactly as described. I put the on a fairly hefty lid of a parcel box for our porch so it doesn’t slam when closed and it goes down super smooth and slow. Install wasn’t bad if you use the metric side of a straight edge ruler. Just make sure you measure according to the right set of directions for your application (all the different struts come with same direction sheet with multiple configurations).

  76. Jess Gill

    I ordered these to make sure the toy box lib would not slam and smash my niece’s fingers. They were easy to install and work like a charm.

  77. Walter Kimley

    great price installed on my truck tool box work great

  78. Richard S.

    I almost passed on buying these due to the 12% negative reviews. After reading through most of the reviews it was obvious the majority of the complaints were due to faulty installations, or buying the wrong pound rating shock. The instructions that come with the lid support can be a bit confusing, but going slowly and being careful is the key to a proper installation.
    The home made hamper I’m using this on has an 18 in. X 32 in. X 3/4 in lid. As you can see from the attached video I’m only using one of the lid supports. The closing action is smooth and closes completely without slamming the lid at the end of the closing process. We used to have the hamper up against a wall, which kept the lid from falling back. After installing a closet system we had to position the hamper in the middle of the closet, which made it necessary to have rear support for the lid. The Apexstone soft close lid support provided this along with preventing the lid from slamming.
    I’m extremely happy with the performance and the fact I have a spare in case the gas shock ever fails.

  79. Joe Bandza

    Easy install, works as advertised

  80. Brian C.

    My wife and I got this for a large chest we bought for the kids toys. The lid was heavy, and would slam shut. So, we purchased and installed these! Installation was easy, and they do exactly what we need. The lid now closes nice and soft, and we don’t have to worry about little fingers getting slammed.

  81. Jesse A. Spell Jr.

    Instructions are hard to follow and are in metric

  82. Sherrie Los

    We were hesitant ordering these after reading numerous reviews mentioning how difficult they are to install. My husband installed them in under 10 minutes with no issues. They work well so far on heavy cedar lid.
    They dont feel super strong but are doing the job so far 🙂 time will tell as we just installed today.

  83. Jackie

    Loved the look, quality and price

  84. Priscilla Willis

    Well worth it for the money and peace of mind. Bout this for my husband to install on our sons toy box he just finished building. Took 10 minutes to install and works great!

  85. Cassondra K.

    Great product

  86. RIJIM

    Low cost, easy to install and functional, just what I needed

  87. Katelyn Jupp

    Good stuff

  88. KOM

    The measurements in the instructions were designed in mm not inches. Made it a little tricky to install with an imperial tape measure that only goes to 1/16th of an inch. Have a metric tape measure? Easy peasy.
    I sort of fudged the measurements here and once installed, I found that the lower bracket was perhaps a bit too low. I found the lid angle in the open position meant that it did not want to stay open on its own. I also had a little more room in the piston’s travel when closed. Rather than move the bottom bracket, I wanted to make sure that the lid would stay open when needed so I happen to have a friction lid support and installed that on the other side.
    One strut is plenty for the weight of this lid, so it works.
    Due to the construction of this particular toy bench, I needed to notch out where the top bracket met the ledge on the side so it cleared when closed.
    Just out of the package the strut seemed stiff with no play at any point during its travel. After installation however, it somehow loosened significantly at the top of its travel (at full extension). Not sure what happened, but I’m glad I only needed one and can replace it if, after hard use, it gives out completely.
    The strut and the friction support work in tandem to keep the lid open and then keep it from slamming once you get it started.
    The connections at the brackets have some play and don’t seem super sturdy but I’m not overly concerned since the weight of the lid isn’t significant.

  89. RTG

    Like other reviewers directions are vague and in metric. Luckily by reading other reviews it took me about 30 minutes to install these.

    Apexstone soft close gas springs Comes with vague instructions in metric

  90. Krystle Cronovich

    These are great. They work really well and a great option for any heavier kid you’d need a soft close on.

    Not sure what all the reviews are about these being tricky to install. As mentioned in a previous review follow these instructions. The measurements are 3 1/2″ from the back of the lid (do this bracket last so you can line up the closer with the side of the cabinet), 7 7/16 from the back of the cabinet and 8 5/8 from the bottom of the cabinet.

  91. Norman E Rouch Jr

    Perfect replacement for the lid on my stainless CPSP Tool Box.

  92. vicflash

    I bought these for my first grandchilds toy box. Refinished box and added only one of these and it was way more that enough to keep fingers from getting pinched. SUPER easy install. Numbers in inches provided. Plus/minus no problem. Just get it close. Works like a champ.

    Better than expected. Easy install. Very sturdy. AAA+

  93. Teresa Walters

    Used this on a toy box lid and it was easy and great for small children.

  94. Ryan Toth

    These gas struts worked very well on the toy chest I built for my niece. Just follow the instructions on the white paper for your specific application. The lid on my toy chest is a heavy 3/4” red oak. It measures 25”x 37”x3/4. I could have gotten away with using one, but adding the second strut allows the lid to close at a very acceptable speed.


    I used double back tape to find location to mount on a toy box. Hold lid where it stays open, using double back tape on mounts of support, position support so it is fully extended at open position and take measurements. Take care that the top of the support is below and inside of box when closed. Using measurements mount the other side support. A couple of the retainers in the socket for the ball support did break off but was still usable. Installed these on three toy boxes and all worked great.

  96. C B

    Excellent product

  97. RTE

    Works great, would have been easier to install with a template.

  98. Todd

    Have had a chest storage unit for many years and the lid supports wore out. These were a great replacement for the originals and also provide a slow auto closure that the originals didn’t.

