Apexstone 15 Inch 300N/67lb Gas Struts for Heavy Lid or RV Bed

(110 customer reviews)
  • [Application]: suitable for outdoor TV cabinet, heavy toolbox lid, camper shell, truck canopy, trap door, trailer door, and other custom Heavy project.
  • [Easy Installation]: 1 package includes 1 gas shock, 2 L-plates brackets, and 2 nuts. You can effortlessly screw brackets into any soft surface, or for tougher surfaces like wood or metal, consider pre-drilling a guide hole. The ball Connector is removable and rotatable, screws can be easily inserted and removed, allowing for any necessary adjustments.
  • [Durable]: Using steel materials, the powerful strut are built to last and can withstand heavy use
  • [Prolonged Lifespan]: For better performance, we recommend buying a pair of gas shocks to avoid uneven load forces
  • [1 Year 100% Satisfactory Warranty]: Email us at [email protected] if any problem occurs


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Apexstone 300N 15″ Heavy Duty Gas Struts

Ultimate Solution for Heavy Lids Applications

Are those heavy lid can be a challenge to lift?
Not anymore from now on. Apexstone 300N 15-inch gas struts for heavy lids make opening easy. There are five benefits of the heavy duty struts.

Superior support for heavy lids

Apexstone 300N 15-Inch heavy duty lid support hinge provides unmatched strength and stability, ensuring that heavy lids like cellar doors, storage compartment of camper bed, and other heavy projects less than 67 lbs can be effortlessly lifted and securely held in place by a pair of strong struts. But please note that this is not a soft closing design, you can refer to Hydraulic dampers Softline if needed.

Using 300N 15inch gas struts for queen bed in a new trailer

Effortless access to storage spaces

With the installation of Apexstone gas springs, accessing storage compartments, such as those under platform beds or in RV trailers, becomes a simple task. Say goodbye to straining and hello to easy and convenient storage access.

Apexstone Simple Lift Top Storage Bed 15" gas struts for heavy lids

Apexstone hydraulic struts also fit well to outdoor applications

Whether it’s an outdoor TV cabinet or a boat cargo hatch, our hydraulic shocks guarantee smooth and reliable operation, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of heavy lifting.

User-friendly operation

The precisely engineered design of Apexstone gas strut hinge enables seamless one-handed operation. Experience the ease and convenience of opening and closing lids and storage spaces with minimal effort.

Ideal for all users

From senior citizens to individuals with physical limitations, our gas springs provide a helping hand for anyone who struggles with lifting heavy objects. Upgrade your space and enjoy the benefits of effortless lifting and secure support.

Choose Apexstone gas struts for heavy lids now, say goodbye to cumbersome lifting and enjoy effortless access to your belongings.

Specifications of 15″ 300N Door Shocks

Stroke: 5.91 inch/ 150 mm
Extended Length (center to center): 14.96 inch/ 380mm
Compressed Length: 9.06 inch/ 230mm
Rod diameter: 0.32 inch/ 8mm
Cylinder diameter: 0.71 inch/ 18mm
Force: 300 N/67 lbs per strut
Material: steel
Package: Ziplock bag (Tips: INSTRUCTIONS&SCREWS NOT INCLUDED In the package.)

gas strut for camper compartment

Customer Priorities

1. Enjoy Affordable Prices

Apexstone offers competitive prices to all valued customers, you can enjoy a significant discount for larger orders. This allows customers to save more money when buying in bulk, making it a cost-effective option for both individual and business customers. For large orders, don’t hesitate to contact us here, we are pleased to do business with you.

2. Try Customization Options

Apexstone offers customer services for OEM or aftermarket applications that require custom heavy duty compression gas springs, accessories, or functional assemblies. This means that if you have specific requirements or need tailored solutions for your heavy duty lid support hinge needs, Apexstone can work with you to provide personalized gas shocks that meet your exact specifications.

3. Installation Assitance

Installing Apexstone heavy duty gas shocks is a straightforward process, we provide both a paper guide and the online mounting guide, customers can just follow these easy steps and finish the installation effortlessly.

