Gas struts, also named gas springs or gas shocks, are used to lift or lower a cover. It is assembled with a rod and a tube. To extend and compress smoothly, we filled in nitrogen gas and oil.

You need to open the lid or panel to a preferred angle. Using a pen to mark the top and the bottom mounting point. Predrill the hole and prepare your gas struts with the rod down. Read more details in the Apexstone gas struts mounting guide here. With the correct mounting of Apexstone gas struts, you can open the lid smoothly. It also helps you extend the gas struts’ lifespan.

Before drilling and installing, it’s essential to Determine Installation Points and Pre-Drill Holes. Refer to STEP 2 in the article “How To Install Gas Struts On A Lid” for a detailed guide on completing this process.

To measure a gas spring accurately, you’ll need three key pieces of data: the stroke length, extended length (hole center to hole center), and force. Additionally, knowing the rod and cylinder diameters is crucial for precise measurements. Interested in learning more about how to measure a gas spring? Click the link to begin your exploration.

The simple way to know the Force you need is to check the specification of your original gas struts. You need to weigh the lid if you have no idea about the Force. For example, a pair of 100 N gas struts for cabinet can support a cabinet lid weighing 100N.

For Snap-On Ball Socket End Fittings, you can remove the strut by loosening the clip slightly with a flat-bladed screwdriver and easily snap the strut off. For Ball Joint End Fittings, you can unscrew the end fittings when necessary. Read more for how to remove gas strut here.

How to remove a gas strut?

You can use gas struts custom service to purchase replacement easily if you know the specifications for your original gas springs. If you don’t know the old struts size, you can use calculator to figure out the specification you may need.

Keep the gas springs in a dry and clean environment. Avoid high temperatures, dust, and chemical material. Don’t wrap in adhesive tape or cling film.

Certainly! We offer free shipping for single-piece purchases. A single strut is suitable for gun safes. However, when it comes to cabinet doors, hatch doors, or other lid covers, installing only one strut might lead to uneven weight distribution, potentially damaging the strut. To ensure better balance and performance, we recommend considering ordering a pair or more of gas struts.

We offer free shipping for most countries, even on single-piece orders.

Gas struts have a limited lifespan as the pressure decreases gradually over time. Incorrect usage or storing them in an unsuitable environment can significantly shorten their life. This might result in difficulties like slamming or making it hard to open. To learn tips on extending the lifespan of gas struts, you can find helpful guidance here.

Certainly! Apexstone offers a diverse range of gas struts suitable for various applications such as cars, cabinets, boxes, and gun safes. If you require gas struts that are not currently available in our Online Shop, you can opt for our Gas Springs Custom Service or email us at [email protected]. We are confident in providing you with a satisfactory solution to meet your needs.

Properly mounting and using gas springs is crucial for extending their lifespan. Discover more about how to extend the lifespan of gas struts and avoid actions that may damage the shocks.

The thickness of the cabinet board is normally 1.5 to 2 cm, and the round bracket is about 2.8 cm. Therefore, when installing the gas struts, we will find that the cabinet board side can not fix the round bracket. At this time, you can add a small wooden block with a thickness of 1.5 cm, which is convenient for you to fix the end fitting to the cabinet.

45N gas struts for RV cabinets

Use a scale, whether it’s a bathroom scale or any other type. Position your lid at various distances from the fulcrum and weigh it using a broom handle or a similar item. Once you obtain a weight measurement (X lbs), select two gas struts, each with a force rating of 1/2X.

For lift supports, put them rod down. But if it’s a compression damper or soft close gas spring, install them with the rod up.

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