  99. philip streat

    The directions were horrible. But the product is great and works wonderful.

  100. WSK

    We used the soft close strut to protect little fingers when converting a cedar chest to use for active storage in a mud room. Directions were easy to follow, and was a one-shot, no miscue install. DO take time to read the instructions, absorb and understand the schematics. Very straight-forward. Note separate instructions for multiple products on same sheet of directions. Identify your product for intended installation instructions. Works great!

  101. william harrison


  102. Vanny

    I was nervous reading the reviews, but I followed the instructions, googled the metric conversions and screwed it in loosely first to test that it was setup correctly. Works well! No more finger smashing storage chest.

  103. Imfairlyamused

    These are great! Love it

  104. sherman

    Convenient good price range

  105. Clay M.

    Easy to install, just followed the instructions and it functioned as it should

  106. green

    Not strong enough

  107. Josh Cochrane

    In-laws gave us the toy chest my wife used when she was little – sturdy wooden box built & painted by her grandpa. But with a lid that loved to slam shut on little hands. So I ordered & installed these to protect little hands, and they’re working *GREAT* – kiddos can now open and close the toy box without us worrying about their little hands (so much).

  108. invidious

    The price was right and the install was quick, what more can you ask for. The resistance strength is a bit high for the weight of the lid but that isn’t their fault.

  109. Michael Caracena

    What I expected

  110. Umar Ahmed

    Easy to install. Very sturdy, and work beautifully.

  111. judy bennett

    keeps my lid up !!!!!

  112. JS

    Works great

  113. Nathan Blair

    I almost didn’t purchase these because it sounded like the install was going to be too difficult, based on other reviews. I guess I got lucky because it only took me about 10 minutes to install on a toy box I made, but I didn’t use the instructions at all. First I opened the lid to the point I wanted it to stop, in my case almost straight up and down. Then I held the strut, fully open, to mimic where it would go. I used a pencil and marked on the wood where the brackets would need to go. Then I attached the top bracket first and put the strut on the ball joint. Then attached the lower bracket, making sure it was going to close how it wanted it. It takes probably 10 or 15 seconds for the lid to close completely, which is a little slower than I would have preferred, but it does an excellent job of keeping little fingers safe which was my main goal.

  114. S. Rogers

    Great product! Easy to install was able to hold up my 25 to 30 pound wooden lid

  115. Happy Mommy of 3

    Turned our antique chest from a potential finger-chopping hazard into a slow-lowering lidded wonder. It did take a few false starts with the install and I had to try several different placements to get it to work correctly. The optimal placement ended up being way different from the recommended one, but I think it might be because our lid had a significant lip hanging down that made the recommended measurements for placement unworkable. Would definitely purchase again, though. Have had them installed for months and still works great, even with a super heavy lid!

  116. VOLE9

    Works well but need to study installation instructions and watch a youtube video

  117. ZooLoo

    Did what I hoped

  118. Ivan

    For the money its a great buy. I would buy again. Be ware as the instructions a awful, had to look at some youtube videos. But the certainly work.

  119. Bill

    First time using gas pistons on a project, but after a few erroneous holes it worked perfectly. I built a dual trash hide-away container for the kitchen, that pivots at the bottom to open/close. These pistons allow the lid to open smoothly and easily, but when you push it closed the gas kicks in and brings it in very slowly. Previously, every guest would accidentally slam the door shut, but now it closes itself with a minimal push. Great product and works as designed. Note, I only needed 1 of the pistons, 2 would have been too strong.

  120. Oligodendroglioma Fund

    Worked perfectly, easy to install… actually only needed to use one for the toy chest because it worked so well. Fast delivery and quality item.

  121. Dawn Rice

    I make toy boxes and storage boxes and I am FOREVER looking for a really good slow closing hinge..WELL…I finally found some. These are probably THEE best on the market. Yes i bought the SO CALLED really great ones from Lowes,Home Depot and Menards ( ALL JUNK..!!! ) always seems like a fight to get their brands installed. And I will admit I wasn’t expecting great things from them,being so low priced..but WOW,did they knock it out of the park.!! I don’t understand why others had so problems installing them…the cried about “ITS in millimeter ” uh,go to Google and use the conversation chart..smh… I can have them installed in about 10 minutes and thery are perfect in everyway. Just ordered 4 more..!!

  122. Thomas R. Utz


  123. Roseann

    I bought the 33lb struts. The instructions are specific for an unknown size box. These work as I wanted after a lot of frustration. The instructions were no help so I used trial and error drilling holes and moving them around. Also the two combined are for a lid weighing about 30lbs or less. That’s in the fine print somewhere. I wish I bought the 45 lb ones. They’re fine for the closing but seem stressed when it’s being held open. I put a door stopper on the hinges. I recommend watching some YouTube videos if you’ve never installed these before. Good luck. Difficulty level is because of the instructions. Actually not that bad once you figure it out.

  124. T

    Easy to install.

  125. katie

    Worked perfect for a toy box. Definitely would recommend for anything with kids.

  126. Jason Brandt

    This replaced a damaged soft-close hinge on the heavy lid of a toy chest for my kids. The instructions were very basic, but they give you enough information to install the mounts quickly. Just measure the distance from the hinge on the lid and on the base, screw in the mounts, and clip on the gas shock. Works like a champ.

  127. Woodlover

    I purchase these for a toy chest. Once installed, I only needed one and the lid closed very gently. Worked perfectly. Installation was very easy — after you figured out where to install. The instructions on the Apexstone website were perfect. However, the instructions that came with the unit were confusing.