  1. Measure lid size and calculate the Newtons of your application: These struts only work for cabinet door/lid weighing 57-74 pounds and measuring 26-37 inches. Otherwise, the item will not fit!
  2. Open the door: open the top panel or door of the woodworking project you want to the desired open angle.
  3. Decide the installing points: Determine the Mounting Points A and B with a pen. (Please refer to the picture below)
  4. Attach the gas struts: Press the end-fitting connector onto the stud with your hand. (No hammer and vice grips needed)

mounting-guide-of-300N-15inch gas springs or gas hinges

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Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 39 × 7 × 4 mm

1 Set, 4 Sets, 5 Sets, OEM Support

110 reviews for Apexstone 15 Inch 300N/67lb Gas Struts for Heavy Lid or RV Bed

  1. jason


  2. bobby williams

    These little struts are very strong a bit too strong for what i used them for but that’s on me it’s states that it will lift 67lbs i believe that they will

  3. Kevin Berry

    easy to install

  4. Diego

    Una pieza soporta bien ventana abatible de 30 kilos.

  5. Luis David Hernandez Orta

    Llegó antes de lo esperado. Satisfecho con la compra

  6. Jonathan Nau

    Fácil de instalar

  7. Harold Donohue

    i like the people that are working at Apexstone they help very good when you ned them

  8. Adrianne Perez

    The brackets have to be taken off in order to make them fit and un screw the old ones.

  9. Mario Filion


  10. RWES

    They were WAY TO STIFF for my application however they are one of those things that I won’t return but keep around because Ya never know when you may need a good stiff stick!

  11. Luke Ashlocke

    not going to lie these are heaven sent. You see, im a 5’4″ tall, 51 year old man who’s dream is to be a super model. AND NOW, thanks to Apexstone 2pcs 300N/67LB 15inch Gas Spring/Prop/Strut/Shock/Lift Support , I can achieve that goal! You see, i figure the first step in becoming a model would have to be implants. So i got some…. 44 Double J’s!! Hey, if you’re gonna go big, go BIG. Well i almost broke my back 3 or 4 times trying to do simple tasks like jumping jacks or 180 Turn jumps off of a Coolio Round house stacker on my BMX bike. And i obviously had to find a way to save my back, since my implants were so HUGE. Then i happened upon these puppies. And after attaching them to my under-teet area and then to the implant itself via iron chain brackets, I now have the lift i need to save the back i also need, if im ever going to become the supermodel i think i can be. Thanks again, Apexstone 2pcs 300N/67LB 15inch Gas Spring/Prop/Strut/Shock/Lift Support !

  12. soup

    No dislikes just likes put them on they work great very easy to put on. All that’s matters they are doing there job makes things easy for me. On my RV under the bed cover lifts it just right my wife likes it to she can do it herself now that’s makes me happy.

  13. Slim

    Seem to be good struts to much for my application can’t use

  14. Jeff

    No instructions or hardware , threw in in the trash.

  15. Rm77

    Good part,easy to install

  16. fitnessjeremy

    Did not fit my car and these are way too strong for any hood

  17. Jose

    Buena apariencia

  18. cathy biddix


  19. Joel Rawlinson

    Easy installation and good value

  20. Khalid Alshuwaiee


  21. Stash Jackson

    Powerful easy to install, and great value for the money.

  22. Kyle

    decent stuff, just don’t know what i’d use em for

  23. john


  24. Scott Spencer

    no iszues

  25. Kissme

    Lid on snow mobile trailer.

  26. glenn grieshaber

    Worked perfectly. I installed them to our camper storage under the bed. Holds up the cover with good spring support.

  27. cassandra stevens

    Using them now and they work great! Super easy install!

  28. Ken Warner

    Use these on my concession trailer windows worked well

  29. Kurdt Cubain

    These are exactly what I needed.

  30. KrazePoko

    Works fine! And to the durka durka who complained about no instructions, please delete your app and buy off eBay. 😂😂

  31. shopper

    Used these to prop up a very heavy cover over pool equipment. There are no instructions so it’s a bit tricky figuring out which direction and at what angle they are installed. But they work great.

  32. Ken Bone


  33. Bob

    These parts work well.
    As received one was missing a nut. I bought a nut at my local hardware store.

  34. Mr. H

    Works great for a bed lift to get to the storage area in our RV

  35. Sammi

    Just like the description says, no screws, no instructions, however it’s pretty straight forward to install.

  36. Diane and JIM Meehan,

    Does what it said it would,

  37. Kathrine Francis

    they are a little too strong for a toolbox lid but they open my toolbox lid in a quickness.

  38. wade sampson

    Great product definitely worth the money

  39. ET

    I installed them on a Weather Guard tool box lid. They work better than the manufacturer’s gas strut at a fraction of the cost.

  40. cindy holden

    Unfortunately you don’t get to chose the type of end they come with. Work great. Good regulation of load.

