Reliable Custom Gas Struts, Replacement Lift Supports for Car Front Hood

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  • Set of 2: Includes custom gas struts x2, brackets ×4
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Apexstone can custom gas struts for any specification less than 1000N and 35 inches, you can ask for a variety of forces and sizes to apply to different applications.  For high pressure gas struts replacements, they are widely used in the vehicle industry, using to lift the car front hood and liftgate for any brand of the vehicle including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, etc., For low force gas struts, they are suitable for the light door.

In addition, our gas struts are made of high quality material, such as steel, which makes the struts more durable. Just tell us the correct information for the lift piston you need, and we can customize the quality gas struts replacement at a favorable price.

You need to confirm the Products Specification with us
Rod diameter mm (“)
Cylinder diameter mm (“)
Stroke mm (“)
Rod Length mm (“)
Force N
Material Steel

Apexstone gas shocks are well designed to be mounted easily. For any problem you have in the installing procedure, you can email us, we will reply in time and help you to solve the problem.

Available Standard Gas Springs

Cylinder Diameter  18mm/0.71″
Extended Length Stroke Force (N)
 150mm/5.91″ 40mm/1.57″  30-500
 180mm/7.09″ 50mm/1.97″  30-500
 200mm/7.87″ 60mm/2.36″  30-500
 220mm/8.66″ 70mm/2.76″  30-500
 250mm/9.84″ 85mm/3.35″  30-500
260mm/10.24″ 90mm/3.54″ 30-500
 280mm/11.02″ 100mm/3.94″  30-500
 300mm/11.81″ 110mm/4.33″  30-500
 320mm/12.60″ 120mm/4.72″  30-500
 330mm/12.99″ 125mm/4.92″  30-500
 350mm/13.78″ 130mm/5.12″  30-500
 360mm/14.17″ 140mm/5.51″  30-500
 380mm/14.96″ 150mm/5.91″  30-500
 400mm/15.75″ 160mm/6.30″  30-500
 420mm/16.54″ 160mm/6.30″  30-500
 450mm/17.72″ 180mm/7.09″  30-500
480mm/18.90″ 200mm/7.87″ 30-500
 500mm/19.69″ 200mm/7.87″  30-500
520mm/20.47″ 220mm/8.66″ 30-400
550mm/21.65″ 230mm/9.06″ 30-400
600mm/23.62″ 260mm/10.24″ 30-400
Cylinder Diameter  22mm/0.87″
Extended Length Stroke Force (N)
200mm/7.87″ 60mm/2.36″ 50-1000N
220mm/8.66″ 70mm/2.76″ 50-1000N
 250mm/9.84″ 80mm/3.15″ 50-1000N
 280mm/11.02″ 100mm/3.94″ 50-1000N
 300mm/11.81″ 110mm/4.33″ 50-1000N
 320mm/12.60″ 120mm/4.72″ 50-1000N
 350mm/13.78″ 130mm/5.12″ 50-1000N
370mm/14.57″ 145mm/5.71″ 50-1000N
 390mm/15.35″ 155mm/6.10″ 50-1000N
 400mm/15.75″ 160mm/6.30″ 50-1000N
420mm/16.54″ 170mm/6.69″ 50-1000N
 450mm/17.72″ 180mm/7.09″ 50-1000N
 470mm//18.50″ 195mm/7.67″ 50-1000N
 480mm/18.90″ 195mm/7.67″ 50-1000N
 500mm/19.69″ 200mm/7.87″ 100-1000N
 530mm/20.87″ 220mm/8.66″ 100-1000N
 550mm/21.65″ 230mm/9.06″ 100-1000N
 570mm/22.44″ 240mm/9.45″ 100-1000N
 600mm/23.62″ 255mm/10″ 100-1000N

Please note:

  1. Screws and a paper mounting guide are not included.
  2. About shipping and delivery time:
    Your order will be processed in one week, and we will offer free shipping. Generally, Delivery Time is 2-3 weeks.
  3. About Return and Refund:
    These products are customized and do not accept returns and refunds for any reason other than quality problems.
  4. Length Requirement:
    Extended Length greater than 600mm/23.62″ are available, but additional transportation fees are required, due to the high transportation cost


Rod Diameter 

0.24"/ 6mm, 0.32"/ 8mm

Extended Length (inch)

5-23.62, 24-35

Force (N)

30-500, 501-1000

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