  128. Juan Huertas

    Works wonders! The top of my chest was VERY heavy and works great! You can even see my son is pushing down on it, and it is still slow enough not to pinch any kids fingers

  129. Man in Gan.

    These items were perfect for the job. Much better then the first I tried, which had to be returned.

  130. Jackie

    Excellent value. I purchased 4 more for a different project.

  131. Weekend Craftsman

    Worked perfectly on my lane chest.

  132. Benjamin Gorospe

    I built a box/storage for my garage and I needed this to hold the lid open so that it doesn’t slam shut. This lid support is great, the lid on my box would slowly close and is perfect for my need.

  133. sara colello

    Was perfect for my project! I built a heavier duty trashcan to cut down on my dog’s shenanigans and I didnt want to spend $30 for soft close hinges which is what our local hardware store was offering. These ended up working perfectly.

  134. brian

    worked great on toy box could have better instructions but product its self is 5 stars

  135. Steve J

    Used these on my daughter’s solid wanut hope chest. Instructions were about useless, so after one trial and error the second try was great. Used two for the lid which was about 20 pounds and the lifts held the lid vertical and when pushing to close they drop down about 20 degrees quickly and then after about 3 seconds they softly close. No smashed fingers!

  136. Michael K.

    Easy to install, good seller communication via email. Product ,struts, could have more details listed on website about what models have what features and more info on the size matching for projects of different weights and dimensions.
    For example one 45# strut warns not for use on toy boxes (implied to strong), however others are to week and it’s not clear . I suggest a table of strut types vs features and stress limits with check mark or info in the table to show what each does. Also might help to have simple stress formula and discussion in the notes.

  137. Chris

    Soft close, safe for those little hands on a toy box lid. Works as expected and easy to install after converting mm to inches.

  138. Zeke Lark

    I bought a couple of these to prevent the lid on a child’s toy box from free-falling closed and smashing fingers. It does that great; however, I was expecting that they’d be strong enough/have a mechanism to stay fully extended and keep the lid open. This isn’t the case. When opened to full length they just slowly (and I mean slowly) compress and let the lid shut. It’s kind of comical to watch the lid close so slowly. I have other soft close hinges like this that require far less force to close, but are still able to hold a lid open at full length. Just taking off a single star because these are still great because they do prevent the lid from slamming closed; however, for as much weight as they support I expected them to hold the lid open all the way.

  139. Miguel

    I installed a pair of these in a hope chest, and they work perfectly

  140. Ton G

    I used to soft close a chest.

  141. Cheri M.

    Used for a bench about 3.5” wide

  142. Scott W.

    Easy to install. Supports a good amount of weight, I didn’t need 2, but I’m sure I can find something to put the 2nd on. I’m happy as long as my baby’s fingers don’t get smashed.

  143. Jen

    These were so easy to install and work great on the toy box I built. Thank god for the pictures on the instructions.

  144. Kristen A Fratz

    Great product although the pin mounts bent a little during use. Slow closing action is smooth.

  145. Alexis K Marshall

    East to install. I only did 1. The instructions show 3 different struts so look back at the order to see what you bought. The struts are not marked. You need a ruler, a speedsquare, a pencil, and a phillips head. It came with all of the hardware to install. This is not a typical strut like on cars. It’s very soft closing.

  146. KJ

    Used these soft close supports on a custom toy chest lid. Followed instructions from other reviews, not the ones provided with the hinges. Worked perfectly, highly recommend!

  147. Clinton

    They work ok but the weight range seems off.

  148. Natcanela

    *Make sure you use the right part of the instructions, because the instruction sheet is one page that includes measurements for attachment for three different types of struts–I almost used the measurements for a gas-opener strut instead of the soft-close strut that I purchased, but luckily I noticed in time.

    These work like a charm. My son had the toy chest lid fall on his back the other day–lucky it wasn’t his hand on the edge because it very well could have broken his hand. Now it’s not even a concern (see the uploaded video).

    I had to finagle the attachment a bit because when I constructed the toy chest, I used thin 1/4″ panels around the sides set into a thicker frame to reduce the overall weight. I actually drilled the first hold through the thin paneling on accident before I realized I was going to have to change the way I attach the strut. It ended up working well attaching it high on the back wall (in the heavier frame) and to the inside edge of the lid (see video).

    I personally don’t have the issue some others have where it goes part way and then thumps down–mine is soft all the way to the end, although it does fall about 1/2 foot before the strut catches. Maybe it has something to do with the odd way I ended up attaching it?

    Well, it works, and I for the price, I highly recommend it.

  149. Jesse Estrada

    great product no complaints

  150. Jeff Larsen

    I used these lid supports for a combination bench/toy box that I built for a friend. I was a bit hesitant because of many other reviews complaining about the instructions and the difficulty of instalation. But it took me about 10 minutes to mount them on both sides of the box. The instructions are very clear, if you can read and look at a picture and use a measuring tape. There are only 2 measurements that you need to make for each mounting point, and double check the length of the support before you drill and screw and you will be fine.

  151. Steve J

    I am refinishing a Lane cedar chest that has a very heavy lid. Not sure if it had lid stops on it originally so I decided to buy the Apexstone Lid support. Instructions were kind of hard to understand, but I figured out how to install them by myself. One of the supports was very easy to compress, like a seal was blown. The other was exponentially stronger. I installed the strong one and by itself it did the job, softly closing the lid. Just for the heck of it I installed the bad one, just for a symmetrical look. Overall, did the job. Wish I had a pair doing the work, but for $11 I guess I’m satisfied.

  152. AV

    Thank you. I’m very happy with my purchase

  153. Michael Sutherlin

    Great product and easy to install!