  41. Chris Pope

    Installed these on my tilt trailer for my motorcycle. Trailer bed is quite heavy, wouldn’t stay up due to its weight. But now with these installed, I have no problem lifting it, and it stays up!

  42. NFinn

    Good quality

  43. Henry Milowski

    Very strong easy to instal strong arm

  44. charlie c brown

    Worked great lifts the 70Lbs lid on my wood bin with ease and closes very smoothly

  45. Bruce Backwards

    The weight of my hood is a critical factor. No idea how to figure the correct weight specs to order the support struts(nothing helpful on YOU TUBE). I guessed correctly. Instructions are NON-EXISTENT. I had to figure out by trial & error the mounting points. I can not say any thing about how long these struts will last. I have had them installed about 3 months. I have a 1977 Honda Civic since new and the struts still work. I have had factory struts on a 1979 Honda Accord that didn’t last 3 years, so who knows how long these will last.

  46. Pat

    They are strong. Make sure you use them with a strong material. Be careful with lamented wood.

  47. db

    Adapted these longer struts to my Weathergaurd truckbox . Used the 4 right angle mounts on the top side back to back so theres 4 bolts to the lid to spread the load, (ground off the original ones that bent) and screwed them in with heavy sheetmetal roofing screws. Added a plate of Aluminium to the bottom to extend down and reinforce the original mounting point. Easily raises the lid hands free, have to catch it at the top to avoid previous damage from over extension.

  48. Color

    I do like it, and I installed into a Redwood box ,these lifts are very strong and I really recommended.

  49. G.m.p

    i have ordered these twice. the first set came with L brackets the second set did not

  50. hamid

    Wrong information. Very much harder than it said. I had to put around 100lb to push it in.

  51. CJ

    Just what I wanted and needed.

  52. AC

    doing the job

  53. Andrew Hartington


  54. UT

    I used them to support and Egress Well cover I made for the exterior of my house .Easy to install! Hope it stands up to the weather conditions.

    Use an Apexstone 300 N 15 inch gas spring to support a Egress Well cover I made for the exterior of my house.

  55. 15inch Gas Spring Lift Support

    Excellent product, I’m a senior citizen and had a hard time lifting the storage space under the RV bed in my trailer, I had replaced the trailer mattress with a regular queen and was to heavy to lift, I left the original support and I just added the 15 inch support under it, after installing these lift supports I now can lift my storage compartment with one hand. awesome product and a economical price.

    Apexstone 300N15inch Lift Support well support a heavy bed

  56. James F 68

    Purchased for our travel trailer bed however they might be to stiff for this application. Nice product though and worth the money if you have the need for them.

  57. Yakko

    They work good for the price

  58. Morgan stine

    I bought these to put under a very heavy lid and they perform adequately

  59. Tammy wells


  60. R Valencia

    Very durable

  61. Lucky J

    Very strong, appear to be very well made, easy install.

  62. Cliff B

    These are great, and good for the price when purchased. Very stout. I used as lifts for under bed storage lid in a travel trailer. Used two, probably just needed one.

  63. Craig

    I installed these struts as pictured under a queen bed in my new trailer. I was thrown off a bit by the instructions in the item details as it states to install 4.79 to 5.12 inches from the hinge on the lid. The picture shows just the opposite. I tried it following the instructions, but it didn’t work, so I reversed the install and measured 4.5 inches back from the hinge on the fixed frame under the lid, and it works perfectly, with a max lift of about 50-60 degrees. My bed is a 60 x 75 with a light mattress, but we use a heavy mattress topper, so the 4.5 inch spacing using the pair of struts turned out to be just right. At $20 a pair, I bought a spare set just in case, since I am not sure how long they will last, hence the 3 stars for longevity.

    Use an Apexstone 300 N 15 inch gas spring to hold up a queen bed in my new trailer.

  64. William G.

    Works perfect for the purpose I got them

  65. Mad max


  66. Cashmj

    Purchased these to hold up the door under full size bed in travel trailer. Work great and easy install.

  67. B

    love the price

  68. Josh Brown

    Ordered them to replace the ones in my car top carrier and they work perfect!

  69. Mary

    Product works great for its use. We have proceeded to by additional products in different strengths.

  70. Maite

    I have a trap door that goes to my cellar, and it weighs like 65 lbs. I used these to make it easier for me to open and close it, since I’m down there almost daily, and they are perfect. Having adequate fasteners helps because having the brackets tight against the walls of the objects you attach them to makes sure they function properly.

  71. terryfoster2u

    We’ll know more next year if these will hold up.

