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Have your old gas shocks worn out over time? Need to install gas struts replacement for your cabinet? No worries! I’m here to guide you with a simple, step-by-step method to measure gas struts. If you find it useful, just click to bookmark the website, and you won’t have to remember any of the steps.

Let’s get started with the measurement process. In this section, we’ll use ‘Stabilus Lift-o-Mat 8851SQ’ as an example, to figure out its specification and find the perfect replacement shock for it. Now, we need to gather accurate data, including its extended length, compressed length, stroke, force, material, rod diameter, and color.

1. Extended length

2. Compressed length

3. Stroke

4. Force

5. Rod diameter and cylinder diameter

6. Material

7. Color


1. Extended length

extended length for Stabilus Lift-o-Mat 4317UP, 4319UF, 8124UG, 8851SQ, 8879SS, 9945UG

To measure the extended length, we need to stretch the gas piston strut to the most extended position. From the center of one piston head to the center of another piston head, this distance is the extended length.

When measuring old gas struts, there’s no need to remove the piston from project beforehand. Typically, it’s challenging to manually extend the strut if its force exceeds 100N. So, you can directly measure the old gas struts while they are installed in your project, such as a cabinet. Simply open the cabinet door, and the gas struts will naturally extend. On a side note, if the product has a part number printed on it, there’s no need to perform measurements.

open the cabinet door, and the gas struts will

2. Stroke

The stroke refers to the travel that the lid gas struts move when we close or open the cover. We can measure the stroke length when the lid is fully opened, the distance of the exposed iron or steel rod is the length of the stroke.

3. Compressed length

The compressed length can be easily calculated by subtracting the stroke length from the extended length, which is the simplest method for measuring compression. You might wonder why. In practice, directly measuring the compressed length requires closing the cover or door to compress the gas spring. For instance, when closing the car trunk, it becomes inconvenient to measure the trunk hinge. Additionally, removing struts from the car’s front hood or lift gate would require excessive force to compress them manually. Therefore, we do not recommend measuring the compressed length in that manner.

4. Force

We have 2 easy methods to know the force we need. First, find a number followed by N on the gas strut, such as 0100N, which means that the supporting force is 100N/22.5 lbs. Second, stand on the scale alone, assuming your weight is W1=200 lbs. Next, use your hands to lift the door lid and take a weight reading, assuming a value of W2=222.5 lbs. By subtracting W1 from W2, we can calculate that the weight of the door lid is 22.5 lbs.

The force is produced by the pressure inside the piston. In practice, we need to use a pair of 100N/22.5lbs lid support to lift a lid weighing 100 N.

5. Rod diameter and cylinder diameter

The common rod diameters are 6 mm and 8 mm, and the corresponding Cylinder diameters are 15 mm and 18 mm. For Stabilus Lift-o-Mat 8851SQ, the rod diameter is 6mm/0.24″, and the cylinder diameter is 15mm/0.59″. Generally speaking, a piston force less than 200 N can equip with a 6 mm rod diameter strut, for force over 200N, it is recommended to use an 8 mm or even 10 mm rod diameter strut, the sturdy rod can prevent the strut from distorted even for a heavy door.

6. Material

Iron and steel are the main materials used in the production of gas springs. Various applications have different material requirements. For furniture struts in campers, RV doors, and kitchen cabinets, iron gas struts can be used to reduce costs. However, when it comes to gas shocks for boat lids or vehicles, it is advisable to opt for stainless steel gas struts due to their exposure to humid environments. Despite the higher cost, this choice will undoubtedly help extend their lifespan.

Apexstone Good strut for my van cabinets.
Apexstone van cabinets shocks

7. Color

The most popular color choice is black, which is suitable for various projects such as trunks, car front hoods, and other heavy items. However, a few individuals prefer silver-colored cabinet lifting struts, which not only serve the purpose of lifting but also add a decorative touch to kitchen cabinets or RV cabinets.


The provided information above includes the measurement process for gas struts, specifically for specification of Stabilus Lift-o-Mat 8851SQ. The extended length is 9.25″, stroke is 3.25″, compressed length is 6″, force is 100N/22.5lbs, color is Silver, rod diameter is 6mm/0.24″, and cylinder diameter is 15mm/0.59″. Upon searching “100N” on Apexstone’s official site, we found two product options: one with a length of 15″ and another with a length of 10″. The 10″ type has an extended length of 9.68″, a stroke of 3.56″, a compressed length of 6.1″, a force of 100N/22.5lbs, which closely matches the old gas struts. Therefore, we recommend selecting Apexstone’s 10″ 100N gas struts as the perfect replacement for Stabilus Lift-o-Mat 8851SQ.

You may be aware that Stabilus struts can cost up to $40 per piece online. However, by choosing Apexstone factory gas strut replacement, you can save nearly 3/4 of the cost. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save! Place your order today and experience the quality and affordability of our gas struts.

Well, if you are in need of an ideal replacement for your existing gas struts, kindly reach out to us with the measured data mentioned above. We will be glad to assist you in customizing a perfect replacement gas strut and saving dollars.

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