  154. Michael Nix

    Use these on 2 yr olds toy box lid. Should a bought some 15yrs ago. Yes the toy box has been around awhile and so have I.

  155. TreasureLord

    Installed 2 of these on a Lane cedar chest we converted to a toy chest. The instructions are pretty worthless and in mm, ended up using my own measurements after several attempts. So far they’re working great and hopefully will prevent smashed little fingers.

  156. Peggy maillet

    safe hinges for the toy boxes gteat slow close

  157. Mynameis

    Perfect for fixing the kids’ old toy box. Back up and running for the grandkids.
    Go off your own knowledge and measurements, because the paper provided isn’t helpful. We only used one and it works great.

  158. dfunk

    So far so good, will update if any issues in future. Works well with my wooden toybox. Doesn’t slam at the end of closing which I was worried about. Good product so far

  159. Zack Miller

    Awesome shocks. Very strong.

    They let the solid wood lid of my soon-to-be born sons toy chest close very slowly and safely.

  160. Jonathan Salter

    Not that hard to install if you put some thought into it. Worked well and handled some heavy built in toy box lids. Four stars because I could only install one of these per side (due to the design of the box), and though the lid isn’t heavy enough to require two, it still bangs a bit at the very end. It’s safe enough to help keep the lids from slamming on tiny fingers, so I’m pleased.

  161. Jeffexit7

    Used these on a large lid 24″ x 48″ and the instructions were clear. Really worked out well!

  162. Justin

    Get the right ones for the job. Vey sturdy

  163. Maryse

  164. Dallas Williams

    Works perfectly on our kids toy box highly recommended

  165. Mike Pope

    I build my wife a folding sewing table and used these to hold the weight of the table leaf when it is being folded down to store. The leaf was 4′ by 2′ of 3/4″ plywood with foldable legs on the outside, so it was a little heavy. After installing these on both sides we can fold up the legs and just let go of the leaf and it slowly falls down into place.

  166. Kenneth C

    Used for toy box to protect our grandbabies. Works great

  167. julio cesar garcia

    Good product

  168. anita

    Works great! Good product to protect little one’s fingers in a toy box. Closes slow enough to get hands out of the way

  169. Judith

    Perfect closures for project. Quick delivery and super easy to install. We used them in a very old trunk which is going in the grandchikdren’s playhouse to store dress-up clothes. The trunk lid is extremely heavy but no worries now about smashed little fingers, these closures are perfect.

  170. WachtLady

    I’ll like these once I get the spacing figured out; the suggested dimensions didn’t seem to work for my project but I made a dummy set-up to try different spacing (so I wouldn’t damage my original project); eventually got it figured out.

  171. Jeffrey D.

    These were easy to install…..just follow the instructions in the package with each shock! I had to view the diagram/instructions on Apexstone to change measurements from mm to inches…other than that small issue….no problems..!!!!

  172. Mpany13

    Have an very old chest with a heavy lid. This set worked better than I expected. Two thumbs up!!

  173. Heather C Martinez

    These work really well if you read and follow the instructions very closely. If you don’t follow the instructions, and you just look at them and think, “ok, looks like they go on this way,” you’re probably going to break at least one of them putting them on. You really do have to take that little unlocking clip out before snapping it onto the mounting bracket, or that little plastic pivot joint just explodes. Ask me how I know. Customer service was great, though.

  174. Jeff Nygaard

    Works good, make sure you have a metric ruler to install

  175. Rickey P.

    This is a Christmas Gift… no Fred back at this time

  176. Belacyrf

    I was a little worried about installing these based off some of the reviews. But contrary to what I read, there’s quite a bit of room for error in the installation and it turned out to be a breeze. The instruction sheet included 3 sets of instructions, and so you do want to make sure you use the correct section for the specific part you ordered. Also, the instructions were metric and I didn’t have a metric measuring tape handy so I had to make ‘close enough’ measurements and it still works just fine. I used 2 soft close lid supports because the lid to the chest I used them on is quite heavy. They work like a charm. I keep my kids stuff in the chest and now I don’t have any worries of the lid slamming down on them or pinching their fingers. I’m very happy with this product!

  177. coppergoat755

    Very sharp good value

  178. Tony Proctor

    These were perfect for my sons toy chest we built, the instructions weren’t great, but we figured it out. I love the slow close for my son

  179. Taylor

    I put these on a toy chest I built for my son. They work exactly as I wanted them to. The kid comes down nice and slow so my son won’t pinch his fingers. He is able to lift the lid easily as well. I will probably use the same on the next toy chest.

  180. Karen C


  181. Ashley C

    Love the soft close hinge. The bench lid is very heavy and the hinges help our littles get their winter gear wittgiut worrying about pinching fingers.

  182. Ryan H

    I wanted to get a little support for the lid of my sons Toybox and was a little unsure which struts to go with. I saw some mixed reviews on these especially regarding installation so was hesitant but went with them first anyway.

    Installation took about 20 minutes total for both struts. I probably could just installed one and been done, but the lid is fairly heavy and I was worried about it slamming down if someday it failed.

    Installation was simple. For what it’s worth, the hardest part about it was converting the measurements on the instructions from millimeters to inches.

    I adjusted them to hold the lid open to just over 90*, and it still fully closes at a slow rate so any pinched fingers shouldn’t have much of any force behind it. If you just tap it shut, it takes 5+ seconds for the lid to actually close which is great. Even when I only had the first strut installed, it closed a little bit faster but it was still at a relatively safe speed for my application.