  72. Autoboy

    Did the job

  73. George Beer

    Im very satisfied

  74. M. Clement

    Built a set of cellar doors and used these to open and close it!!!!

  75. Julio

    They are working really good for my application

  76. Johnnie

    Works great

  77. Edward M. Brosz

    very nice, easy to install. drilled 8 holes, used 4 thredid inserts nicely done. and not $80

  78. carle


  79. Peter4

    These were a good unit they were not as strong as posted I would order a heaver spring than I need My cover weighed 42 LB’S it did not raise up on its own like I taught it would. Once the cover was up the springs would hold it up ok.

  80. Cesar Rosario

    Thank you Perfect parts

  81. Randy B.

    Installed on jeep tj hood to hold open. Works well. Don’t go smaller on force. I installed 2 pieces.

  82. Reviewer

    Easy to install, great replacement for old spring type lift. Work like a champ.

  83. Theresa PRATT

    Great for being Chinese. They work well enough

  84. Christy M

    Great product am going to buy another set

  85. jyanzi k.

    Ordered 100n but too soft. Got another pair of 300n. Installed 1@300n with existing 100n. Worked perfect.

  86. Lesly

    They work great

  87. Dell

    I built a bed with storage under it, the lid where the mattress rests on lifts up to access underneath and these struts are a very important part of it, they make opening and closing a breeze.

  88. roger w bruener

    All good

  89. grumpy grandpa

    installed on the engine lid cover on the boat which is heavy. worked well

  90. Jose Rodrigo Hernandez Rodriguez

    excelente calidad de producto

  91. chester blalock


  92. dn100

    stout and well made

  93. Jake Templin

    Great product. Very strong

  94. lapearl

    My husband installed them after some research and they worked out perfectly.

  95. Michael Sosa

    They work great!

  96. Kristin k.

    Well built & super strong.

  97. Maureen Williams


  98. Sebastian Czigler

    Exactly what I expected and worked perfectly

  99. Larry

    Used these for heavy 3″ trap door to crawl space, excellent lift capacity, excellent quality

  100. C

    Great for assisted lift of RV under-bed storage. using two of these to lift 15″ of a queen bed support (storage runs only 15″ into the mattress, along the side of the bed). These likely would not be powerful enough to lift a storage door that is the full size of the bed. But for my purposes, makes lifting the door MUCH easier, and keeps it open when adding/removing items. Only issue is because of the limited mounting space at 15″ deep, these do not let the storage close all the way. Adding a latch on the door is an easy fix though.

  101. Judy M

    As expected and just what I needed

  102. inspector gadget

    Great Product! I ordered the 67lb 2 piece set to hold up a garbage shed lid that I made (1) for each lid, they work like a charm, just a little lift and they go up and stay up , then a little tug and they come down and stay closed. Fantastic!

    Use an Apexstone 300 N 15 inch gas spring to hold up a garbage shed lid

  103. Timothy Town

    Worked well for my boat sun deck

  104. amy o

    I ordered these to help prop open my service window in my food truck. They definitely do the job and I am not worried about them closing on my customers. At first I had thought they were going to be too strong actually but they ended up to be perfect. The brackets that came with this item made attaching them a breeze.

  105. Pija

    I needed these for my home built Camp Trailer, the hatch style door. They worked Perfectly, after I figured the correct placement.

  106. wmblackknight

    working great

  107. Betty KK

    Great exactly what I wanted for my Pontoon sundeck lift. The same size as the ones I took off but with better ends for fastening.

  108. Daniel ponce

    These work out great. Only issue I had was 1 nut was missing from the package. Had to pick it up from Lowe’s.

  109. BeauH

    I put them on an old pick up tool box. They were perfect. Came quickly, and with all of the hardware to put them on. The 67 Lb tension is perfect for holding the toolbox lids up even in high wind and yet they close easily. I am very satisfied.

  110. Love to teach

    Bought these to try and get the bed in our trailer to stay up on its own when accessing the underside storage area. We got a bigger, heavier bed and the original shocks couldn’t hold it up. Hoping these would compensate for the extra weight, I installed them. They do make it easier to lift, but in the end I had to use a stick to hold it up. Seems these were just a bit too little. Regarding the product, it appears to be high quality for the price. The brackets are beefy. This company makes a set of 100 lb each ones that I should have tried. The original shocks in the pics are 20″ long, for comparison purposes. If you actually have something that is light enough for these to work on, I would recommend getting a set. They are definitely strong. I could not compress them by hand. Hopefully my learning experience will be your success story.

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