    Apexstone, Your Best Choice of Gas Spring Supplier

  183. Mike CFL

    I love, love, love these soft close lid supports on my great-granddaughter’s toy box I built for her first birthday. With these a closing lid won’t and can’t hurt her little fingers. The hardest thing about them was converting the instructions from metric to inches. Following the instructions made it easy. Only requires 5 small screws per support. I used the 33 pound pistons and was worried my little over 3 pound lid wouldn’t close by it self. It closes very slowly and safely. I’m real happy!!

  184. Happy Customer

    I had an old cedar chest that I was really wanting to make into a toy box for my grandchildren but was very hesitant due to the way it would crush fingers. These compression hinges worked awesome!! Took me a while to get the angle but it’s not rocket science and when I got the first one installed the next one was a breeze. The verdict is still out on how long they will hold up but as for now I like the ease of installation and overall operation.

  185. Ty

    Great addition to my build of granddaughters oak hope chest. Lid no longer slams, shock absorber closes perfect.

  186. Sean Newsam

    These worked perfectly for a toy chest I built. Easy to install. Instructions were simple and easy to follow. Now no worry about little fingers being banged. Slow, soft close works perfect.

  187. rguymer

    I had no idea what I was looking for or how to pick the right strut based on the lid weight. This item didn’t disappoint. It closes a little sharper than anticipated, but I added little bumpers and it’s fine.

    I built this to store dog food and don’t care much about the inside. If you do, practice first. The instructions suck and you may ruin your interior. I simply painted over the holes that I incorrectly screwed in.

  188. Chuck Basin

    I attached these hinges to a 96″ bench project. They hold the heavy top very well, close slowly, and save little fingers from getting smashed often. Take your time to measure and decide on placement. Great product.

  189. B-rae

    Put these on a large toy box. So much safer for little hands and fingers now!

  190. Jennifer Dollard

    I used these struts for a toybox I built. Loud is about 12-15 lbs. They worked out well. From 90° open, they close nicely until the last 8°-10° then slams. I’ll order stronger next time

    Nice Apexstone gas springs for Blanket Chest lid less than 10lbs.

  191. Jeff proud USA Legal Citizen

    So far so good. Makes very heavy wood approx 5ft wide by 2ft seat close safe.

  192. Kevin

    Works perfectly. Inststalled easy. Does what it’s suppose to.

  193. M. Greklek

    This products is working as advertised, I found the instructions to be confusing as others did, follow what is posted in the item description on Apexstone and you will be good to go.

  194. Kristin Faber

    We had no issues installing these and they work beautifully in keeping the lid of the toy box from slamming shut on my 4 year olds fingers.

  195. Oscar

    These are awesome! Put on a chest I built and they work great. Look cool to!

  196. D. Brandt

    Worked perfectly on my giant tool box lid!

  197. HdShroom

    Bought these to use in an old chest I was fixing up. I wanted slow-closing hinges for safety reasons. It took us about 15 minutes to easily install the pair, and they work perfectly. They lower slowly, until the last inch, then quickly shuts. I plan to add a couple of clear pads to cushion that final closing. Will be buying another pair for a second chest needing some TLC.

  198. Orima

    The directions are difficult to understand and it took us two tries to properly install the first hinge, but we figured it out eventually! The hinges do exactly what we wanted, allow the lid off our giant restored chest to close fully without crushing tiny fingers.

  199. Charles W.

    A +

  200. Kelly

    Great quality. I’ve purchased these for multiple toy chests. The directions need to be converted into centimeters but once that’s done it is super easy to install.

  201. Clif Turner

    Hard to figure out with limited instructions on installation but work good once installed right

  202. Fulano

    Awesome replacement for my tool box lid. I liked they added extra hinges, you know…. just in case

  203. Adam G.

    Product does exactly what it is supposed to do. My only tip is to toss the instructions: they make a simple job confusing. It took me about 20 minutes with just eyeballing and using some logic.

  204. ljb

    bought these for a blanket chest that I made. They hold it open at 90 deg and slowly shut it. I am more than happy with this closures.

  205. PJN


  206. TJ Squatchy

    This worked fine for a toy box lid. The first few inches in comes down fast, then it slows to a soft close.

  207. Brandonfam

    Good product used for toy box

  208. Thad Nicolari

    Easy to install, perfect for a hamper lid in a house with small fingers

  209. R. Higgs

    Some people have had issues with these, but I converted the measurements to inches and installed according to the instructions and it worked perfectly. Now my little one’s hands are safer from being crushed by her toy box lid.

  210. Jen

    Easy to install and great quality.

  211. jay

    Works great. Havent had any problems with it. Already had it for about 2 months.

  212. Sunshine

    Finger savers!

  213. HBK

    Overall, I am very happy with this product. I used it to support the lid of our heavy vintage toy box so the little ones don’t lose fingers from it slamming shut. We didn’t have any issues installing them and they work pretty well. They seem to drop a little faster for the last few inches but a lot of my stress about it are miniscule compared to before installing the hinges.

  214. Sher

    I made a toy box for my grandson and the soft close feature worked great!

  215. Seth Rice

    Works great

  216. Deb

    Came very quickly! Works well!

  217. patty oliver

    worked Great

  218. Shella Scott

    Worked great! Easy to install

  219. Dorthy Johnson

    These hinges close very slowly and will prevent little fingers from being pinched on toybox! Work very well.

  220. Elwood J. Hartley Jr.

    Works fine.

  221. Patricia R. McIntyre

    These soft-close lid hinges are sturdy, and work perfectly on our cedar chest.

  222. Marjorie Moore

    They fit my truck perfectly and were easy to insatall. I wish I could find a pair fir my tool box lid.

  223. James

    Would recommend to a friend

  224. AC

    I purchased to install on a window bench seat for a bay window (t has a box underneath). The lid is approximately 1′ x 6′ x 3/4″ thick solid oak, so reasonably heavy. Yes, instructions were included, NO the measurements were not that picky. The struts ship compressed, because they are soft close. They don’t work by exerting pressure to stay open, they work by slowing the flow of air out of the spring on compression. I installed two to support the lid. I used a center divider in the chest section of the seat to mount both. The only issue was that they do NOT hold the lid open. It starts to close as soon as you let go (just nice and slow). I used a separate single 7″ gas strut that the same seller lists on amazon for propping the lid up. it actually works great to have all three. When I open it, it stays open. There’s a range in which is just stays open. When I close it a little, the weight of the lid takes over and these kick into action. Now, it doesn’t close super super gentle, and it might hurt little fingers a little, but I put my hand in there and it closed just hard enough for me to register it. I actually think that’s good, b/c it might smart a little hand, but it won’t hurt it significantly – just enough to make the kids remember not to put their hand in there when it is closing!

  225. tjinks

    It works good the lid is a little too heavy for them but still closes slow enough. Wish there was some info on what weight to choose maybe. Wanted the lid to be able to stay open without having to hold it.

    using a pair of Apexstone soft close gas springs for heavy lid

  226. Breanna F.

    These work great. I had a heavy wooden chest I wanted to use as a toy chest but the lib was dangerous. The instructions were a little confusing, but I figured it out on my own and installed it in less than 10 minutes. The lid no longer slams, instead it shuts softly!

  227. charles cowie

    good enough

  228. Ray

    worked great for the toy box I made

  229. Tania

    I bought these to modify a children’s toy chest lid to be soft closing. Purchased the 150N rated since the toy chest / toy box lid is quite heavy. Rather go for slightly higher rating to be safe. The instructions are a little confusing at first, so make sure you simulate the opening of the gas strut before drilling. They make sense after a while… so be patient, think it through. Measure and test thoroughly before drilling. My husband was methodical and only had to drill once. The dimensions listed on the instructions are accurate. They work very well, closing the lid slowly until right near the end. Very satisfied with the purchase, and have bought a second set. That way if they eventually wear out, they can easily be replaced. You never know if they will still make the same model in several years time, and don’t want to have to drill more holes to fit a different product.

  230. Gerald L. Guy

    Worked exactly as described with easy instructions. Only down side is the screws that come with it are super soft, I stripped one with very little force. I guess it’ll just be there forever.

  231. Tim Karp

    Great hinge for my grandkids toy box

  232. Dave

    easy to install and worked


    good product worked well on the tack box we made for my daughter for her horse items

  234. Peggy Davis

    These are part of a redo on a toy box my father built for me when I was little… almost 60 years ago. Now I am redoing it for my granddaughter. They work very well holding up a plywood lid and keep it from banging my granddaughter on the head.

  235. Danielle

    Does not hold lid up on its own but soft closes very nicely

  236. Brian Fletcher

    Perfect for folding workbench leaf.

  237. ar0087

    Couldn’t be happier. No matter how high the lid of our heavy wooden trash hamper is lifted, an inch or all the way, it closes gently and slowly. I don’t worry about my toddler throwing things away anymore.

  238. Danielle

    Used for a toy box…Work great! Instructions were vague and not very helpful but a quick YouTube video saved the day. (I’m a novice as well so that could be why)

  239. Bobby Blalock

    The cylinders worked fine . I didn’t like the measurements being in metric.

  240. Jesse

    Item was as described, and I received it quickly.

  241. John Smith


  242. Ed G

    After trying two other products, this one finally worked! Even on a very heavy chest lid (I used both on one lid) it lowers the lid nice and slow. No more worries about pinched fingers!

  243. Strings.2012

    Great product! Probably too much resistance for the light lid of a toybox in doubles, but one should work great by itself!

  244. jim

    works great

  245. Rozenkruetz

    Never got it to work right with the lid, used both on a lid well within the weight listed and it still slams on the last 3 or 4 inches

  246. Magbert

    Fantastic shock. My application uses 2 to support a heavy lid. They open easily, close easily, and do not slam down. Would recommended for inside and outside applications.

  247. dennis

    no longer does our 50 year old wood toy chest crush my kids and wifes arms and fingers when the lid slams down unexpectedly. great buy, easy to install, just got to fell out where it will close all the way.

  248. Kevin Walker

    These were perfect for keeping the lid for my son’s toy box from falling down on him. Exactly what I needed!

  249. dgshelby

    Work great on a recycle bin top

  250. Sam

    Just what my husband was looking for

  251. Lindsey

    We put these on an antique trunk that we are using as a toy box. They are STRONG!
    I actually bought these BECAUSE the negative reviews were that they were too strong. Our lid is between 10-15 pounds, so strong was just what we needed. These were easy to install and we have been using them for a over a month now. Even if they do soften up a bit, the lid closes so slowly that there’s plenty of time to move little fingers out of the way!
    If you have a heavy lid and precious digits to protect, I highly recommend these hinges.

  252. Richard Wahlberg

    Worked as advertised. Holds lid of a solid cedar chest

  253. Philthy G

    Philthy reViews the anti finger smashing hinge for people with kids

    Should you get it? I think so if your lids slam like a toilet seat.

    Easy to install per se. Power drill a must. Taking necessary measurements is a must. Not slamming your fingers while installing is a must. Once set up it’s a slow closing dream. I’ll post video later to demonstrate

  254. Ashlee

    So far so good, I followed the instructions on installing them and they work percllfect for a 4×2 foot chest.

  255. Edward D. Wall


  256. Sandy P.

    Used on my cedar chest and they work great. They had poor instructions though.

  257. Tonis White

    These were exactly what i was liiking for. Needed a soft close so grandbabies wouldn’t get their hands slamed shut in the lid of a box. Love it!

  258. Patrick King

    Easy to install and they work well. The directions were in metric though.

  259. Joy Groenhagen

    The first set we ordered, one of them was damaged. We got our money back, but were able to make the damaged one work. Unfortunately, it did not hold up well, and broke again. So we ordered a new set, and they appear to be OK.

  260. peter

    We needed to make a large heavy wooden chest safer for our little girl. After reading the reviews, I purchased this item with some trepidation about installation. Guess what? It was super easy and worked perfectly on the first try—super soft close. The wording of the instructions is super confusing, so just look at the illustrations. So happy with this purchase.

  261. Jessica Smith

    Put these on a cedar chest to prevent smashed child fingers. I like how it will hold the lid partially open and gently closes.

  262. Patty1001

    We just installed these. I am only giving this four stars because as everyone mentioned, these are a PAIN to install. The instructions don’t help. I read that someone had gotten them to work by putting them further out to the front, but that wasn’t the case with ours. We installed them on a heavy wooden coffee table that opened on both ends, because our kids store their toys in it and we wanted to avoid having their fingers get smashed. After much trial and error, we got them installed successfully and they do exactly what we need them to do- they close the door slowly so it won’t slam shut. I wish I had words to help with figuring out the installation but I really think it depends on the specifics of what you are attaching them to.
    One note that I figured out the hard way- because I needed this for two ends of a coffee table, I bought the “pack of four” that was an option on the listing. We tried installing them and what ended up happening was that it helped to open the door more easily, but it still closed at full force. What I figured out after looking through other pictures on the reviews is that the product that comes in the pack of four is actually for a different purpose- more for opening up a cabinet that opens upwards, for example. I ended up buying two sets of the pack of two and those worked for what I needed them. Even though it says “soft close” on the pack of two, I had assumed it was the same product, seeing how other listings are done this way. I do think that they should be two completely separate listings to avoid any confusion.

  263. The Chupacabra

    I purchased an old trunk from the late 1800s at a flea market. I wanted to use it as a blanket/toy trunk. We have younger kids and so I was worried about it slamming closed. The way the trunk was shaped it took some work to figure out how to best mount these to the lid. I ended up only being able to use one, but after about 30 minutes of creating a shim due to the way the trunk is made, I was able to install. It works great. Opens great, push closed and it slowly lowers the lid so no little fingers can get hurt on the door. Would definitely buy again. Works as described and perfect for what I needed it for.

  264. Sandy

    perfect for grandkids toy boxes made by Pappy

  265. Jason Vincent

    Works great if chest opened at least 25-50% if only opened a couple inches soft close isn’t activated.

  266. Steve S.

    Works well. Easy installation.

  267. NinjaDuck

    You really have to figure out how to use them for your application, but they work amazing.

  268. Cathy

    Instructions are a little confusing but over all good buy.

  269. MIKE

    Got these for a toy box that was threatening to hurt little hands. Works very well except I’d hoped to use one closure on the box and install the other on another project. Turned out I needed both even though the lid on the toy box doesn’t appear to be more than 10#. Happy though that they do soft close the toy box and my granddaughter won’t suffer mashed fingers.

  270. Matt L

    Amazing!!! These are great.

    great Apexstone soft close gas springs

  271. J.A. Murillo

    Just installed this tonight on our kitty litter box enclosure. The hinge it came with was poorly designed and broke shortly after. Hopefully this works better. It already looks promising. We only needed one. Installation was fairly simple. The instructions were very vague.

    Installed Apexstone gas springs on kitty litter box enclosure.

  272. Courtney

    These worked great! Installed them for a toy chest with heavy lid and they worked so amazingly. definitely gonna buy more with future projects.

  273. Rachel

    WOrks great easy to install

  274. Rig


  275. Dave Sanders

    Added to an old wooden toybox lid. Closes softly and won’t be crushing any fingers.

  276. Frank

    Worked just like it suppose to.

  277. R. Hurwitt

    Used two on a solid oak hardwood toy box lid must have weighed 75 pounds worked flawless will use again in all builds

  278. Tracy Henry

    PERFECT for what we needed them for! Put them in a toy chest and closes so softly.

  279. Joey

    Works great on my children’s toy chest, except the soft close doesn’t engage until the lid has fallen a bit first. Still, no one’s hit their head or slammed their hands since they’ve been installed.

  280. Jennifer

    This worked perfectly for me. I bought the two-pack soft close lid supports even though I only needed one to close a cat litter box enclosure. The instructions were easy enough to follow. The video I included shows the soft close mechanism in action.

  281. The Mad Hatter

    These work great for a toddler’s toy box. I wasn’t sure what strength struts to get to add a “soft close” feature to our son’s old wooden toy box. The lid is probably between 12 and 15 pounds if I had to guess. With a single one of these, the lid now closes slowly taking 5 or 6 seconds to go from fully open to fully closed. Works well and now I have an extra strut to use elsewhere.

    I didn’t look at the instructions as the installation is pretty self explanatory. I did look at the picture to see what orientation to install the strut, but the install is very quick and is basically just drilling 5 pilot holes and screwing in 5 screws. 3 for the bottom mount and 2 for the top mount. The tricky part is lining everything up so that the lid can close completely and that strut doesn’t rub against anything when moving.

  282. Shoptastic

    Used these on a large, reclaimed wood trunk for our grandson’s toys. They work perfectly whether opening or closing. He’s never going to get hurt with the slow, gentle close of these supports. Couldn’t be happier.

  283. Craig Lucas

    Perfect soft close option for a toybox or seating with storage

    Apexstone damper. Perfect soft close option for a toybox or seating with storage

  284. James R. Barley

    These did exactly what I wanted them to do. They make our 30 year old toy box lid close slowly so our child doesn’t get her fingers slammed shut. Like many others, I can attest to the fact that the directions are garbage and poorly translated. But, if you can convert millimeters to inches and can read a simple schematic, you should be okay. After I installed one of the supports, I tested the lid and it worked great! It slowed down to where a child could easily lower the lid on their own and not get their fingers pinched. I installed the second support and the lid closed even slower! Using both supports, it takes the lid at least 10 seconds to fully close on its own. Instructions aside, I am very very pleased with these. Total install time was about 45 minutes, but only because I couldn’t attach the supports directly to the inside of the box (due to where the toy box lid rests). If you can attach the supports directly to the box, you should be able to install both supports together in under 30 minutes.

  285. tr888

    These work very well and the socket mechanism seems well designed, better than some other’s I’ve seen. Just one of them was enough to keep a rather heavy wooden hamper lid from slamming shut, until it’s just a few inches from being fully closed, and then there’s not much a slam at all. A second will probably make it close without a sound.

  286. Amy

    These work perfect for our two toddlers. Saves little fingers!

  287. diana s

    just what I wanted

  288. tim

    Works great .Easy to install.

  289. F1oored

    I got these for a toy chest with a heavy lid in hopes of keeping little fingers intact. I had tried multiple different spring loaded hinge hardware that hasn’t worked. These are so easy to install and they work perfectly. i wish I would have used these first.

  290. JC

    Easy to install! They lower the toy box top slowly. No hurt fingers for our grandson!

  291. dornie

    Product was as described. Works well on the cabinet above our refrigerator.

  292. Jeany1988

    FYI this is a two pack. Works so well, kept the second for a future project. Keeps our vintage toybox door from slapping/slamming!

  293. Ryan Mooney

    I used these for a deck storage seat for outdoor use.

    I ended up using 2 per seat and they work great!

    What I Learned: I had to make sure I attached these soft close lid supports as far toward the front of the seat as possible, otherwise the seat was too heavy when I attached them toward the hinge area.

  294. pcguy

    Works as advertised. Good design.

  295. Joshabee

    Impressively easy to install. The directions are in metric units and I am American so I had to convert but that’s not big deal.
    The chest I built… the measurements are 3 1/2″ from the back of the lid (do this bracket last so you can line up the closer with the side of the cabinet), 7 7/16 from the back of the cabinet, and 8 5/8 from the bottom of the cabinet. Pretty simple.
    All you have to do is fasten 2 plates in those locations and then clip the closer on…pretty much all there is to it.

    Apexstone gas springs are easy to use and affordable

  296. Judy

    They work perfectly, simple to install even without any instructions.

  297. Gracie Giorgio

    These are exactly what I was looking for! Now they do take a little knowledge to install and if you install them upside down they will assist in opening but will not be soft close. If you install them the other way (like I did) they will soft close perfectly! I installed them on an oak tack trunk that I turned into a toy box for my daughter! Now I can feel safe knowing that there will be no pinched fingers! Also great price! I looked at several of these for 4 times as much!

  298. sarah

    No idea how well this product works because there were NO DIRECTIONS. I will figure out how to use it and the stars may change.
    ****updated after installing****
    The hinges work great. the slow closing is perfect and makes sure the relatively heavy wooden lid of my daughters toy box doesn’t close on her.

  299. Sherri

    Be sure you install them correctly. I almost didn’t buy these because of people saying they did not work. I put 2 on a VERY heavy cedar chest lid that I turned into a toy box and it shuts very slow. I am happy I gave them a chance and not pay attention to the reviews of people who installed them completely wrong. Watch the video reviews that is what helped me install mine.

  300. C. atkinson

    Works Great, BUT….No Instructions. I finally figured it out and got it installed, but directions would have saved lots of time. I was converting an old steamer trunk into a toy/blanket chest and used one on each side. It closed perfectly.

  301. Rogman

    Solid, nice looking. Does the job (keeping the grand kids from mashing their hands on a play chest). The directions don’t mention this, and it isn’t immediately obvious, but the caps come off of each end of the shock absorber so it can go on the ball joint easily.

  302. Bryan D

    A set of two worked really well to add a slow close to the lid of a heavy, wood toy box.

  303. manda Dalton

    Exactly what I needed ! Very strong and sturdy !

  304. Big Guy

    I used to think I was smart until I installed these bad boys. No joke – I have a Master’s degree and it took me 2 hours, 1 sanity break, and approximately 3469302583 holes to figure out the appropriate locations. The installation instructions on the packaging weren’t going to work for the intended use I had for them (holding open a toy chest lid, but also not allowing it to close on my son’s fingers), so I had to wing it. There is obviously a 0.00005mm margin of error I was allowed to have to make it so the lid would stay open when pushed up, but would also close slowly the entire way down so it wouldn’t smash little baby fingers. It tore out the hinges halfway through the first attempt, so now I get to use wood filler, sand, and repaint (which I already did when I bought the damn toy chest off Craiglist). Awesome. They work very well now that I figured it out, but be prepared to feel fairly stupid and incompetent when installing.
    Still giving 5 stars because it does what I want it to do (finally)!

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